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  1. I've never seen a benefit of binding with egg or breadcrumbs. Good quality mince with decent fat content, salt and pepper. Additional flavourings from any garnish and sauces.
  2. Double points all weekend, I think. Going to get fired into it tonight.
  3. I might be wrong, but is it that you connect something that does run Kodi, like a firestick, and plug that into the xbone?
  4. I bagged Battlefront from Columbia using that method last week. Yet, last night I tried buying from the Brazilian store, and was getting an error message when trying to complete.
  5. Left stick up and down. The yellow on screen bar is your speed, so if you didn't know, you've just been tearing around full gas. I'm convinced most people haven't realised this because honestly, just plonking myself right in the middle of the battle and slowing right down, I'm nailing 15-20 kills a game.
  6. I'm dogdicks at every game mode apart from fighter squadron. I was dogdicks at that too, but then realised you can control your speed, and I've killed it ever since. Though I'm hoping for an update where it rewards shooting people in the feet and legs, I'd absolutely dominate. Getting more kill assists than Harold Shipman (zing).
  7. I used this guide last week, worked a treat. And you get a further £5 off if you use that MSE code.http://www.hotukdeals.com/misc/xbox-one-buying-from-colombia-guide-2326463
  8. Is there any point getting a kinect now? I was considering picking one up over Christmas from cex for £45. I would use it for games, more for navigation and Skype. Edit - WOULDN'T use it for games.
  9. Think it was about this time last year. I bagged mine on an Amazon lightning deal. For anyone with game sharing set up, after you set you're pal's xbone as your home, and vice versa, is this how it is left? So you log back in as yourself, but you essentially are playing your own xbone with it not set as your 'home'?
  10. Jesus, i never even considered that. Cheers!
  11. Just go the windows 10 streaming working myself. Infuriatingly, my xbox controller goes out of range about 5 yards from my PC.
  12. Ha! Thought I had it in my signature. 'broadack'
  13. Could I be a bother and ask if anyone has a spare invite knocking around for the preview programme, too?
  14. footyreport has been off all summer, but returned today. As good as FSS.
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