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  1. Oh sweet! Good work Steels!
  2. I've saved packs over the last fortnight, so there's two lots of Marquee Matchups in there, the Gelsen Martins and Nainggolan ones, 5 or 6 of the Belgian League ones, a few other small ones and I hadn't done the League Hybrids or the League and Nation hybrids. Will probably do the same for the next fortnight too.
  3. AND there's a new SBC for a Scream Schweinsteiger. It requires 3 MLS players and an 83 overall rating. This might send 83 rated players up in price. Of which I have loads. We might break a million coins Transfer Profit tonight chaps.
  4. Ah cheers fellas. Love to you all too.
  5. Well. I've had worse pack opening sessions. I got the scream player I wanted! Yeah he's one of the crappier ones, but I'll hold him - I'm 95% certain there'll be an SBC that requires a Scream player. I had more full player packs and mega packs than I realised. It went... well. Here's the highlights. Orlando Pirates player in the first pack. 10k thank you very much. Then there was some boards. Then we got this CB. Then... yeah. This happened. Then this capped it off....
  6. Right, I'm going in to open my 30 packs. Wish me luck fellas.
  7. Absolutely. I'm picking up a bunch of players from Champions League clubs today. Two weeks ago when they dropped the Liverpool v Ajax CL MM SBC (soooo many acronyms), Liverpool players went to 10k apiece. It would be nice to be prepared for that. TotW players - any Discard value players are a safe investment. Try and keep it to the Top 5 leagues, they go up higher value. They may be a long hold though, it may take a month for them to rise up 4-5k. Outside discards, I like Bailly for under 125k, Szczesny for as close to 40k as poss, and Van Dijk if you have NUFF CASH. EDIT: I should mention I'm keeping plenty of coins available for Tuesday, in case we get more Champions League SBCs. I think there's a ton of money to be made round them, but I want to see what happens with them first.
  8. That's the thing though, it's not discipline for me, it's much more a game within the game. I find it genuinely entertaining/relaxing/fun. There's something about making a large amount of coins when the system is built to make you buy packs. If anything I do or post about helps anyone else in here make a few extra coins then that makes me even happier. I do understand that makes me a fucking weirdo. Don't feel bad about playing the game the way you want to play it though. It's your entertainment after all.
  9. Pants Builds a Million Coins Part 7 – The Home Stretch The new Scream SBCs have been very good to me. This why I love the Bronze Pack Method and hoarding all my silvers. We unloaded a bunch of Discard In-Forms for about 4k profit apiece when the Hazard SBC went live, we’ve been trading silvers which are insanely profitable if you watch some of the prices, and now we’re over the 900k transfer profit. All from simple trading. Not a single penny spent on Fifa points. WOOT! We still have plenty of investments on the go – some OTW players, 30-odd TotW players, a stackload of 83 rated cards – and we just need the right SBC to drop to cash in to rack up NUFF FINANCE. If we get more Champions League SBCs on Tuesday (which I'm going balls in for), I think we’ll hit the million mark by the end of the week. And even if we don’t, I’ve saved up a shitload of packs in the hope of packing a Scream player, or someone from this TotW, which is pretty stacked. I’m going to complete a few more SBCs to get over the 30 pack mark. I might start pondering what the next target is. Suggestions welcome.
  10. Nooooo don't do it! One-of-us, One-of-us... And I'd take One To Watch Cancelo over the IF, as it's only 8k more.
  11. I may have lost a game I dominated, but I did score THIS FUCKING BELTER OF A GOAL.
  12. @Mitchell 220k is a great amount for investing. Good In-Forms, CL cards, you could make some serious coins by Black Friday. If you like your team, why fuck around with just yet?
  13. Yeaaaaaahhhhhh... I'l definitely take that for my first ever WL match.
  14. Pants McSkill

    The random discussion thread

    COD will be done in two months. Our BFV crew will play for the next three years. I know this because we still play BF1. And we played BF4 for it's lifespan. And BF3. And Vietnam. And..... you get the point.
  15. Pants McSkill

    The random discussion thread

    I dunno man. Jamin's just too... nice for that thread.

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