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  1. And if she has a toilet she can sit on it to reduce her fruit eaten counter.
  2. I've ordered the pink scooter for Bubbo who ever you are!
  3. I've opened the gates to Sprout. 80KS9
  4. Trying to get into @jonnyalphas island is like a new MMO launch.
  5. It just keeps telling me someone is on their nookphone.
  6. Just been through and added everyone from the spreadsheet to my friends list. Mine is 7076-6555-3412
  7. Don't suppose anyone has cherries to share?
  8. spork

    Nintendo Switch

    We bought a Lite after AC came out and when playing in handheld on my regular switch I get a bit jealous. I prefer the lighter and slightly smaller form and it has a nice texture to it too. If you're not fussed about not being able to play it on the TV I would recommend.
  9. Until some fool turned on his noisy generator to drown it out
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