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  1. Plenty of data now on what tyre wear will be like with a car sitting at a ride height they intended and not hopping down the straights. I'm hopeful that means they can now start looking at performance upgrades and analysis rather than fixing porpoising which will have dominated more or less all their brain p[power.
  2. As always. Don't bother reading the comments.
  3. Absolutely no chance of that happening. They'll be wanting to make sure Max wins the Championship at all costs. They're wanting the next multi WDC driver on their team.
  4. Perez doesn't sound happy.
  5. Good race. Well done Max. Well done George for the podium. Great to see the Merc able to fight again.
  6. I'd imagine with open cockpit cars doing the speed they do it's too dangerous if the drone loses power and goes straight into a drivers helmet. Not sure if the Halo woul protect them though
  7. You can tell they've been warned to stay well away from any of the actual racetrack. Could do with being lower and tracking the cars.
  8. lol Russell straight past.
  9. He's going to be passive as per usual.
  10. Hamilton will need to come in again right?. That'll drop him back down to 8 or 9th.
  11. Still time for another Ferrari or RBT engine to go boom yet for some excitement.
  12. Come on Latifi. Do your thing.
  13. Redbull 1-2 though I think.
  14. Damn. 3 second a lap difference. Hopefully they're fucked by the time he's past George
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