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  1. hub2

    Gaming for free?

    I think you can play a good chunk of Final Fantasy XIV without paying these days. probably just the non-expansion content, but still will get a few weeks or months out of it! Regular players will know the limitations better if they want to pipe up.
  2. hub2

    Nintendo Switch

    It can be carried from the couch to the toilet. That's all the portable I need! (TMI)
  3. hub2

    Google Stadia

    I got it almost entirely so my son could play some Lego games without waiting 2 hours for them to download. I also tried a it of metro 2033 and Arkham Knight and both seemed fine. And I agree with @K - Sony do seem to have one-upped everyone but are not doing anything with the tech. For example, I would be great (if your connection supported it) to stream a game when you buy it for immediate access, and switch to the downloaded version once it was ready, rather than waiting a few hours. At the very least improve the catalog and include all of the PlayStation Hits catalog.
  4. hub2

    Google Stadia

    It's the same as Stadia but with the option to download (certain? all?) PS4 games for non-streaming local play. I subbed recently out of interest and it works pretty well. Game selection is the biggest issue it has.
  5. Acceptable response. However, pretty telling the team in already moving on to hard liquor.
  6. What!!? This should have been get the pizza and beers in night. You're not even celebrating the launch? This is why 6pm was a bad idea for a launch time. Good luck however, will take a look at the weekend. Also, looks like Rllmuk should have been your QA team.
  7. What about the dark, dark That and coping with those with depression, self worth issues, and who are suicidal, and giving them a renewed purpose in life (Forkie). Plus, maybe how misdirected selfish purpose can corrupt (Gabby Gaby). Or something.
  8. Spider-man is no where close - it felt incredibly 'gamey', especially with the limited interaction wit the city's populace. I think RDR2 was getting there but only because it's a world that doesn't have that many buildings! On the other hand I'm not sure what we're talking about so ignore me.
  9. I'm now in proper hype mode.So much so that I watched this: I've never played a tabletop RPG in my life. Looks fun... should have started 20 years ago it seems.
  10. hub2

    Google Stadia

    Price of a PS4 Pro in Brazil: $1,000 https://www.gamezone.com/news/ps4-pro-heads-brazil-february-935-usd-r2999/ Price of internet / month in Sao Paolo (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) $28: https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/in/Sao-Paulo Numbers aren't as easy to get as UK/US obviously, but there does seem to be a market there.
  11. hub2

    Google Stadia

    People are starting (!) to go out of their way to dismiss this. Positive review? Yeah, they must be near a data center. Haven't played it? What about the physics! It CANNOT work! Not a Netflix for games like they imagined? They expect me to buy a digital game ON TOP of s sub?! Free games with subscription. They're all crap from third tier studios Completely free tier at 1080/30. Pfft, my Xbox/PS4/PC can do 4K Play anywhere on any device with Chrome browser? What about Linux Firefox users?! Anyway, it's a stupid feature, who wants to play destiny on their iPad? Streaming uses a similar amount of data as Netflix * et al. Well I don't have data caps, so it won't affect me, but what about the Americans who I usually don't care about but suddenly do? (* Number of US Netflix subscribers: 69M... that's million. Average US broadband speed? 96Mbps) Phil Harrison. OK, that's fair criticism.
  12. Breathtaking. SWIDT?
  13. What about quantum entanglement?
  14. Not sure why you would buy it when Cyberpunk is out days later.
  15. I hope Helen can go John Wick also.
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