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  2. Man trained to deal with fires, deals with fires shocker. I’m not sure that someone who job is “fires”... scale it up, how many electrical appliances does he not attend fires for? To put it another way: everyone on this forum is up to their eyeballs in electricals. 4000+ members. Yeah? How many of you had had an electrical fire that wasn’t your own fault? its still very slim, but if you want to increase your chances there are ways and means.
  3. jogcon flashbacks!
  4. I guess that explains all those mysterious house fires everyone keeps having...
  5. SeanR


    just like arsenal, passing it into the net...
  6. SeanR


    Still nervy when the toon had the ball though
  7. Voy S5E18 Course: Oblivion wtf did I just watch? it reminded me of that 2000AD story where the clones in the alien zoo become self-aware, and the Red Dwarf series 4 episode meltdown
  8. Is it because the wii is three gamecube cpus hot glued together? So it’s not really emulating as much as “using”?
  9. yeah, but how many people got their copy off the Kickstarter, rather that at retail?
  10. Rumour is it’s the crushed gun that killed his parents
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