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  1. 60/60, level 155 (I think) I think I may give it a teeny tiny break until season 7.
  2. 57/60 Epic quests completed to get the final skin! Although I did a bunch of Raz quests yesterday but the total did not update, so I'm a little confused what counts.
  3. I have been living under a rock for how knows how long and just picked up this game to pootle about in with my son about 3 weeks ago. A lot more fun than I was expecting.
  4. I didn't like Mamma Mia, I adore Mamma Mia 2. Also, if you enjoyed Taron Egerton singing I'm Still Standing:
  5. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is now part of the MCU. The only redeeming feature of the series. And dancing Zemo.
  6. I thought it was one of the nerdiest, geekiest, dorkiest things I've seen on TV. Loved it.
  7. I hate when they allude to shit like that to provide 'depth' or tortured scars and PTSD to a Vet. They're basically saying Captain America is a war criminal.
  8. I'm a fan of that movie as well. I watched it relatively recently and my immediate impression was just how good of a performance it was from Hopkins. Every moment he was on screen was a masterclass. That and Brad Pitt's Jamaican accent.
  9. OK, so I found it. Specifically, I still have a US Google account so paid for it on the Google Play store, and it doesn't geolock content (top tip), so I could watch it. I have to say. I'm a little disappointed. The plot with 'Jeff Bezos' and Captain you know who, is just terrible. All the actors involved in that sub-plot have no charisma or screen presence. And I hate how Lois' Dad has been written and portrayed... I can see a mile off he's going to make a stupid illogical decision at some point. The family drama stuff is much better, but not much different
  10. Wow. That's the best 4 minutes of Superman I've seen in a long, long time. So such packed in there that hit home: the young Clark's oops face when he threw the rocket, "I remember loving Smallville", "Thanks, my Mom made it for me" (so cheesy, but Superman makes it work), "Technically you'd be the second", the music, the twins, Jordan's troubles and Clark and Lois being parents with challenges, "Trying to make the world safer for the people I love". Not a fan of the CW shows I've seen but this looks like it has captured some of the essence of Superman. Now to find it.
  11. Even when he's a bastard I cannot dislike Roger.
  12. Ironically it's his vision he has trouble with. Apparently he's a bit blind without his glasses.
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