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  1. Last Chance U back as well on Netflix - its actually the better doc as you get total access to see the drama unfold
  2. Picked this back up again and its the sort of game that draws you right in - done half a season in last couple of days. Having got promoted the start of the season was a proper struggle but the game wanted me to tweak the squad - sticking with my method of not paying big transfer fees, but concentrating on bringing youth players thru and supplementing with older higher rated players who you can get very cheaply. When I do have money I tend to put it into the facilities as really helps develop your squad, fitness etc so benefits all the team, whereas as a big signing won't do that. This is my favourite footy management game since Kevin Toms' back on the spectrum.
  3. It has struck me as suspicious all week - shock time trials and mountain stages are often followed by failed test type stories. I’m sure the home crowd will be throwing bags of piss at him too.
  4. Thats every year - we invite teams whose names start with letters other than A then do the table alphabetically
  5. Congratulations on winning the least shit at taking penalties asia cup It’s not a proper trophy held in high regard like the Emirates cup is.
  6. Another landmark passed today - this new dish is the 50th attempted. I'm fairly strict on the count so Korean pork or chicken in same sauce only count as 1 dish, and the sides don't count at all, so its a proper 50 different varieties of main. Nothing grand or special but another recipe from one of my fave sites that spoke to me, a baked spaghetti dish. I did go a bit big on cutting it up so there is probably more portions to be had from this in the future, but once I'd cut in the pan its not the sort of thing you can hack out without bits of pasta flying out. Tastes pretty nice from my samples. https://www.recipetineats.com/baked-spaghetti/ To mark the monumental occasion of 50 types I got a bit inspired (it being cooler also helped) so re-upped on what remains to this day the finest of the lot so far - the epic butter chicken.
  7. 4th Season of NFL All or Nothing just gone up on Amazon - Carolina Panthers. Really like these previously and how much access they seem to get (which can't be said for the Man City season)
  8. Lots of games seem to launch at £10-£15 on here then crop up for 89p - I just took a punt on that 911 operator/despatch game that is down to 89p, and I got for 40p with the points I had. Doesn't have to provide much entertainment to justify that price.
  9. But in further twitter exchanges he said the top games get 'low 10s of millions globally' - its a fascinating exercise in marketing and public perception as the money being paid by people globally to watch football just doesn't match the actual people watching most of it. He suggested a much lower cost team or match based sub could possibly generate loads more income than current deals - but who wants to risk or rock that boat when its the richest league in the world with the top TV deals globally.
  10. This is quite interesting thread about how many people watch live premier league games (and how they do it) both in UK and globally As he states there is something to look into with regard the number of subscribers vs the number of viewers typically, and what that means. My guess is that with so many games shown and so many of those being the smaller teams that drives the average down, and most subscribers are concentrated for a few big teams whose matches get the bigger audiences - but in most territories you have to sub to a monthly package that includes all matches.
  11. there is no such thing as a bargain Mino Raiola transfer
  12. Gotters

    Clash Royale

    Yeah we got room, I’ll just lower the trophies, what level you at @ph0rce ?
  13. I thought it was OK but only watched as had seen the previous shows on this lot. I thought Louis was kind of stuck between 2 positions on this - his faux naive gentle approach is what used it get him in and get people like this to open up, but everbody wised up to that - his new pushier judgy persona just returns the standard bluster and rhetoric from whoever its directed it. It wasn’t as exploitative as I found his other more recent stuff but he kind of feels like a documentary maker from another age now, although I feel weird weekends would still work brilliantly he doesn’t seem to want to return to that genre.
  14. Just looked at their website, The Athletic is an advert free subscription sports reporting service and its $9.99 for a single month or $4.99 a month if you pay up front for a year (and can get 20% off this). It’s hard enough to make free journalism pay at the moment so good luck getting people to pay enough to cover their costs.
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    I thought we'd signed Meghan Rapino
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