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  1. The key phrase here being done correctly. We all know how it can turn out.
  2. While it did air in 1981 you should check the Doctor Who spin off K-9 and Company. It's a bit rubbish but the opening credits are wonderful
  3. the greatest line in cinema history is

    Get away from her you bitch!
  4. Die Hard in Glasgow

    Welcome tae the party pal! Actually in Glasgow that's just a very nice greeting.
  5. If we get the FF in the MCU I really want this to be the story
  6. If it means a blu ray release of the unaltered Star Wars trilogy I'm all for this.
  7. Doctor Who

    This is my favourite Tom Baker story.
  8. Good advice on spotting fakes. This Metal Jesus video also has good tips for spotting fake carts.
  9. New Nintendo 3DS XL - SNES Edition

    I never owned a 3DS so this could be the best time to get one.
  10. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

    80's style advert for the home release.
  11. WipEout Omega Collection - VR Update out now

    Not much more I can add to this thread, just moved house so game arrived in post yesterday along with new tv so spend a good part of yesterday and today being blown away with it. Never had a PS3 or Vita so all the tracks are new for me. Been sending out a few PSN requests today, if anyone wants to see my pathetic times my PSN name is "goramsgloves"
  12. I'd say it's more likely they did throw her in the trash compactor but didn't start the crushing mechanism. That would keep her out of the way without that pretty awful death.
  13. Dredd: Mega City One

    Please please please please please please please please please please please please please announce Karl Urban as Dredd

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