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  1. Ok. So The Division is on sale too. Also a co-op game so am thinking of getting that too. Seems very similar in terms of map full of missions to do in typical Ubisoft style. Worth getting too or is it is it just very similar to woodlands to not bother?
  2. Pc i’m Assuming? its on PS4 store for £8 right now and on Xbox for £12. Think I might grab it and do co-op with the kids.
  3. THat'll teach me to skim read the first google search result. aaaaaan bought!
  4. Oh god that’s soooo good. No psvr version though.
  5. DriveClub VR is £8 so I'm tempted. I quite liked the demo. Is it still worth playing with the online/servers having been turned off?
  6. Horizon is amazing. If you really have to choose between them then Horizon every time.
  7. Maybe first time nerves. They should all do it a few times. One thing I do find annoying is Abby's constant referral to games and certain things like Star Wards etc as nerd stuff. Hello, that's like 80% of your audience you're calling nerds. She comes across like she doesn't like a large part of gamer culture. Which is fair enough I guess but to keep having a go at it at least once a podcast is poo.
  8. Ah balls. Spider-Man was on my wishlist. Would have snapped that up. I’ll probably get Tetris Effect and see what else grabs me.
  9. Blimey. Just rechecked my email and I got the code. Something about missing me on the ps store since i’ve not bought anything for a while.
  10. Never underestimate the number of people in the world that think the word nigger isn’t racist. I’d say that’s a hell of a smooshing of words especially seeing as she seems ok enunciating the rest of her sentences fine. I’m personally leaning towards her saying it and now furiously back-pedalling badly.
  11. It funny how much exaggeration goes on in here with the Ben hate. I could find you a crap load of instances where the others interrupt others or make jokes that fall flat.
  12. I loved the last bomb cast. The chemistry between him and Jan? Was really good. Their review of the game with the tea party in it was excellent. Both jumping in and giving their experience of what they’d played of the game and making each other laugh. Really put a smile on my face. I felt the podcast was much better with more people on it. Proper zip to the proceedings and everyone seemed to be having a good time. More please!!!
  13. This is what ended up happening with me when my son complained of his ping on fortnite going from 10ms to several hundred at least once or twice every day.
  14. Are you getting any consistent speeds when doing a speedtest on the your PC or mobile? I tend to use speedtest app on iphone or https://www.speedtest.net/ on pc. They do vary a little from one test to the other but not as much as yours. I'd do 5 tests and see what that gives you. If your PC and phone are giving better and more consistent results that the PS4 then I would imagine it's not your internet connection that is flakey. If they are also giving some real dodgy results then it could be your internet connection. On previous times I've had a variable connection the endineer did some stuff with the connector for the cable modem (Virgin) and it sorted it. who you with internet wise?
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