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  1. Hylian

    Fils-Aime to retire, Bowser new president

    The New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL System. Only Reggie could pull that off. What a hero.
  2. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-07-05-sekiro-shadows-die-twice-promises-a-thrilling-evolution-of-the-souls-formula
  3. Hylian


    Doing bosses first time is mad skilz. I soloed them all but I think the best I did was BSB on about 5th try. Something just clicked with that one. I wouldn't even expect to do them first time on a second run!
  4. Clearly StarFox GP is delayed because they're adding the battle royal mode.
  5. I try to only play one big single player game that can be "completed" at a time. Last one was Bloodborne and now for some reason I'm forcing myself through God of War (meh, 7/10). Then there tends to be a bunch of other games that could be played endlessly. Currently Smash, Graceful explosion machine, and now Tetris 99.
  6. Alright, truth is we're all able to beat a bunch of 8 year olds who've probably never played Tetris again, then when it gets down to the 10 adults playing we fail miserably. Just let us have our brief moment of glory!
  7. Yes you get one swap per piece I think so there's no immediate swaping back and forth. Or you just had the same piece in reserve.
  8. Thread title request
  9. Hylian

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    What I'm expecting: Reveal of new 2D Zelda Metroid Prime Trilogy HD StarFox Grand Prix Pikmin 4 SNES added to online sub What I'm getting: Crushing disappointment
  10. Hylian

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Lol. You're getting one a month and the first one is Super International Cricket.
  11. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    Top-level trolling. Superb.
  12. Hylian

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    They are not optional. Can be left until the end though. I found them much easier when I had got a later powerup:
  13. Hylian

    Nintendo Switch

    How does this person know what I expect?

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