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  1. MarkN

    Beat Saber

    The in-game height lets you switch between two heights IIRC, and whilst it helped a bit for me it didn't fix it. What sorted it properly was using the main menu settings before you've chosen what mode to play to adjust the floor height up significantly, so that the game was played a fair bit higher where I wanted it to be (I'd been stooping a tad before which was bearable on it's own, but not with the associated loss of tracking).
  2. I'd love to see a new one - especially in VR. The original was all about the cool use of the controller, so chucking VR into the mix sounds ideal.
  3. The thing you need to remember with Halo though is that it was many people's first FPS game ever, and if not that then likely their first FPS on a console, so most players were oblivious to the setting, and what the tutorial had just done to them.
  4. I'm reading Children of Time right now, which I found on my Kindle with no memory of how it got there - probably a recommendation from here that I forgot about tbh (I love my Kindle for this - finding books I have no memory of collecting, and then diving in without a clue of what I'm getting myself into). What a belting book, and one that makes you sound like a proper screwball when you try to describe it to mates in the pub as I did last night. Four fifths of the way through it now, and the Gilgamesh has turned back up at the green planet to stake its claim. It's all about to kick off, it seems. Great stuff!
  5. And of course Viva Pinata. A wonderful, beautiful game about gardening - sublime and relaxing when you know how to bend it to your will, but the first few hours are the exact opposite - full of stress and urgency and things you really didn't think you were signing up to. You'll get tutorialled up the wazzoo. There will be urgent warnings about things you don't even understand yet. Animations will kick in explaining things you don't yet care about. Enemies you didn't think were part of the deal will show up and start breaking shit you've just built. Your first few critters will have picked fights with each other (and you have no idea that this isn't critically important at this point). EVERYTHING is kicking off, and amongst it all you'll get a dozen achievement plinks to tell you you're making progress when you feel like you're drowning in a sea of announcements. Once that all fucks-the-fucking-fuck-off the game is magnificent. But it's the worst start to any game ever.
  6. The Dig. A magnificent point and click adventure game, but the bit before you get to where it all kicks off is rubbish. It's better than just playing it out as a cutscene, but not by much. IIRC it was the demo for the game, so possibly did more harm than good. From memory there's a good hour of absolute rubbish there that's not what you wanted from a point and click game, and then it becomes ace.
  7. MarkN

    Beat Saber

    I thought I'd struggle to progress too far, but I'm still getting better. I've got bugger all rhythm, and I'm not good at memorising levels, but that isn't as big a handicap as I feared (you mainly have to remember a few style guides for a level rather than the whole layout). The campaign has some horrible blocker levels, so I agree with the folk before who've said ignore it and play solo. I've now posted scores for all of them on Hard, and am now working my way through Expert. I need a little luck on some of the dafter sections, and there are a few I squeaked through with rubbish scores, but I reckon I can definitely go back and do better.
  8. Haha - this thread caused me to search for a game I made back in the day on the C64 (I'd have been late teens, so not quite a kid really though). It was a puzzle game called Flik Flak - inspired by the Atari game Klax but from a top-down perspective. I did try getting it published by a budget label, but got no takers. Ended up sending it to Zzap! magazine who gave me £50 to stick it on a covertape. I knew it was on rom sites of course, but I've just seen this, which seems to be very recent: https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/gtw64/flik-flak/ Quite cool to see something get a mention sooo many years after the event. I'm now tempted to fire it up and record a video for YouTube, just so it has a presence there.
  9. Couldn't see this mentioned anywhere else - a new series starring Matt Berry as a Victorian copper. Sounds like it should be brilliant. I stopped watching the preview after a couple of minutes, because I didn't want to spoil it (some lovely swearing in there though). Starts tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm.
  10. MarkN

    Beat Saber

    I'm not a fan of pos-ing an ages old thread if I can help it, but this worked a treat for me, so you deserve it. I've been stuck on level 22/23 ish for a fair while now (where you need decent scores to progress, and this vid helped me across the line on the first of them. Great stuff (also great because it just makes you style it out more when playing, unlike those silly no movement levels). I'm going back in to have a crack at the other stubborn one now. Just the best game.
  11. MarkN

    Cricket Thread

    I put a bet on them to win it when they played England back in the winter. They looked pretty good, and the odds were great. It may well have been after the first match, but I remember I got something like 16 to 1, but if I'd have placed it before it would've been nearer twice that because it came as a complete surprise how well they played. Regardless - it's great to see them in contention again - the sport is so much better with them doing well. Also great to have Curtly Ambrose on TMS. I could listen to him read the phone book.
  12. Oh man - that sounds like the light bridges in "The Dig". Such a great game but I got stuck on this for the longest time. There are light bridges that you can use to move between locations that you've already visited, but they only extend if you hold the mouse button down. It's a point and click adventure- and that's not a click - it's a hold. You hold the LMB down it extends until it connects and makes a bridge. It took me so long to figure out the game is playing by its rules, not mine. Just the best "penny drop moment" or "PDM" as it would be called in cryptic crossword circles. That's what these should be called, BTW. Same thing - different medium. PDM = penny drop moments.
  13. I somehow managed to forget that fruit items stack in inventories in Animal Crossing when I got hold of New Leaf. Spent ages running back to Tom Nook with a full inventory of single apples/oranges until I tried stacking them manually. (It's a horrible design decision that the game never tells you this, and picks them up into separate slots - teaching you that they don't stack, when in fact they do).
  14. I've posted this elsewhere before, but it deserves to be here. I'm not usually one for stuff that's "so bad it's good", but this is an exception:
  15. MarkN

    Cricket Thread

    It's going to need fireworks...
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