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  1. Bump! This has now been added to Amazon Prime.
  2. I don't think any of the front three will leave, Jota is a great option to have up front & I'm assuming we keep Shaqiri. We also will have returning from loan Minamino but it seems to be taking him a while to adjust to the Premier League. Another quality option like Jota would be great. We have to let Keita go, he has had his time and I don't see anything. Curtis Jones is better than him. Back from loan would like to see more of Harvey Elliot. I expect a fully fit midfiled will be see Hendo, Faby & Thiago starting. Hopefully we can get someone who has the creativi
  3. gospvg

    Old Age Gamers

    Hey, you can't have a conversation about getting old and still playing video games without me I woke up at 6am this morning played Yakuza Like a Dragon for an hour to complete some sidequests, collected some roses & again got run over by a car! My 6 year old niece messaged me at 7am do you want to play fortnite? So I played with her for an hour & switched off to start work at 8am. I'm going to be gaming one foot in the grave!
  4. It is going to be up/down the table for the rest of the season hoping we can get 4th. Looking ahead to the summer where does everyone think we need to strengthen? Maybe a creative midfielder or another attacker & Bobby could drop back into midfield?
  5. Difficult to choose Harrison Ford is a great choice & so is Arnie/Tom Hanks but for it has to be Christopher Lee because according to google he has been in over 280 films!
  6. Mane rested today, he was poor mid-week. Alisson has shaved his moustache.
  7. Finally made it to the Act 3 boss on a daily run and he pulled a heal recovery turn that wiped off all the poison I had on him! It's an addictive game, I seem to fair better with the Silent character using a poison run.
  8. Undertale Long ago, two races ruled over the earth; Humans & Monsters. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. Many years had passed and Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return. Now starts your adventure in Undertale! An indie role-playing game with a 2D art style and top-down camera. It also has an old-school soundtrack with some great tunes, definitely add the album to your Spotify playlist and enjoy the 100 tracks. The humour is very funny
  9. Started playing this today on the PS5, it's good. Only had one game crash when trying to play Space Harrier in the arcade, will try that again later. I'm on chapter 2 at the moment and about to go into the hotel mission.
  10. I'll stick around for the Neymar Quests but after that yeah I think I will be done for the season.
  11. Up to level 81 now, have managed to get quite a few VR in Solo, Duos & Trios. Don't like using the bows.
  12. That was a tough watch yesterday, we were dreadful first half, so many errors and bad passes. Played better after they got a rollocking by Klopp but at 3-1 down I think the tie is over without the fans we have been poor at Anfield. Only positive is we can now fully focus on trying to get back into the top four.
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