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  1. MechE

    The Alien films

  2. MechE

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I don't get it, isn't she just confirming the rumours rather than dispelling them?
  3. MechE

    The Great British Bake Off

    I mean, we all want Ruby to win, but let's not kid ourselves that it's because of her ability to get dough to rise... Anyway, "Who is Luke Sidewalker?"
  4. MechE

    The Great British Bake Off

    He was worse this week, but at his best he's better than any of the others at their best. And he actually tried to fulfil the brief, rather than just bake within his comfort zone like Manon did. My money's on Ruby going out this week.
  5. MechE

    Perfect Films

    Plus there's a spelling error in the opening credits.
  6. MechE

    Return of the Obra Dinn

    I can't wait for this. Been getting strong reviews all over the place.
  7. MechE

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Related to this Marijam Didžgalvytė is an excellent person to follow on Twitter for articles, videos, talks and tweets with a socialist perspective on the games industry. Here's a relevant video.
  8. MechE

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    The idea that superhero stories are fascist is not a new one - Watchmen for example is essentially a 450 page essay on this thesis. Here's Joss Whedon exploring the idea. John McTiernan says goes further and says the makers of superhero movies are themselves fascists. I think a lot of people misuse the word and essentially see it as a synonym for totalitarianism when it's got a much more nuanced meaning. Both Brexit and Trump can be explained through the mainstream acceptance of fascist ideals, partly because our popular media does such a good job of championing them. If anyone's interested in the history of fascism and what it looks like in the 21st century I recommend the following talk.
  9. MechE

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    Especially as it's the first comic book movie in ages that polictally isn't some fascist wank fanstasy and actually pays lip service to modern day social issues. There are more deserving targets for people's ire.
  10. MechE

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    I enjoyed the shit out of it, and I reckon you would too. I find practically all the MCU films a little safe and bland, but this was goofy and rough around the edges, and all the better for it. I don't understand these comments about it being 'unintentionally funny' - everybody involved in this was having a great old time and the laughs were fully intended. It feels like a superhero movie from the Sam Raimi era.
  11. There's no 'right', just varying degrees of wrong.
  12. MechE

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    A PC version of a Red Dead game!
  13. MechE

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I kind of go the other way, where I feel it was a missed opportunity to inject some additional dramatic tension through their lack of familiarity with the controls and the state of the decrepit Falcon. Whereas in TLJ they play up to the rickety-ness of the vehicles on Crait to add to the desperation of the assault. I agree with the sound design of the action scenes in TFA though.

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