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  1. I did last months Fut swaps and got Vieira who has been fantastic, but the objectives this month have put me off doing it this time, so I took the Cancelo TOTW. I already him so I sold him on for 80k straightaway. I'm in Div 3 and I'm stuck there sadly, no danger of going down but never enough wins on the spin to get in 2. My Serie A team is spearheaded by Fut Bday 90 Douglas Costa in CAM and CR7 and Carniball Immobile 91. It's a fun team, but I'm sick of el tornado crosses and VVD being in every single team I play.
  2. Probably wrong thread but I'll ask anyway.... How is Sega Naomi arcade emulation now? Really fancy playing some Scudracer! As far as my retro playing, I've been spending an hour every few nights playing NBA Jam Tournament Edition on PS1. Still a lot of fun! So playable and great for a quick whirl here and there.
  3. I keep thinking I'll get one of these but within weeks it will end up collecting dust, like my Raspberry Pi. The idea behind them is solid and a 10 year old me would have loved this, but really I look at the price of Megadrive and Snes games now and I just can't justify spending that type of money to have a collection that I'll just end up selling on (probably at a small loss) 18 months later.
  4. Fire Pro Returns on PS2. I found my old memory card with about 300 odd CAWs on there, been having great fun powerbombing the 2008 WWE roster with Psycho Sid. Once you get the hang of the grappling system it really is an amazingly fun game. An acquired taste sure, but if you get the grappling down it's easily the best wrestling game ever.
  5. Mainly been playing PES 5 on my PS2. Master league with Lazio, it's been great fun and I genuinely believe there's not been a better football game released than the PS2 games. The playability of them is great, but there actually a lot deeper than it initially seems. I'm on the lookout for Memory Cards with option files to get all the real kits to improve the experience but it's been great fun anyway!
  6. Hi guys, I don't suppose anyone here has an old option file on memory card for any of the old PS2 Pro Evo Soccers laying about that they want to shift? Cheers!
  7. Thanks to this topic I ended up buying one of these with Emulation Station and a full 64gb card of roms. It's utterly fantastic and everything i need and more. Been playing through the original Crash Bandicoot on the PS1 section, seems to run great, it's a lot smoother than the old Coin Ops Xbox I used to run. One question, i have Kodi installed on mine, is it possible to use a wireless Mac keyboard with these?
  8. Bart's Nightmare. Used to rent this all the time from Ritz as a kid but it wasn't very good, just a series of minigames really. The flying Bartman level was good fun though.
  9. I used to play Hattrick Hero on old Arcade cab in my local snooker club back in the 90s, great little game. You could knock the camera man over when a shot went behind the goal. Oh FINE PLAY!!!
  10. bumclasshero

    FIFA 16

    Yeah, I've got Nani in my opening pack, sold him for 13k as I didn't fancy making a Turkish League team or Portugal side at the moment. That's about it so far though, the prices of reasonable PL players are very expensive, Ashley Young was going for over 6k last night, so I'll hold the coins for now.
  11. bumclasshero

    PES 2016

    I've really enjoyed 2015, thought it was a brilliant game. The long range shooting felt a lot more enjoyable than Fifa and the player movements was great too, definitely more than a solid base to build on. Looking forward to this, day 1 for me. Since this is the 20th anniversary edition, I think a free bonus add on of ISS Deluxe is more than appropriate here. Keeper...fumbles!!!!
  12. Managed to pick up a few bargains this week :- All for a fiver! The Bouncer (PS2) Burnout 3 (PS2) Burnout Dominator (PS2) Black (PS2) Brutal Legend (360) Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (PS2) Not bad, all from a Facebook selling page too!
  13. The Master System was my first ever console, I was 6 and I received a Master System II with built in Sonic 1 and a copy of Double Dragon, both of which I absolutely loved. I didn't get another game until Xmas when I was allowed one game from a trip to Bonds. I chose Tom and Jerry: The Movie and still detest it to this day. I couldn't get past the 3rd level and the title music is still burned into my memory to this day. I've never re-visited it either, for fear of embarrassment to what was actually probably a really easy game. The only other games I had were Moonwalker and Ghouls and Ghosts, which we picked up from the local Ritz store that were selling off a load of ex-rentals. By my Birthday in 94 we'd upgraded to the Megadrive.
  14. The long range shooting in this is really crap. It felt ok in the demo but in the full version it feels really floaty and just generally poor.
  15. oops! Some of the Kimble Justice videos are decent too, but the sound quality is a bit choppy for some of them.
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