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  1. Data Wizards had an easier wall…
  2. Roger Moore was already older than Connery when he took over.
  3. Merkel, the only other clean cop, aside from Jim… and Bock, Bullock, & Montoya. and Sarah…
  4. I swapped mine, and two sticks, for an ATI 1600XT. Back in the day. Mind you I swapped my (first) Saturn collection for an Xbox...
  5. Hey, remember when they sponsored referees?
  6. they also took Xbox One X enhancements away from Series S owners…
  7. is this one of the pictures they’ve announced will be an official nirvana NFT? yeah, they’re doing that.
  8. This is our Christmas Day in the trenches moment. Instead of a game of football, it’s a joint hatred of Bing! that brings us together.
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