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  1. Great episode...the calm before the storm! Next week is going to be like Helm's Deep levels of awesome, especially with Miguel Sapochnik at the...um...helm. Then, one episode of the aftermath followed by a final showdown (also Sapochnik-directed) ultimate battle Minas Tirith-esque crescendo and then finally one last episode of wrapping everything up. I have faith...they can do it in the almost 5 and a half hours left. Believe, people...BELIEVE!!! Also, as good as Pod's singing of Jenny's Song was, this is some next level shit right here:
  2. Omizzay

    Nintendo Labo VR

    Anyone have a link to buy the expansion pack (the camera and elephant)? Like an idiot I went ahead and only ordered the starter pack, instead of the whole thing.
  3. Omizzay

    Alien: Isolation

    Thanks to the lovely XBox One Gamepass, I just finished Layers of Fear and Outlast with the wifey (who loves horrors and psychological thrillers). Don't think I ever would have tried these games without Gamepass. I think this is next on the list for us. I know absolutely nothing about it (not really sure how it passed me by), but it seems from skimming this thread that we're going to have a blast playing through it.
  4. Omizzay

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    I would suggest @Anne Summers or whoever is responsible for answering these concerns about Antstream to have a look at the Dangerous Driving thread here for how to better communicate with your target audience. A lot of forumites were openly upset for there not being any music in that game and even though @CrashedAlex had a difficult time explaining his reasons and limitations, he didn't shy away from the subject and answered as openly and candidly to most of the comments on there. Made me buy the game in the end!
  5. Omizzay

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    So this is basically RetroArch, ArcBrowser and other similar emulator front ends, but with the games being streamed with some lag instead of you having the roms already downloaded? Sounds ridiculous, especially given how easy it is to download roms. I have pretty much every single rom pack from C64 and Spectum, all the MAME / Final Burn ones all the way to Gamecube and Wii. And they all run flawlessly on my NVidia Shield with ArcBrowser. Most of them run pretty well on my GPD XD handheld too. It even looks lovely: So what's the point of this Antstream again? Also the fact that the devs of this seem to be dodging legitimate questions and concerns in this thread is ridiculous. If you want to sell your product to gamers, why not start by addressing all the questions in here first.
  6. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    For all the squirrel hunters out there:
  7. Arya's weapon is a Darth Maul type staff with Dragonglass on one end and her Valyrian steel dagger on the other. And it can detach in the middle for close quarter combat like some Cervantes shit. The stupidest part of the episode for me wasn't Theon's. It was the Last Hearth scene. Why would the Night King spend precious time on his way to slaughtering everyone in Winterfell perfecting his little boy art masterpiece while his whole dead army just sat there waiting. Some of those limbs were pretty high up on the wall too. I mean, did he use a ladder to get up there or were they just sitting on each other shoulders while he directed them where to place the arms and legs? The rest of it was lovely though. Hurry up episode 2!
  8. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Stopped playing this like a month ago, just because of the levelling up system. Such a shame because I absolutely love the tracks in this. I think I got to level 75 or so but then just got fed up of all the backflips, inverted air and shit contracts I was forced to do to progress. The DLC will definitely get me back in it though. I just wish they would do a classic UI instead of the world map thing. I just want to know who from my friends list I have to beat on whatever track I want to pick, like back in the day.
  9. Omizzay

    Anna - Luc Besson assassin thriller

    Fox Force One. Fox...as in she is one foxy chick. Force...as in she's a force to be reckoned with. And One...as in there's um one of her. Looks like it will be as meh as Salt and Lucy were. She is absolutely stunning though.
  10. Omizzay

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Super Mario Odyssey: 33% off The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: 50% off Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: 50% off The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: 30% off L.A. Noire: 66% off Xenoblade Chronicles 2: 33% off Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: 34% off Diablo III: Eternal Collection: 30% Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: 42% off Octopath Traveler: 33% off Dark Souls Remastered: 30% off Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus: 33% off Doom: 50% off Was hoping Mario Tennis Aces would finally be on sale
  11. Never heard of this game. Read the whole thread. Loved @CrashedAlex's passion. Pre-ordered!
  12. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Custom tracks are definitely getting better. Check this one out: If anyone has a good decent medium one that they've come across then do let me know. Maybe we can start the tourney next week?
  13. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    It is frustrating! But my suggestion would be to focus on the contracts that reward the most XP in order to advance through the levels as quickly as possible. Some of the contracts provide you with 2000+ XP and some reward you with 200. You will unlock more tracks quite quickly. Also, save all you coins for unlocking helium and donkey bikes as they give you even more tracks and contracts to do. But yes, it isn't a great system. I just think it's their (misguided) way of extending the longevity of the game for the average Joe who is not necessarily into shaving off milliseconds from their run, but want more "content" for their money. But the riding is too good to quit!
  14. Omizzay

    Trials Rising

    Anyone up for starting a weekly mini tournament for custom tracks on Track Central, kind of like the early Fusion days? It turned out to be quite a lot of fun while it lasted (for a couple of weeks) and we ended up finding some really cool well designed custom tracks, some of which were on par with the ones the devs made. It's also a nice side distraction from the grind of the main game. The only thing I'm not sure of is how we're all going to compare our times since it's more of a split between the consoles this year than last time round. Suggestions and feedback are welcome. Also, here's a link to the Fusion Custom Track Tournament for nostalgia purposes -

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