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  1. Earlleft

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, a definite impulse buy. Had a quick go and not sure if they were on the WiiU one, but the assists for driving are great. My little fella is going to have so much fun with this!!
  2. Earlleft

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah that's right. Bought Odyssey and DOOM off the SA shop. Took all of about 20 seconds to change my Nintendo do account to Africa and hey presto, 40Euro games! Changed straight back after the download and all grand. Had a quick go of DOOM, I keep trying to use gyro for aiming. Been a while since dual analogue for me. Will have to unlearn what I have learned...
  3. Earlleft

    Football Thread 2016/17

    Haha, absolutely brilliant!!
  4. Earlleft

    Super Mario Maker

    Played a few of yours Joffocakes, enjoyed a lot. Have one that I enjoy playing but only a 6% pass rate. Didn't think that hard. Feedback appreciated. 878F-0000-002C-5E13
  5. Earlleft

    Super Mario Maker

    Loved the airship level, just missing a boss at the end. Just had a quick go of the creepy one. Death by timer twice.. Haven't figured it out yet. Nice atmosphere and pretty tense with the small timer. Ahhh.. very clever. Good level
  6. Earlleft

    Super Mario Maker

    Really enjoying this, the minute the little fella goes to sleep i'm all over the gamepad for a few hours! Can't wait to get my teeth stuck into a few levels here tonight. Hoping for some belters
  7. Earlleft

    Mario Kart 8 - online games

    Weekend off.. new Mario Kart... things are looking up. Used be around a lot for MKDS but lost the old password for old username. Got slaughtered back then so imagine it'll be more of the same here.

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