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  1. lol I thought you got sniped and was waiting for the replay
  2. Yep I just had to google it to find out what it was released on, had not even heard of it.
  3. Ok so forget the league then let’s go for the champions league instead.
  4. Arnold having a horrible game, Origi has been lively and really should have scored. I see Dyche ran away from Klopp
  5. Shame we did not even consider a loan deal for the 'best defender in the world' https://www.thisisanfield.com/2021/01/5-centre-backs-liverpool-could-consider-for-january-loan-deal/
  6. I would perfer to have him in midfield provinding cover for our CB's whilst also creating chances for the front three to finish off. I want us to batter Burnley like we did Crystal Palace.
  7. So what we just give up defending the title without looking at the obvious issues we have in defence? I don't know who is available but surely anyone is better than playing two midfielders who we can push back into their positions in the hope that maybe that is what our front three need to get back to scoring goals. I know it won't happen because if it was, LFC would have gone out already and signed someone. Just frustrating when we should and could have been so far ahead of the teams around us if we had 21 points instead or 7 from those draws.
  8. I'm the same, my young daughter is amazing at this game whilst I suck!
  9. I'm sure there are players we could get in albiet on short-term contracts to ensure we can still challenge for this season. I don't want to write a season off just because we have had our two main cb's injured.
  10. If only we had a transfer window to strengthen our weakness and be stronger to defend our title.
  11. There are some great videos on that channel that are video gaming related, Really needs playlists to be added.
  12. We need 3 points this evening, all those 7 draws are now even more frustrating.
  13. All it needed was zombies and it could have been yet another walking dead spin off - looks rubbish I'll pass.
  14. I am very much looking forward to enjoying Cyberpunk but I won't be playing until the PS5 release, it is a game that obviously needs more time for CDPR to cook. I'm happy to wait, I have more than enough on my plate at the moment.
  15. I enjoyed it very much it was my 1st choice on my list & I am glad someone else beat ubisoft to a samurai open-word game. I really loved the combat and the story was decent but the visuals were beautiful & stunning. I waited to play it on the PS5 and it was smooth as butter
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