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  1. Gregg's are really going for the vegan market it seems. I've still never set foot in one (I've nothing against them, just never actually felt the need). Might give it a go, just to see what I'm missing out on... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/aug/23/greggs-to-develop-vegan-versions-of-all-its-bestselling-foods
  2. I've had it on my wishlist since the Eurogamer review - it does look smashing. I was planning to wait because I have Slay The Spire and No Man's Sky to try to find time for, but threads like this make my (already piss-poor) resolve weaken... It does look like the sort of thing I'll love to bits.
  3. Here's why I think this game is properly great (after only a few hours of playing it). The screenshots in the last dozen posts have been fantastic (and some of the descriptions even better). Nothing I've witnessed has been as good, such is the nature of random number generators. And yet I've loved every second, and wouldn't trade my experience of it with anyone else. I can't wait to see what lies on my next planet... This is gaming at its best. Everyone playing the same thing, but everyone coming out with their own unique stories. And each of us can feel what it meant to be there at the time. How ace is that?
  4. I've got no recipes, but it's something I've looked into and the first tip is always to use dried chickpeas and do it the long way. I've always shied away from it because I've got no patience (and I've had bad results with resurrecting dried beans in the past), but that would be how I'd start out). Christ, I love cheap shop bought falafel so if it gets much better than that I'd be delighted. Have fun.
  5. It's a tricky one. I've played a few games to the point where I realised they were actually playing me. Hooking me with the kind of tasks that your brain finds kind of compelling. It's hard to criticise - I got value for money, but once I realised that they were using cheap tricks I dropped them right away. (It's why I won't play clicker things any more - I know it's designed to appeal to a base instinct that my brain will like, but ultimately I'll hate). I've never left a bad review though - I've never felt conned into buying a game, so I'm fine taking the hit if I bought one I ended up not liking.
  6. Warner gone. Oh, this is poised beautifully. A great match.
  7. As a noob, where are these 10000 slots? I'm just starting out (have a rubbish base built), but I've been ditching stuff left right and centre, due to a full inventory. Is it something I can hurry towards? Because inventory management is really no fun at all.
  8. The "smooth turning" turns stupidly fast though - much faster than I'm comfortable with. When I mentioned this in an earlier post someone (sorry I forget who) said that turning the move controller also changes your forward movement direction. I haven't had a chance to test this yet, but if it works that would hopefully make it a lot more pleasant. Will hopefully give it a pop shortly.
  9. Finally played this in anger last night on PSVR with Moves (I'd had a brief look back when I bought it, but decided to wait for this). Good grief! It's ace. There's an awful lot to learn, and starting on a hazardous planet doesn't make that easy, but there's so much good stuff. I've said it before elsewhere - I can live with low-res for the benefits that VR bring, and here is the perfect example. Just an amazing place to bimble about in in VR. And some of the interactions are so good - as others have said that simple cockpit exit one is a beauty. And the stuff when you're walking on the planet is almost all good, or great, or better. The one thing I'd like is to be able to slow the turn speed down, because by default you whip around silly fast for my taste (I've looked for an option, but couldn't find one). It's just a niggle though, I can cope. The ship controls though are just all wrong. The throttle almost feels OK - just a bit flaky and unreliable. The joystick though is just made of stupid. To dive and climb I want to be pushing forward and back, but it wants me to be moving up and down. It's horrible, and it even transcends the "invert axis" problem. I've tried both ways around and they're almost as unusable as each other. Happily I guess I can switch to using the pad for flight, but if that isn't an option (as it sounds on PC) that's a major issue. That said though - what a fantastic experience. Cannot wait to get back in there later for another long old play.
  10. I love this from word one as a statement of intent as an opening track to an album (the video gets cut short and links to a Rage Against The Machine video, but this is the only link to the song I can find so there you go). The full track is 1.57 according to my music player. This is often how I start my day at work at 4am in the morning.
  11. MarkN

    Silver Jews

    Really sad. I only got into Silver Jews late due to the links with Pavement but I've been playing them a fair bit of late - Look Out Mountain Look Out Sea is a favourite to put on at work at 4am. I was unaware of Purple Mountains - sounds like that's a must-listen.
  12. I could not have timed this worse - I have the 4th until the 11th off. I'm so looking forward to playing it too - bought it a while ago whilst it was on sale, and have only had the briefest look - wanted to wait until VR to dive in properly. Ah well - will have to do it in small doses...
  13. Couldn't have wished for much better (and as I type this Cummins has gone). Great stuff! Looking forward to watching the highlights later (no Sky for me, sadly).
  14. Oh - Moorcock has some fantastic potential games in his works. Imagine Corum being able to summon up his last victim as an ally in the next fight. (Corum's my favourite, personally - the end of the first trilogy blew my tiny fucking mind back in the day when I read it. Magnificent!). But yes - Elric is as iconic a figure as you want - he'd be a brilliant game character.
  15. David Gemmell's Legend. There have been castle sieging games before, but none done how they should've been. And Dros Delnoch with its six walls would be a great location to fight an immense horde. Something based on the Takeshi Kovacs novels of Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon et al) could be great - re-sleeving is a game designer's dream, and he's crafted a lovely cyberpunk future. One I'd not considered until reading this thread is the Liveship trilogy by Robin Hobb - which I've just ripped through on my Kindle (a cracking read). I really like the idea of having a sentient sailing ship with animated figurehead, and the world she created is full of good stuff - warring factions, dragons, buried cities built by elder races with fantastic treasures...
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