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  1. Yeah possibly. But a 20+gb download will stop me from firing it up for a quick go, when I could be playing Battlefield V, or FM19, or Red Dead 2, or Cities Skylines, or any of the other 200+ games I own that I actually enjoy.
  2. Again, thank you fella. I do appreciate you wanting to help. However...
  3. And to be fair (and not to be read as a rant either, these are genuine postulations)... 1. But why did it run away from my player? He's as free as he's ever going to be in the box, no pressure on him. I'm not holding sprint, I'm not hammering the left stick up. Is there a control I should be pressing to ensure he doesn't do this? Because if there is, it's not listed anywhere - not in the game, not in any manual I've seen, not on any list of official controls. If that's a RNG thing - yeah that can fuck off. RNG deciding a game is bullshit game design - and also something that EA haven't said/confirmed is in the game. So now I'm just guessing as to why when I've done everything seemimgly correctly to be leading this game, I'm now losing. (Not to mention that players reach for balls that get away from them so why didn't he do it here?) That's a rubbish game. 2. Let's say there wasn't a header to win. So then the control scheme is bad. Because I've held the header button and pushed the direction I want the header to go - which is what you have to do off of goal kicks, and what everyone does from all goal kicks. But because the game has decided that there's no header to win, that means my CB is running forward, allowing his striker a run in on goal. Again, I'm doing everything that the game tells me is correct, but I'm being punished. See, I disagree. There isn't any other game I've played where I don't feel in control. If I lose at Battlefield, or at Rocket League, or at MarioKart, or at Tekken, I know why. Mainly because the other player was better. Or in the times they weren't, at least I've always known that I controlled my own character. I can't even come close to saying the same about Fifa. If I've played it solid for 11 weeks since launch, and I have no idea why I lose or how to improve, or even how to actually enjoy the thing, then that's bad game design.
  4. Pants McSkill

    The random discussion thread

    We should definitely play a draft or two over Christmas.
  5. Pants McSkill

    The random discussion thread

    Who's playing Football Manager this year? I know @MardiganX is, as well as @Tomox cos we can all watch his progress with Concord here:
  6. ...come join usssss... I know what you mean, but they've simplified the interface this time round and made the tactics screen a lot more conducive to building styles of play. I'd be more than happy to show you round it.
  7. Yeah. It's rubbish. Who wants to play Football Manager instead? It's awesome this year.
  8. Saved my usual 30 packs. Opened them during the first hour of the TotGS being in packs - crazy theory that the pack weight would be higher in the first hour. Packed my usual nothing. Well, I got one set of boards - the 84 rated Lyon Gk. But absolutely nothing else, in 30 packs, again. Played a rivals game. Striker refuses to shoot despite being open in front of goal, then from the resulting counter, my CB refuses to lock on to the header, then my GK comes out but refuses to claim the ball. I can't think of another game that just doesn't do what you tell it to do. I think I'm done.
  9. Pants McSkill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    As a Millwall fan, I can't be hating all our rivals with unbridled passion - there's nowhere near enough hours in the day. List of clubs that Millwall have some kind of rivalry with: West Ham Charlton Palace Chelsea Leeds Porstmouth Spurs Gillingham Leyton orient Cardiff Man City QPR Do I hate Leyton Orient? Of course I don't. Do I want Gillingham to cease to exist? Of course I don't.
  10. Well fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ALL Y'ALLS.
  11. I've lost 13 out of 15 since the patch. One draw. Here's the one I won. I don't really know if there's some new meta tactic, but every team I face parks the bus with the front 4 hunting me down like they're on super steroids, then super countering and hammering in shots fro 25 yards. No clue of how to play against it, I have no chance of getting my players to pass it quick enough to not lose it. Honestly not a moan, I'm clearly just terrible at this game. And if I'm still this terrible after 2 solid months, I think I should just take the hint.
  12. Yeah man, first day is usually a good day to sell. I'd get shot quick too, I suspect there's plenty others out there doing similar.
  13. Let's play a game of 'Spot 378k Virgil Van Dyke' in these goals I've conceded. You'd think he'd be in his RCB spot! But think again reader! I guess I'll wait till Thursday to sell him, which was my plan in case I didn't like him. Buy now, sell after rewards, don't lose any coins. Except of course, I'm going to have to take a fucking huge loss aren't I. And I can't really afford to buy Varane and Courtois and rebuild around them without those coins. I should have deleted my club when Steely did.
  14. Yeah... It's more the coins really. It's a hell of a lot of trading. I should! But I'm just not enough of a bastard. I'll use him instead. lol.
  15. @gooner4life For this weekend league - I do. I think Thursday should see some price rises. Whether or not that makes them worth investing in I don't know, as I'm not sure how much they rise. Sunday onwards I'm not sure. Could drop, could stay about the same for a couple of weeks. The pattern over the last couple of years has seen steady prices for two-three weeks until Futmas starts, but the market's different this year. Something that is interesting is I think the rise in popularity of Streaming has an effect. If a couple of Pros use Marcelo (which a couple do), he becomes 'price drop proof' as all the kids want him.

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