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  1. hub2

    EA Access

    Oooh, when did EA Access arrive on PS4? Might sub to try BFV online.
  2. There are some leaked videos out there. DO NOT WATCH. Major spoilers.
  3. Countdown begins: 7:00pm BST. Also gonna be on and https://mixer.com/cdprojektred
  4. Aren't most of these coming over the course of 24 months? It may be a lot of announcements but you're not going to be binging all at the same time. Also some may be series proper, and other are just one offs, so it'll 'die-down' soon enough.
  5. I think The Deep might go super villain. Not 100% sure he's on a redemption arc at all.
  6. hub2

    Google Stadia

    I'm not even sure what was announced at Gamescom other than some PC games are coming to Stadia (which I/we expected anyway!).
  7. We should get a Stadia release date right? I think it is a nebulous 'November' right now.
  8. I watch this every six months or so. It gets better each time. I'm not not sure it's the correct way to describe it but it's beautifully something. Honest, sincere, ...human? It's my favorite feel good movie, I come out of it feeling uplifted and a slightly better person which is a miraculous achievement for a movie which has Hugh Grant as a truly terrifying cannibal.
  9. Yep, I have reached 183 so far and it's incredibly generous for a FTP game. I've not felt once I needed to purchase diamonds, as I've always beaten a level with just perseverance and planning (and a little luck). It also doles out hearts and little freebies pretty regularly. Not sure how much they're making on this, but I would not have been dissapointed if I had shelled out money for this. Nice little time waster.
  10. hub2

    Gaming for free?

    I think you can play a good chunk of Final Fantasy XIV without paying these days. probably just the non-expansion content, but still will get a few weeks or months out of it! Regular players will know the limitations better if they want to pipe up.
  11. hub2

    Nintendo Switch

    It can be carried from the couch to the toilet. That's all the portable I need! (TMI)
  12. hub2

    Google Stadia

    I got it almost entirely so my son could play some Lego games without waiting 2 hours for them to download. I also tried a it of metro 2033 and Arkham Knight and both seemed fine. And I agree with @K - Sony do seem to have one-upped everyone but are not doing anything with the tech. For example, I would be great (if your connection supported it) to stream a game when you buy it for immediate access, and switch to the downloaded version once it was ready, rather than waiting a few hours. At the very least improve the catalog and include all of the PlayStation Hits catalog.
  13. hub2

    Google Stadia

    It's the same as Stadia but with the option to download (certain? all?) PS4 games for non-streaming local play. I subbed recently out of interest and it works pretty well. Game selection is the biggest issue it has.
  14. Acceptable response. However, pretty telling the team in already moving on to hard liquor.
  15. What!!? This should have been get the pizza and beers in night. You're not even celebrating the launch? This is why 6pm was a bad idea for a launch time. Good luck however, will take a look at the weekend. Also, looks like Rllmuk should have been your QA team.
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