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  1. Mate, I have one of these to use by the 17th if you want it? Drop me your email address and I’ll forward it
  2. It was the only version wasn’t it? Bit cheeky they called it limited when there’s no alternative!
  3. I would vote for an inanimate SNES final fight cart over Boris though so it’s a low bar to clear
  4. You a college boy or something? I bet you think you're pretty smart? Think you could outsmart a bullet?
  5. Study trigonometry mini game and this as the soundtrack:
  6. No, that ones easy. It’s just like a golf tournament
  7. Not taking the piss but is there a chance your drive is full? It fills up quick…
  8. At least they didn’t include yaiba in this pack. I thought the series went off the rails after 2 until I played that!
  9. I’ve done all the sub stories and amon in most of them, but I draw the line at mahjong and the other games, that’s a step too far. Thankfully like a dragon doesn’t need that
  10. They did for most, but not this one I believe. Think they’re meant to update it but no date for when. It’s usually from the zero hour mission which you can’t get to at present
  11. It is very good. The only thing is I don't think you can actually get the catalyst at the moment, if you're bothered about such things, as the mission for it was on one of the removed worlds.
  12. They’re playtesting the entire mass effect trilogy to check it doesn’t cause it to crash
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