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  1. For memory cards (save game storage) I only use the official ones after some bad experiences with third party ones in the past (there may be modern equivalents), and be prepared for some fun slowly inserting and removing them from the extremely finicky slot to get them to read. The action replay is good in that you also get the ram expansion functionality (extra console RAM to play games that need it) and avoids a bit of that, but I seem to recall that you had to save games to the tiny internal memory then copy them to/from the action replay which was very boring - again this may be different
  2. The post I quoted: "Also, the SNES Mini is software emulation. It's literally bargain basement compared to FPGA". 10 RLLMUK points for "strawmen". https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233989668887 OK maybe £45 once you add a PSU and SCART cable. I don't think it is (and I doubt most people with a significant collection of physical SNES carts would either), and so I still don't see the point of a more expensive, less available, FPGA clone vs the actual hardware.
  3. My take on it is that to me sitting on my sofa, decent emulation (e.g. SNES mini - when I say decent I mean proper controllers, sharp graphics and no detectable input lag) gives an almost identical experience when playing SNES games on big modern TVs to an FPGA system like the Analogue Super NT so to be completely dismissive of it as an option is daft (also remember where all the work to figure out how these consoles work in the first place came from - hint: it wasn't Analogue). I wouldn't argue for the blanket superiority of one vs the other because you can't. I know that if I wan
  4. And yet the end result is practically identical by any meaningful measure. That or Analogue have a well developed ability to sell new clothes to gullible emperors.
  5. I only bought one copy of PC Zone (issue 46 it turns out) when I was into PC games and that put me off with the ladsladslads/nob jokes etc. Having said that, it did have a computer game on the front as opposed to its stuffier contemporary PC Format which tended to have various young women in schoolgirl/secretary/space minx outfits on the cover.
  6. I have one of these (B-Tech SCART intersert): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321793588465 Which works really well and the switch does as described above.
  7. Pile o'Macs In the interest of acquiring some 30 pin RAM and some SCSI hard drives for the various Amiga stuff I have, buying a cheap pile of old Macs seemed to be the most sensible way of going about it (of course): There is a IIcx, two LC IIs, three keyboards, three mice and the most un-Apple official Apple product ever made - a generic OEM VGA monitor with an Apple sticker slapped in the corner and a VGA-Mac connector screwed onto the cable: I did some initial testing, with the following results: Apple Basic Colour Disp
  8. I've done a few things using the sun only, I have found that items not naturally white or pale cream coloured can get patchy if you use the peroxide cream. I use 12% liquid peroxide for keys and smaller stuff but don't add anything else to it - it can be reused also. I have some large keyboards to do when the sun comes out again which I will be immersing if I can find a suitable container. The ST below was done with cream on the case and liquid for the keys, note the slight patchiness above the function keys (grey bit below the space bar was done with sandpaper due to other damage)
  9. I haven't played this for years but I seem to remember a much lower framerate when played on the Saturn, is your emulator speeding it up? I loved the music on this game, it seemed to drown out all the other games in the local arcade.
  10. I recently reacquired Virtual On and may as well be playing it via semaphore without the twin sticks.
  11. Also Skies of Arcadia US (which is fine on VGA).
  12. I'll be very interested to see how this goes as it seems most of the current retro interest is driven by collecting rather than playing.
  13. That's likely to be a Mega Drive (1) cable but could be any one of the few systems that used 8 pin DIN connectors.
  14. I liked the 3DS as a system but I find all of the hinged "square" portables from Nintendo really uncomfortable to hold and get thumb cramp within minutes, this seems to get worse the larger they get. I sold my Pikachu 3DS XL during Pokemon Go mania but my wife still has a Pokemon Y version and I have some sealed games that I never got around to playing which I will keep hold of.
  15. If you can find a Commodore (1084 or similar) or Philips (CM8833 or similar) monitor with RGB inputs these make very nice displays for 240p content, if a bit small - these should be fairly easy to find in Germany. I have a SCART-9 pin RGB cable in mine and that is connected to a SCART switcher.
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