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  1. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Ninja techniques not really working as well as Evo or Fusion. These guys are freaks of nature, but I always loved watching them complete impossible custom made tracks.
  2. Same! Blackout was truly a breath of fresh air to the series and I'm so glad it was so well received, even pulling in some really famous streamers over from Fortnite and PubG (Ninja, Shroud, Dr. Disrespect etc all seemed to love it). I have high hopes that Treyarch will continue to add new features and new areas to the map (needs a snowy section with Summit in there!) and continue the support for years to come. The multiplayer, zombies and blackout is totally worth full price for me. I'm in Day 1 and see myself playing this daily for a long time to come. If only they managed to make this work on the Switch
  3. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Anyways from the first few tracks as well as some additional tracks I saw on YouTube, it looks like the natural successor to Evo that I wanted. So I'm really happy about that and can't wait to get into some proper time trials early next year with you lot. But seriously, how could they fuck up this beta so badly. I mean - the glitch that happens in the first contract should've been updated and fixed within hours of it being reported. The COD Blackout private beta has been updated numerous times since it came out, so I'm sure it couldn't have been that hard for Redlynx. I'm quite angry as this is probably on my top 3 most wanted list of 2019. Hopefully, the final game will be glitch-free.
  4. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Just made you sulk in the background there
  5. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Can't get past the On The Edge head to head competition. Keeps telling me contract failed even though I'm winning everytime. It happened the first time, so I deleted save date and started over and still had that problem. Is there a fix? I'm on PS4 btw.
  6. Personally I like that aspect of it. You can get away from a gunfight if you're at a disadvantage, heal up and come back in for the kill. Don't forget...trauma kits and armour play a factor too.
  7. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Sorted thank you. Will be on tonight!
  8. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Please send me one
  9. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Anyone have a spare code? Never received mine even though I signed up super early for the PS4 one.
  10. Don't be silly. Firing Range, Nuketown, Summit, Jungle, Hijacked, Raid, Slums (and a bunch more I can't think of right now) - all up there with the best multiplayer maps of all time.
  11. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    I have updated the OP so people can add rllmukers who used to compete back in the Trials Fusion days (most of whom I am assuming will be competing in Trials Rising). Make sure you get adding and let me know if you want to be included in the list.
  12. Love that Treyarch is testing stuff out this quickly. Hope they achieve their target of 115 by launch. They also implemented the tap to pick up instead of holding down the button - something a lot of the community complained about. They are the only COD developer that really listens to the community.
  13. They're exclusive to certain areas like Asylum. As annoying as they might be, it seems like a lot exclusive weapons and equipment can be gotten from these areas, including things like the RayGun.
  14. Omizzay

    Nintendo Switch

    I only play the Switch in handheld mode. A couple of days ago, my left analogue stick stopped being as responsive as I'd like it to be, sometimes not registering when I hold down etc. Is this a known defect? Is there a fix or do I need to buy new Joycons / Joycon parts?
  15. Yeah the gameplay looks really solid from the many streams I watched last night. Here's a couple of complaints that came up time and time again (even from hardcore diehard COD fanboy streamers like Ali-A, Driftor, TMartin etc): - The game graphically looks terrible. Horrific textures and grass loading up while you're running are just a few examples cited. Obviously the COD engine showing its age. One of them called it MW3 on XBox 360 bad! - The looting system needs a lot of work. A lot of time is spent looking down at the floor scavenging for items. Suggestions included tapping - not holding down the button - to pick up items. Also, health packs and items to be automatically collected. - Map too big for only 80 people. Hopefully, at the time of launch, they up it to 115 as Vonderhar already stated. - Needs a lean button. In any case, I'm extremely psyched for this and would much prefer a proper BR mode that they will continue tweaking for years to come instead of a scripted single player campaign I'm hardly going to touch.

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