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  1. hub2

    Songs about the loss of faith or challenging old gods

    Not sure it's really about 'God', but more Life and Death, which are the only true Gods if your think about it (I have not), but I the first thing I thought of was Stay with Me by Shakespeare's Sister for some reason. At the very least it's quite a challenging video if you're on the more conservative Christian side.
  2. hub2

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Pulcinella, no matter what, always cheers me up.
  3. I thought the first 20/30 minutes was basically an animated movie revolution in its' amazing-ness, which reverted to just being absolutely fantastic thereafter. For some reason however, today my mind was making connections between it and Speed Racer and SR being some kind of precursor to the directing and editing style. Not sure if anyone else made that connection or if it was just my sleep addled brain.
  4. hub2

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    PS4 Pro here. First session audio was fine, then second session completely messed up. Cutting in and out, out of sync etc. Is that what you are experiencing?
  5. hub2

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    Looty call.
  6. hub2

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    I agree the pop in is hilariously bad. Also, it's been quite some time since I played the first, but what exactly is new here? It just seems a re-skin of the first one. Quite enjoyed the first 2 hours I played it though.
  7. hub2

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    I had another song I was going to post but in the spirit of today's sad news...
  8. hub2

    RIP Mark Hollis

    Just noticed that in my iTunes collection I classified his work with the genre "Unclassifiable". I think that's quite true.
  9. hub2

    RIP Mark Hollis

  10. What about us Windows 9 users huh?
  11. I thought it was a terrible movie, and I enjoyed it very much.
  12. hub2

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    And continuing the casting news. Jason Momoa may now on board playing Duncan Idaho. https://deadline.com/2019/02/jason-momoa-dune-aquaman-frank-herbert-denis-villenueve-1202557876/
  13. hub2

    Films with one set.

    Not since the first post. How about All is Lost, set on a boat? And does Duncan Jones' Moon count?

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