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  1. Asteroid vs. Earth 0/5 rooting for the asteroid...
  2. He was sacked. Why would he have something lined up, and not be resigning?
  3. Stan & Ollie Imma bump it to 4/5 for the two leads, and the period detail.
  4. excuse the circle, I originally posted this on twitter...
  5. X-post with the Facebook ads thread
  6. SeanR

    Crackdown 3

    ok, maybe it was something else that meant I didn't play this game much between launch (via gamepass) an early this week...
  7. SeanR

    Crackdown 3

    The jump pad makes easy work of my least favourite part of the game though: Propaganda tower platforming i am not a fan.
  8. SeanR

    Crackdown 3

    Yeah, and some of the weapons... devastator, full clip into a single enemy (in my case one of the stompy robot) unlocks an achievement. couple more monorail stations, a couple of Chem factories, the big drills... trying different load-outs. did a rooftop race that was fastest down or something. That was fun. Check-pointed falling with style.
  9. I started OG Xbox HL2 off the back of that other thread, and the loading is almost as frequent as the DC version of the first game. I also keep waiting for the higher res textures to load, thinking it’s a LOD/MIPS issue, and it never happens. It’s low-res all the way. I guess I was spoiled by playing the pc version first, back in the day. accidentally played the master system version of Outrun, thinking I’d launched a mega drive emulator, and the realising my mistake after seeing how basic the game was. Finding rtype in the ROM list was my second clue. there was a second ROM for the same game. Couldn’t see much difference. oh, it had FM sound!
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