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  1. Framemeister has a framebuffer i.e. lag. OSSC does not. I took a 60fps video of my amiga's analog clock app outputting to a 1081 CRT and OSSC into my Monitor at the same time and there was about half of one frame of lag (the OSSC updated before the amiga had even begun outputting the next frame i.e. during the vertical blank). Good enough for me. OSSC can have issues with SNES and SFC consoles though and does require you to tweak settings to get the best out of it.
  2. Late reply but if you're still looking then an Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) is the way to go. This will take your Amiga RGB through scart and output a lovely HDMI signal. It'll even support some of the Amiga's more unusual resolutions.
  3. The very definition of minimum viable product! Lol. Just go for the nice priced aes games rather than any converters or 100 in 1 carts.
  4. Konix speed King. Just looked at the instructions and the controls are well weird! Thought my joystick was wired wrong at first!
  5. Gave jetstrike a quick go. Need to read some instructions I think but I'll do that and have another pop this weekend.
  6. Great second show. I intend to play each game as you go through them.
  7. That's tomorrow's journey to work podcast sorted then.
  8. I have a 3000 and literally every game I tried fails lol. Whdload solves the problem though. Everything for a 3000 costs a fortune. Don't be thinking you'll stick a cheap compact flash in there, or a cheap pcmcia network card. Think zorro cards costing hundreds. A 4000 is a good big box to get though. But generic looking but hey.
  9. Enthusiasm goes a long way. Liked episode 1. Have subscribed.
  10. Thanks for the joystick suggestions. As. It turns out, just googling amiga joystick UK eventually took me to 2 separate websites with 1 9 quid and 1 14 quid joystick. Job done. A speed King and a. Power play cruiser. I remember owning both back in the 80s so authenticity remains. In other news I found a replacement amber chip. Hoping this fixes the problem with my 3000 but if it doesn't I guess I can sell it on.
  11. Serial card for the PC, null modem cable and now I can send stuff befween the PC and a3000. So, whdload is on there and now I can play North & South! On the lookout for 2 joysticks. Anything will do. Any suggestions as to where to look? Ebay muppets want 25 notes a time. Cheers!
  12. Neo geo arcade sticks are a bit crap though. They look nice enough but are not nice to use imo. I have a real one and a converted neo geo x stick (barely any difference between the feel of them) but I use my converted dreamcast and hrap sticks instead as they are way better.
  13. Rgb only, be that scart, component or VGA. Think they expect you to use whatever you can to get to rgb as a starting point.
  14. Excellent units. I have a cmvs, sfc and an amiga using mine.
  15. Hraps are easy to mod, no soldering needed! Try to find broken ones. It's usually the electronics that he failed rather than the mechanical bits.
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