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  1. I have plans for little velvet drawstring bags...
  2. it literally started raining between the back door and the garage door. and now the wife says no more consoles brought into the house until the room is cleared, and the current lot have gone upstairs. im working on it. it’s a question of where to put it all. For example: the Saturn is out of sight in this photo the mvs, Master System, Megadrive, nes, SNES and pc engine can all go, if I use the og Xbox for emulation. Won’t need to get the AES out either. The Xbox can go if I use the Wii For emulation and the 360 for bc games but then what about the jaguar? I haven’t got that emulated on anything! abigger st as nd? T we o st ad Nd?
  3. It’s short for Racist Eccleston
  4. Right, I’m getting mine out the garage
  5. Like all youtubers there’s the nagging doubt that when manufacturers are sending them free stuff, well, you know the rest... maybe he’s just really enthusiastic
  6. Barr Bubblegum is like an AF WKD blue
  7. Another Spiritual Successor to the Dreamcast...
  8. they had shatner doing the advert. and the full-size c64 is not yet available in the US. Is this a conspiracy? i have a vic20 story. I won one, doing a lollipop treasure hunt at my mothers work sports day, in Brighton, at some point in the 80s Similar to the lollipop tree game one lollystick is marked, the rest are plain. I pull the winner out because there’s a gap in the foil backing, and I can count. i am not allowed to claim my prize.
  9. It’s a c64/vic20 emulator, available in both c64 and vic20 full-size-case variants. (thec64 *mini* only comes in a mini c64 case.)
  10. All these halo enemy names. There are only two kinds. Dead ones, and soon-to-be-dead ones...
  11. Yes, quite. I just mean the tropical island setting. Make a nice change from New York, and... New York.
  12. yes, I said as much
  13. I’ve found both sets of gamecube games. which means I can before i in R:Racing, which has the best rendition of Suzuka I’ve raced in a long while. So good. Played 9 rounds, without a memory card, got told off for finishing first instead of second. Turned it off Also: Dreamcast Quake 3 Arena might have to get the DC kb+m out the garage. After the rain stops.
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