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  1. I’ve generally been ok with Dathomir, it feels tense but I have to say it feels like peak Dark Souls artificial difficulty with all the hidden enemies. The spiders which explode after you’ve killed them and big things that take a last swing at you even after killing them add to this general feeling. The boss:
  2. The white bar is their block, right? Or is it stamina? I can’t tell. It seems sometimes you hit people and it just takes that off and sometimes it does damage.
  3. Not having a great time with this tonight: And:
  4. This thing chasing me up a climbing wall is really pissing me off. I keep failing and I’m not sure why.
  5. I think Xbox Console Streaming is streaming from your own Xbox. xCloud is from Stadia like streaming.
  6. Is console streaming basically PS4 remote play? And if so, is it any better than that? I signed up to try to get into the xCloud beta yesterday. Hopefully I'll get in but will have to use my wife's phone. Annoying that they don't support iOS yet.
  7. Lidl are advertising the Xbox One S All Digital edition for £129 on Flack Briday.
  8. Yeah, I was mucking about with orange for a good while but have gone to green. Goes well with the red scenery in Dathomir. Story wise:
  9. I can't really get too upset about that. Nintendo are shipping flawed controllers and want to charge you 30 quid a pop to fix each half of the joycon in warranty.
  10. I’m on Dathomir and haven’t found a single sabre colour variant.
  11. That bit went wrong for me: I reloaded it like 5 times and it kept happening. I think the whole holographic disguise thing was pretty undercooked. The way it works and not being able to charge it - having to pass stupid speech checks repeatedly just felt like it could have been done better.
  12. All the positive feedback has me keen to try it (assuming D2 is free to play on the free tier next year), or at least xCloud.
  13. It that with NG+? I think it'd be a lot better not having to wait ages to get decent force powers. Slow has got to be the most boring thing they could have thought of. And this game is crying out for a photo mode. It's beautiful but you've got this daft green bar you can't hide and the camera is in so tight that to get any scenery in you end up with the camera essentially at Cal's feet. Are those ones K posted made with that Nvidia tool that basically adds photo mode to anything?
  14. Dathomir is a bit bloody difficult, eh? Lots of Dark Souls enemy placing as well.
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