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  1. That was the moment in the movie that I thought elevated it to another level, and not only was the movie 'all in', so was I. On another note, in 'Mamma Mia Here We Go Again', that moment was basically the very first song, 'When I kissed the teacher'. So if anyone liked this movie, try that one. Interestingly featuring another actor who really wanted out of their Downton Abbey contract to pursue,what we now know as their musical theatre dreams. (And Pierce Brosnan)
  2. I thought this was great. And it was in no way mocking or a parody, it was a joyous celebration. Plus, it has the next Oscar winning song.
  3. I thought it was interesting that the reviewers got to play the game via Geforce Now for a few reasons. Firstly, it's obviously a great way to control access to the game and not have to fly journalists around the world during a pandemic, not to mention carbon footprint. I think we'll start seeing a lot more of this and is a bit of a PR win for Geforce Now. Surprised Nvidia or not making a bit more of it. Secondly, Geforce Now have had a bit of a nightmare since it went live with publishers pulling games left right and centre from the service. If the biggest game of 2020 is on the service, then I think it could be a huge shot in the arm. And thirdly, considering that if you want the most cutting edge graphical experience with RT and so on, you need to drop a grand plus on a new PC (assuming you don't have one already), this could be a viable solution for those willing to live with better graphics albeit with some lag and poorer IQ.
  4. This is amazing for many, many reasons:
  5. There's my PS5 launch day game decision made then.
  6. Well obviously the big baddies will be the NYPD.
  7. I'm sure there are a ton of other videos doing the rounds (link me up!) about this, but I just stumbled across this and was super impressed with what this technology can achieve.
  8. Found it on YT, does have english subs though if that bothers you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da-yN5uLYOY
  9. I'm assuming connecting up an external blu-ray drive via usb will not be supported for the digital only version?
  10. I really liked the rogues gallery of villains in the first one, does Miles Morales have a particular nemesis or does he share them with PP?
  11. This is going to be PS4 as well right? The trailer just says Playstation exclusive, not PS5. I'm in but I'm hoping for a bit more variety in the missions.
  12. All trailers, very little fluff. I appreciate that. Much better than an awkward stage appearance.
  13. Returnal? What a terrible name. I'm in for housemarque.
  14. R&C actually looks really impressive graphically.
  15. Drink every time a rllmuk prediction comes true. :p
  16. I'll be sipping a Negroni. Personally I'll have the policy of one in one out and get rid of my PS4 pro when/if I get a PS5, so most people who do the same will have a fairly sizeable bunch of games they can install day one. I'm 80/20 these days digital Vs disc.
  17. Adam Buxton must be a bit, hmmmm, at this. Are there a lot of padcasts of people rambling with their dog.... that seems to be his thing. Oh, and the Alan sung jingles.
  18. hub2


    That soundcheck is better than 95% of recorded album tracks. (Not just Prince's, everyone's) Thanks for this, never came across it before. The Family version is a club killer too.
  19. I think I'd prefer a not-Snyder Man of Steel cut. I'm pretty sure there is a decent movie in there somewhere.
  20. Is there a decent alternative for a Mac to Melodics to learn piano/keys? if not I'll get a subscription, but just curious what other people are doing or have done to learn to play. Is there a Piano learners thread?
  21. Also, new to me, but just noticed that if you view source you will see a quote from Walt Disney at the top.
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