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  1. HarryBizzle


    I think the V60 is a relatively difficult way to get into coffee as there are so many variables involved. It took me ages to dial in my aeropress technique and to be able to tell when I'm just not brewing coffee the way it’s meant to taste. If you have a good coffee shop near by that does filter coffee (try the Best Coffee app for recommendations), it’s worth going there and having some of theirs before giving up on specialty coffee. https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/best-coffee-cafes-guide/id400916958
  2. HarryBizzle


    How did you brew it?
  3. To me it looks like a shrunken down PC tower, which isn’t the sort of aesthetic I’m looking for in my home consoles. I generally prefer the set top box look.
  4. I was thinking about wall mounting my TV and just having this sat under it, all minimalist douchebag style. But that doesn't look that great. Might just bung it behind the telly, where my One X currently sits.
  5. This has definitely got its hooks into me, but it's flawed in so many ways. 4A have always been a really odd studio. They produced a technically wonderful game in Metro 2033 all while working in horrific conditions (I sincerely hope things have improved from the days of them being sat on plastic garden chairs), but since then they seem to have concentrated a lot of their efforts on keeping technical side of things front and centre, and the core nuts and bolts don’t seem to have changed much (other than the open world format). It still feels like a bog standard FPS - the RPG mechanics are incredibly light and I would have loved to see them fleshed out a bit more. It's like a prettier version of STALKER with all the RPG stuff ripped out (and by the way, if you like this game, you owe it to yourself to play STALKER). The bugs can be quite frustrating (but also amusing): The map and way in which people point stuff out to you are pretty hilarious. “Hey Artyom! See that building over there?” (while not pointing at anything) “Which one?” “It’s a bandit camp! And that next to it is a safehouse!” “Which one?” “Over there is the Terminal!” “I have no idea which buildings you’re talking about.” And then they’re all just converted into question marks on your map, which doesn't really help in the slightest. The less said about Anna, the better. Every time she opens her mouth, I wish she’d die. But other than that, as I said, it’s got its hooks into me. There’s some really cool stuff in here like: And it’s got the best HDR implementation I’ve seen since Assassin’s Creed: Origins. It looks incredible on my OLED.
  6. My limited experience with xCloud was also that it was largely let down by my WiFi. Which sort of ruins the whole thing for me. There's no way I'm going back to having anything in my house hardwired to my router.
  7. I’d love to see them move away from the scripted bits in game. All the main story bits took control away from you and basically took all the options the game gives you away from you, all in service of some crap first person cutscenes. That stuff was crap in an otherwise incredible game.
  8. It’s a great device. Glad to see it can be made to work with the Switch with enough effort. Nintendo don’t do enough in this area.
  9. Not abruptly enough, unfortunately. In the open area when you go up to the church it’s still incredibly hand holdy and tiresome. I read Pob’s post above about how immersive it is, but I find things like there being a dialogue prompt or health bar pull me out of a game far, far less than things like jarringly awful dialogue or - my pet peeve in games - when they take control away from you. This keeps happening with crappy jump scare encounters and it drives me nuts. I’m sticking with it for the time being, though.
  10. HarryBizzle


    Pact sent me a Honduran coffee called San Lorenzo, and it’s the most wonderful coffee I’ve ever had. Sadly it seems to have disappeared from their website now.
  11. I’ve finally made a start on this and it seems ok so far. I played and enjoyed 2033 on PC years ago (the one memory that’s stayed with me is annihilating the Nazi station with the mounted gun on the train - that was brilliant). I didn’t bother with Last Light because I’d sort of had my fill of the trudging through dark tunnels and having big rats jump out at you, but the prospect of leaving Moscow has me excited for this. So far, it’s very handholdy, but story wise they’ve got me intrigued (just got to the train). The dark tunnel make a nice showcase for my OLED, too.
  12. Man, I’m really enjoying Game Pass at the moment. Dead Cells is fantastic. Loaded up GTAV for the first time since I played it on PS3 6 years ago and it made me want GTA 6 badly. Been playing Tracks with my son. And I’ve got Metro Exodus downloading, as well as Morta. I was looking at the Forza Horizon 4 thread recently and back in early 2018 I posted something about which edition I’d be buying. So quaint.
  13. I can see that. And to take your examples, the TV naming is a bloody disaster and people have got about a decade of iPhone naming convention telling them that the one with an S in the name is better.
  14. Exactly. Sony's naming convention is pretty straightforward. Do you want a PS4 or a PS4 Pro? Or a PS5? No one's getting these confused, as soon as people with even a cursory interest in gaming hear it, they know a new playstation is out. Wii U caused problems because some people didn't even know it was a new console. Changing the name in the middle, from Xbox One X to Xbox Series X is nowhere near as clear. Even between X and S, it's not immediately clear which is better. No one is suggesting that significant numbers of people are going to end up with consoles they didn't intend to buy with no way of remedying the situation, just that their naming is going to create some unnecessary confusion.
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