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  1. Has anyone said that? I think the closest has been that the variety of Sony’s first party output has been a compelling reason to own a PlayStation and if you lose the smaller games which have been an important part of that, then Game Pass might suddenly make Xbox a more attractive platform. I think that’s fair enough.
  2. These are all third party games. None of them are even published by Sony. There’s a very big difference between buying exclusives and bankrolling development from in house studios.
  3. I don’t think Netflix set out to make bad shows. But it’s a poor analogy. Netflix don’t sell you subsequent seasons or DLC. They don’t need to make a good impression to drive more sales on other platforms. Also you seem to be working on the assumption that game pass alone is enough to pay for the production costs of third party games, which is fairly unlikely.
  4. You don’t have to believe it’s amazing. Just that not everyone suddenly feels games are worthless because they didn’t pay for them. And the idea that people are no longer going to put any effort into games because no one is completing them is just ridiculous. Developers know full well that most of the people who have paid for their games will never see the ending. And the incentives to making a good game pass game are obvious - word of mouth, more sales on other platforms, DLC and microtransactions, etc. So yeah, quite the take.
  5. This really is quite the take. The vast majority of people don’t finish games, anyway.
  6. HarryBizzle


    Very nice. Is that 12.0 on the display grams or seconds? In other news, I think I've got the hang of the Clever and just had an amazing cup of coffee.
  7. I don’t think any of these games were green lit since Jim Ryan took control of Playstation, or Shu Yoshida got sidelined and replaced with Hulst, which I think is why people are concerned by the rumblings of Sony being only interested in blockbusters, and the closure of Japan Studio. If you look at Sony’s announced exclusives on PS5, all of the smaller stuff is third party. I think people have also pointed to Returnal, saying it’s not a blockbuster. I don’t think it is either, but I think by virtue of it being £70, it’s certainly being pitched as such. I don’t think Ratchet
  8. Yeah, he plays old games all the time. I just gave this another go, but can’t get past the awful controls. Absolutely diabolical.
  9. HarryBizzle


    @Spoonman Did you manage to find a replacement for your Sette? I broke the hopper on my grinder and until I found the replacement part, was talking myself into spending far too much on a Niche Zero. I was also looking at this: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/the-solo-single-dose-grinder-metallic-black.html But they've jumped the price up by 100 quid, probably off the back of James Hoffmann saying he's reviewing it, and it's nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the Niche.
  10. "What are Daft Punk up to these days?" I thought, moments before typing them into YouTube and watching Epilogue. I wasn't ready for that. I don't think there are any other musicians who I've remained interested in over the course of my life, whilst their work was actively being released. I remember hearing discovery, I remember where I was when I first heard HAA, and it takes me back to a time in my life I miss massively. Bonkers to see this years after the fact, when again, so much in my life has changed in between. RAM grew on me, but it never felt li
  11. There is some very boring technical analysis in this, but the beginning talks about the original game and why it had such and impact, what it drew on, etc, and then from the 15m mark, he talks about why he thinks this game is so great. I thought it was all quite interesting. The first game was something I played only on a demo disc and just found too hard. The PS1 was my first console and I had no appreciation for anything it was drawing on and I've always just assumed Lorne Lanning was well loved because of something big he did previously - I didn't realise it all stemmed from Abe
  12. Doesn’t make a good first impression, does it? Kind of looks, and definitely controls like a PS1 game. Some very odd design decisions here.
  13. So many games are being released buggy and broken at the moment, that it's difficult to be upset about this. It looks like a game that they have to precisely balance the difficulty and design if you're going to be maddening to play through scenarios again and again.
  14. So, slightly amazingly, this piece by Jason Schreier at Bloomberg, "Sony’s Obsession With Blockbusters Is Stirring Unrest Within PlayStation Empire" seems to have been picked up by Eurogamer as "Naughty Dog Working on TLOU remake for PS5." It's an interesting piece, especially in the context of Sony having former head of Finance, Jim Ryan, running the show, having recently overseen the company's price hike for their first party games and closing down Japan Studio on the basis that they're not interested in games which aren't that popular outside of Japan. Of note, Sony
  15. I probably consume more CNET stuff than GB, to be honest, so I’ll miss his CNET video reviews. They were pretty much the only reason I subscribe to CNET on YT.
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