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  1. It's probably a while before the next big promo event, which suggests a small rebound... but then there's the player base drop off that occurs from here on out, which would negate that (less people = less people buying cards = less demand = prices drop). Honestly, I'd be surprised if it changed massively either way.
  2. Football Thread 2017/18

    I played in a 5-a-side youth development type game against Bradley Wright Phillips. He was 7, everyone else was 13. He skinned the living fuck out of all of us.
  3. Rated and Value: TOTY Ramos, 97 and 1.3m when I packed him. I bought points in Fifa... 14 I think? Maybe 15. But I usually stop playing FUT by end of January. So I might be doing well to keep me around. However, I swapped to PC on Fifa 17, which despite using the same EA login, and carrying over my EA catalogue coins, reset my FUT date to zero each time. So fuck knows.
  4. Funnily enough I only have time this week to play with it this evening, so it'll be fun seeing how much profit I can make.
  5. Well, I sure am glad I spent an hour and a half yesterday splurging a-million-and-a-half coins on my new team.
  6. Cheers for the suggestions chaps. Gonna go with this, cos it looks well fun, plus it can play both the 4-4-2 and the 4-2-3-1 very easily. IF Pereira has surprisingly good passing, and whack a catalyst on IF De Bruyne and he becomes the greatest winger/outside CAM in the game.
  7. It's good, but has no Ronaldo! Has anyone used 2IF Naldo at CB? He'd fit in pretty well into a lot of these. @Steely - I am tempted to Icon it up in attack, but I do like a F9, and I rely on space on the wings (cos I'm not good enough to play narrow), so they need decent heading and passing. And your Kluivert's are pretty expensive. I'm never quick enough in my build up play to get in behind people - plus everyone I play online seems to go defensive, if not park the bus. So a hold up man for players to move round suits me better.
  8. Alright fellas, help me pick which team I should build! Here's three options based on cards I have plus around 1.4m coins in the bank. I'm happy playing either 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1, but put a ST on False 9 in both formations. Team 1: Team 2: Team 3:
  9. Outstanding breakdown LiMu! It's fascinating, because the question as to 'is it worth it it?' is tough to answer. A lot of packs for us came from the recent daily OTW SBCs, and Marquee Matchups, which I suspect we would have done anyways. I pushed forward and did some League SBCs too which, looking at the above, certainly tip it into 'not worth it' if you're purely judging things on a coin value. But it is an entertainment product, something I do for fun. And this is a much more fun way of playing this game, instead of just opening packs as and when they come. So it's worth it to me, but I can easily see how it wouldn't be worth it to others.
  10. Highlights are: Bets pulls: OTW Batshuayi 2IF Telles IF Ramsey CURTIS MUTHA FUCKIN DAVIES. Best Troll: The mega troll Gameiro popped up fucking again, I hate his half smile bollocks face so much. Also, I pulled Thorgan 'the shit one' Hazard like, 5 times. And two lots of Boards down, Spanish flag, GK position... Casillas can fuck off too. Cash made: I only sold dupes, as I know from experience your transfer pile fills up well quick. And even then I tried to only sell dead weight or sbc-inflated cards - I still have a full 100 players in my transfer list. That lot coupled with discarding dupe balls, stadiums, etc saw me up about 120k on the evening. I noticed a hell of a lot of Eredivsie and Calcio A players coming through, I suspect I'm in a good position to take a run at those for the next time we do this. All-in-all, I think it's well worth it, and way more fun than just opening two or three packs at once. Plus it's well fun listening to everyone else's pulls. And a big shout out to @gooner4life, who essentially acted as a commentator, chipping in with price updates on all our players and expert opinion on where best to play these players in-game. I'll well up for saving packs up again for the next one.
  11. Truncated results of 95 packs below... I missed a couple though as the number don't quite add up:
  12. We are, all partied up. Come friend us up.
  13. After completing this... I've ended up with a total of... 3x DOST INCOMING.
  14. Pants_McSkill. With the suavest profile pic known to man. Add me up! I'm on now, I'm just stuffing dinner in my gob.
  15. P.S. @Steely, you're 3 posts off 10k. Any plans to do a big post?

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