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  1. There's something about this - just brilliant:
  2. Which vegan feta is that? I'm munching my way through a block of Violife Greek Style at the moment, and it's definitely one of the better cheese subs I've tried, but it doesn't look anywhere near as crumbly as that (unless perhaps you've grated it). I perhaps wouldn't have tried it without you recommending the stuff though, so cheers for that. I tried it on a vegetable pizza last night (sprinkled with a bit of nooch too) and thought it worked really well - enjoyed it more than the Sheeze fake mozzarella I tried earlier in the month. I am a huge pizza fan, so that's kind of what I'm working towards - getting good vegan alternatives to the real thing. I think that feta one was perhaps the best yet. Another good approach I've found is to forget about the cheese altogether, and make a flavoured mayonnaise (garlic, smoked paprika etc) and use that as a dip when you serve it. You get a nice greasy creamy hit which for me at least goes a long way to make it seem more like a pizza than just some veg on some bread. Loving all the pics by the way - some fantastic food being created here.
  3. I might agree if they were working on a product in a hard-fought market, but they're not. They're making the only game like it. People who want it, want it. A long delay just makes the customers wait a bit more. No-one is going to swoop in and release a copycat product and steal their custom away. I speak as someone who spent twenty years in the industry. When games are delayed, they're never delayed for long enough. They're delayed by an amount of time where they're just about doable again, which means invariably that they AREN'T actually doable still. So every poor bastard who has already been working crunch for months to meet an unreasonable deadline, now has to do it all over again to meet another unreasonable deadline. The fact that they're admitting at this point that crunch is inevitable, means that they've got the sums wrong once again. If they're factoring crunch into their workings, then they're already fucked. Crunch should only happen when the planning is found out to be hopelessly optimistic. If crunch is in the equation from the start you're in REAL trouble. Things WILL go wrong after this, and you're already at crunch. This is one of the reasons I'm working as an online shopper now and trying to make my own games, rather than being a part of the industry anymore. I've had that happen too many times, and I want no further part of it.
  4. One that popped into my head out of nowhere (ok perhaps not the best name, but it's one of the oddest):
  5. MarkN

    Cricket Thread

    Good session for England, that one. We could really take the game away from them here. There's a lovely comment on the Guardian OBO about Stokes, shortly after getting his century:
  6. MarkN

    Horace - PC

    This is free via the Epic launcher right now. It's been on my Steam wishlist since I first heard about it (it sounds right up my street), but I'm skint right now, so I'm not going to argue with free. Looking forward to giving it a go.
  7. I'll definitely give that quinoa and black bean chilli a go - I keep meaning to cook more with quinoa, but always play safer with lentils. Black beans are my faves though, and sweet potato sounds like a nice addition too. I've been experimenting with making sandwich fillings recently, and have made some really tasty ones that I'm calling bean pâtés (although they tend to resemble the tinned refried beans you can buy - which are usually really tasty (mainly due to being full of salt). I basically fry up a very finely chopped onion, then add a tin of pulses including the liquid (I've tried borlotti, black and pinto beans so far - all good). Then I add garlic (either from puree or dried from a grinder), bouillon powder and herbs and spices (a little smoked paprika is a nice easy option), and maybe a squirt of tomato puree. Then I just reduce it down slowly, whilst mashing it with a wooden spoon until it's kinda smooth. Once it's nicely thick, I let it cool and then stick it in the fridge for the following week's lunches. A smear of mayo and then a good spread of the beans with some salad is a really good start to a sandwich or wrap. I've usually also got a container of tomato sauce on the go in the fridge, and that also makes a good addition (it's usually been made for pizza sauce, but works as a healthier alternative to ketchup in a sandwich). My current one has loads of red pepper running through it, so is really tasty.
  8. I'm guessing the brief was for a set of 4 stamps from 1 dev/series as a showcase, in which case I can see why Tomb Raider got the nod. The only alternatives I can think of would be GTA (and I can't see them slapping that all over stamps - especially since it's also mostly set in America), or maybe Ultimate/Rare too. Actually, that's a better shout, I think - and that's as a C64 fanboy where Ultimate were generally poor. The big omission for me is definitely Llamasoft. There needed to be something that suggested the properly quirky bedroom coder stuff (Dizzy is a tame example), and that would have to be something like Manic Miner/JSW or (IMO) much more preferably Yak due to huge library and longevity. Apart from that though - it's a pretty good list. A little Braybrook might have been nice, but that's a minor quibble.
  9. Will definitely check some of those things out. I don't visit Aldi often because they don't stock a lot of things I tend to live on (lots of different pulses etc), and they're not much cheaper on many of the things they do stock. But some of that looks well worth a try. We stock La Boulangere croissants in the Sainsbury's where I work, so I'm guessing most Sainsbury's would have them (larger ones at least). I will big up Sainsbury's a tad - they've been good for a while, but they've ramped it up a notch further of late. Spoilt for choice in the vegan meat-alternatives now (I agree on the chorizo shroomdogs - they're great), but there's also things like vegan coleslaw, potato salad, and fresh gravy. The interesting new thing I bought so far though was a tin of banana blossoms. Not a clue what I'm going to do with them yet, but apparently they have a flaky fish-like texture, and the internet recommends frying in batter/or breadcrumbs - just need to get some flavour into them first.
  10. I don't tend to like horror, but gave the first part a go because of the Gatiss/Moffat writing team. Bloody loved it. Nicely sassy. Still not a fan of the fiction, but the execution is really fun. Will deffo watch the rest when I have time.
  11. The regular Quorn Steak slice thing is one of the few Quorn products I really like - it's proper nom. Will definitely give the Gregg's one a pop. Might grab the sausage roll at the same time - I've still not tried that. I spotted yesterday that Morrison's have a vegan pork pie in their bakery. I'm intrigued, but suspect it's not going to be that close. For starters it didn't have the proper pastry, but even then - I cannot imagine what you could use to get pork pie filling texture (I'm guessing they don't even try). May well give it a go out of curiosity at some point though...
  12. Just watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople because of this mention, and it was indeed lovely. I was aware of its existence before this (it's been on freeview a few times at least) , but didn't know I needed to watch it until now. Great stuff, ta.
  13. OK, just bought my last regular pizza before going for Veganuary again. Got a little bit of cheese to get through too, but nothing too major. Looking forward to it. I plan on doing a fair bit of cooking from scratch still, but there are so many new vegan products around I'll definitely be giving a fair few a try too. I'm definitely thinking of doing it a bit more often in future too. Maybe every other month, or maybe one in three - shall see how it goes. Anyone else giving it a go?
  14. Klaus on Netflix was my most recent one, and festive too. Was going to suggest Goonies (beaten to it), or maybe Tremors. How about Tin Cup? I have a soft spot for this - it's kind of a sport movie (golf), but not really. Really watchable, really likeable, and whilst spoiler, spoiler spoiler, it's still wonderfully feelgood. That reminds me - if you can find it, Fandango's a fun watch IIRC (haven't seen it in many, many years though, so could be rose-tinted specs.)
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