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  1. Russian Winter Nuketown is out today. Looks nice...but God help us all! Guaranteed to be a shitshow with all the specialist abilities and spawn killing etc. Trailer: Gameplay:
  2. You can see everything you've unlocked in Black Market. To apply them though, you need to go to Personalization.
  3. No you don't ever have to buy COD points. Ever. Unless you want to seperately buy additional specialist contracts or bypass a few tiers. Black Market gear will unlock the more you play. But it's a slow grind - about an hour's worth of play per tier. When you unlock new gear, press the Option button on the controller and then personalize by pressing triangle over the specialist you want to change.
  4. Big Blackout update: 9 Bangs are completely out! Bunch of weapons buffed too. Still the best mode in BO4. Also, I saw a really cool video where someone threw a trophy system onto their helicopter so they could never get shot down by rockets
  5. Here's a nice little tips video for Blackout. A lot of these are really useful and will help you get more consistent.
  6. I think people will buy them because 1) they will look at them in the menus, 2) theatre mode, and 3) people like collecting shit. Theyre gonna make shitloads of money of this one.
  7. COD Points have been updated into the game! You can buy Tiers in the Black Market for 100 COD points (equivalent of $1), so theoretically it will cost you around $200 to unlock the mastercraft ICR at Tier 200!!!! Absolutely ridiculous! And they've purposely made it so you rank up the tiers quite slowly so you will have to buy COD points in order to unlock everything before Operation First Strike ends. Also, you can buy Rare and Legendary contracts for specialists to unlock items and gestures for them (which only last two days I believe), but even when you buy them you will still need to grind up tiers to actually unlock the content. On the plus side, once you have bought them, you can take as long as you want to unlock the contents, but you can only rank up one at a time. Blackjack's Store is still not open - people are saying that's where the weapon variants and cosmetics will probably come in. Basically, Activision and Treyarch are gonna make fuckloads of money. Here's a video that explains it better:
  8. Regarding the patch notes, there are a few good things in there, but IMO it's mostly bad. - Gun Game and Mercenary Deathmatch - great additions! But they should've increased TDM to 100 kills instead of 75. - They didn't need to nerf the assault rifles, they just needed to buff the SMGs so that people picked them more. This is the first COD with such a high TTK so nerfing assault rifles is a bad move. - They went ahead and buffed the sniper rifles?!?!?! Seriously??? We don't need more one hit kill quickscopers Treyarch. - Specialists: Nomad's dog didn't need a nerf and Torque didn't need a buff. I predict a lot more camping Torques now surrounded by barricades and barbed wire. Prophet and Firebreak buffs are good though. Anyways, time will tell how effective this patch will be. Hopefully, the game won't turn into a sniping shitshow.
  9. Impressive! I've spent the weekend trying to do this - to no avail unfortunately. You can still use the Strike Team as a scorestreak though and still get the medal. They usually can get you around 8-12 kills on their own.
  10. Nice win @p1nseeker I would've tried to shoot those two guys at the 8 min mark myself. Nice restraint. The only thing I would change is your settings for looting. I have tap to pick up loot enabled instead of hold. Much faster!
  11. Makes the game have a cel shaded look with no gore, but I think it's just for Zombies, not multiplayer or Blackout. Anyways, it's in the main settings.
  12. No, you just have to play in either Multiplayer or Blackout. Time played unlocks tiers.
  13. Three major new (and very welcome) updates: - They increased the servers from 20Hz to 30Hz. Still not as good as launch, but it should make a significant difference to bullet detection and lag and it shows that they're listening to the community and acting quickly. I imagine it will eventually go up to 60Hz in the next month or so to avoid backlash. - Mercenary Moshpit mode: this is probably one of the best additions for solo players. No more getting pitted against sweaty ass teams. Everyone in this mode is solo. Apparently they will change modes every week - currently, it's got Domination, Hardpoint and Control. - Black Market progression system has been made a lot more lenient and realistic. You don't have to grind 8 hours a day in order to unlock the 200 tiers anymore. Treyarch really is the best of the COD developers in terms of listening to the community and acting fast. Bottom line is BO4 just got a lot better!
  14. Apparently it's not always on the left hand side, sometimes it spawns on the right. I've found it many times under the left one though, but yeah i parachute straight into the water.

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