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  1. Where did I see this earlier? Was it also the last leg? amazing cgi on the helicopters
  2. Do they even fly tomcats anymore?
  3. Which one does he fall through the awnings down the side of the building? Is that armour of god?
  4. Thank god it’s not just me
  5. it's a game of epilogues for me now: I got a letter from "B." I aligned the mirrors I answered the riddle I shut it down I found the staff I'm helping Herotodus. and I still have 7 cult members to take care of. lv 71... a question: certain landmarks/features/puzzles are only added to the map when the story is at the appropriate point, right?
  6. apparently the TG-16 is exclusive to Amazon in the US?
  7. Yeah, but charity shop, you know? I don’t mean to virtue signal, but they’re worth every penny. I mean, I already have the games on disc, as part of a bundle I bought to restore my Xbox collection after the burglary. I still have the cases from my original copies in the garages. I also have the Halo MMC. also: they’re pristine. CIB. Even the XBL trial cards haven’t been scratched. ill take pictures once the wife is asleep...
  8. Today I got Halo £2 Halo 2 £2 oh, and a 1mb Atari ST from a local ad on Facebook.
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