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  1. SeanR

    Neo Geo Mini

    how long til someone produces a set of BIG RED stickers for it?
  2. I will try to get on tonight, with my new PS4 pro...
  3. SeanR

    Console start up sounds

    that fucking SONOS ad though...
  4. SeanR

    Console start up sounds

    the baby version
  5. SeanR

    Neo Geo Mini

    they. added. games. can the original version be upgraded to include the additional games?
  6. SeanR

    Official Spider-Man photo thread

  7. SeanR

    Doctor Who

    it's perfect.
  8. a wild paulandrews appears, it's super-effective
  9. SeanR

    Detective Pikachu movie

    this. I thought it was an ad. it's a FUCKING FILM!
  10. SeanR

    Top Gear - Series 24

  11. SeanR

    Digitiser:The Show - Starts next sunday!

    it's like the worst episode of why don't you..? EVER.
  12. SeanR

    Doctor Who

    this is BTTF all over again: How come she doesn't recognise her?
  13. SeanR

    Doctor Who

    "I'm so sorry"

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