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  1. Are you suggesting that it doesn't work in an artistic way? I don't really understand. Surely when you load the game it just loads straight into the last save. When you quit the game it just exits to the OS.
  2. There is an "armour piercing" trait, which I assume goes through shields (I don't know of other armour...yet)
  3. This is a large part of why this game is so good. Once you get confident you start dashing through the attacks, using the powerful melee and get paid while doing it. Shotgun is a hard weapon to work with but becomes much more effective when you get used to this more aggressive style of play.
  4. So if I'm in a room and there's a regular pickup, and I leave it, then come back at full health it will have changed?
  5. Well I never... I hadn't realised the green things are all max integrity pickups when health is full. Is that definitely the case?!
  6. That's not how it works. The "max integrity" pickups are distinct from the usual integrity pickups. You don't have to have full integrity for the max integrity to increase.
  7. Lost my strong run overnight as the patch installed in rest mode. I had auto update turned off, so no idea why that happened. Anyone know exactly which OS setting I need to change? My settings:
  8. Because it wasn't what they intended. If they intended you to have a free full heal at any point in Level 1, they'd have built it in to the game in a way that made sense. Like giving you the astronaut artifact every run, or having the heal placed near to the boss (rather than having you teleport back). So clearly they want you to finish Level 1 without this free heal. In doing so you become better at level 1 and the boss, both of which put you in a better place to face level 2.
  9. Exactly! There's your fucking easy mode! What are moaning about!
  10. The point is, the summit isn't the experience, at least in terms of video games. If and when I do finish Returnal I'll record the credits so you can watch it on YouTube if you like.
  11. I would really appreciate it if the conversation here could continue without the "people arguing against easy mode hate people with disabilities / they have no shame" thing. For me at least this is not the case and irrelevant to what is being discussed.
  12. Should video games as a medium be accessible to all people, no matter their skills, ability, amount of free time, disabilities, etc? YES, absolutely. Should each and every video game be forced to include modes that makes the game easier? No. The analogy given before about playing musical instruments is interesting. I agree that everyone should be able to enjoy playing a musical instrument to whatever ability they can play at. But if we truly apply this analogy to the debate about specific games (like Returnal) then you're basically saying that the composer who writes a
  13. And.... we've done a full circle. Congratulations.
  14. Yeah the point is I shouldn't have had to make a choice.
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