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  1. Man, look at them just interrupt Ben a couple of times here. As if their views need to be heard first despite Jeff not having played through the game and Jan and Ben having played it way more than him.
  2. Tell you what I like about the nextlander podcast. They timestamp/chapter stuff so when you're listening to it in the car or whatever you can see what they're talking about on the display.
  3. Then why do you persist in coming in here and moaning about it on the regular? We get it.
  4. Yeah the Lou Bega joke was funny. I find Jan and Ben's game reviews work well. They seem to be a decent duo and vibe off each other.
  5. Here's Ben talking about the game and actually dragging the others back onto the question Bakalaaaaaaaar actually asked. Seems a decent description of the game to me.
  6. This place is just miserable and likes to focus on the things that annoys it rather than what they like.
  7. Question. I got Fifa 22 digital download codes with my Series S. What would a sensible price be to sell them here on rllmuk? ebay sounds a bit too wild west for me.
  8. I took it to mean that if it's gone straight to gamepass there's a good chance it's coming to PSN so no point buying it full stop.
  9. Gamepass for pretty much 90% of my gaming. Sony exclusives I buy a year or two after release or if someone is selling on forum for 20 quid or less. I MIGHT make an exception for Battlefield 2042 but will see how that does in the first few months after launch.
  10. Thing is Xbox Series S seem to be much easier to get a hold of. I was in game to pick mine up and there was q behind me with some obvious groups of scalpers in to pick up the PS5. They were selling about equally but ran out of Ps5's 10 customers in so they're clearly getting more Series S in. The chips aren't that far off what's in an Series X but less cores I think?
  11. I personally loved the FH2 intro. Straight out Outrun vibes with the sun and blue skies.
  12. hah. I did exactly the same.
  13. Yeah bois! Took advantage of the Game part exchange thingy (was sad to let go of my OG Xbox Ones). That's the house mostly sorted on the Xbox front. Now have one sat in my office and it's so damn small. They happened to have Ps5's in stock when I went in and there were definitely groups of scalpers in the q talking to each other but not making it obvious. Fair play to the game staff they told one guy to not come back again as he's been in the weeks before and snaffled 1 here and there. You could tell they were annoyed but not enough to refuse them to people.
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