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  1. I think the real test will be next year or whenever lockdown ends. Schedules will have changed for various teams in different ways. Some will have handled remote working better think others and I think that's meant some shows being super bland while others have been just bland. Next year hopefully lockdown will have eased, more next gen games will be in a state to be shown and we can judge these remote conferences/game shows better. As an example of how to do these well the Nintendo Directs are good examples. But even they hit a few dud notes. I'd much prefer the motherload at an E3 and then happily ignore most other things as the same games get shown plus one or two extra at the smaller shows.
  2. PS5 I'm assuming is going to be cheaper and most people will go for that regardless of price. Just the natural flow from PS4.
  3. Bugsnax. Going to be interesting seeing people convince themselves its a next gen game.
  4. rafaqat


    ah dry your tears mate.
  5. rafaqat


    Feeling the power of the PS5 there
  6. Yup. I really like Apple Hardware but after seeing a host of things I'm interested in be effectively banned, my next phone is much more likely to be Android.
  7. They'll work with DS4/XBox and there'll likely be a warning that certain features won't work I'd imagine. At that point the people in this thread saying new controllers mean next gen features will use some other excuse as to why it couldn't have just been done at launch. They're basically Teflon Terry's
  8. hitman 3 coming out with all 3 games on psvr? Fuck yeah.
  9. That's hyperbole again. I think people have just said it'd be good if Sony did similar. There's no illusion that either of them give a flying fuck about you or I.
  10. There's that phrase again that people seem to use when they're out of arguments and want to shut the argument down. Just buy all the consoles. Lots of fun.
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