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  1. is it even as good as Top Spin on the xbox? What about Sega Superstars Tennis?
  2. that's the PS5 version, I think I had to scroll down or click on something?
  3. BT(!) and John Lewis dropped yesterday. I had a BT code that I donated to a friend, but with 30mins gone was too late. His JL attempt was successful though.
  4. take it to the retro gamer 223 thread ps. Start a retro gamer 223 thread
  5. I got an email mmm, maybe I could have just copied the text
  6. Is there a “sun lounger and 1000 helium balloons” mod yet?
  7. On holiday, so only have the switch, but taking Virtua Racing for a spin, and then driving country lanes? bad juju. might see if I can find some arcades later. If I’m near Camelford, Cornwall, is Newquay still my best bet?
  8. “but isn’t that true?”
  9. its like, we’re getting more Halo, but without an upgrade in the graphics? is it because there are only so many ways to render the bumhole*/343/halo aesthetic? everything is halo anniversary now. *im keeping that autocorrect…
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