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  1. that would depend on what is being sold, sure on the street or in a market he'd be great - but once you get past the few quid mark you need more than a bit of chat and a bosh or two, he's very raw and comes across as thick but happy. that is great as far as it goes, but you don't put huge business contracts into the hands of people like that very often, unless he learns a few new skills and backs up the chat with some deep content, personality is a good start, but it's just a start.
  2. You can see that Thomas has something about him, but suspect he's too naive and enthusiastic, he's got that gambler mentality that won't bother about losing 10 in a row as the next one is gonna be huge. He'll be the sort of person that may make and lose companies/fortunes several times over, unless he falls in with somebody trustworthy who can offset but not hold back his energy and undoubted enthusiasm. It's just nice to see that lack of cynicism on the show as the rest of the shaped eyebrow preening idiots are quite unpleasant.
  3. I got a few of them as freebies and they are nice books, but they say here all of the recipes go up online into their collections. Its a great reference area for recipes in general. https://cookidoo.co.uk/foundation/en-GB/pages/cookbooks I got the blade cover too, seemed useful and only a few quid.
  4. aren't all the xmas recipes up on Cookidoo, I saw loads, or are there more in the book that don't get put online immediately ?
  5. To Dare Is To Mou it'll be in the club shop before the day is out on a commemorative baseball cap.
  6. that's a good shout, he also likes to totally ostracise an older/expensive player or two as well, its like a prison style thing where you have to assert dominance early otherwise the showers aren't a safe place to go.
  7. does look like Poch's plan after the CL final to make things miserable for all and get himself paid off worked - I do think that is a black mark against him, I understand his desire for the huge payoff but its poor behaviour and not something you can ever imagine Wenger or Fergie doing. that said he'll be going to an elite club next where the lifespan is never more than 3 years - think he can join that group of managers who float around Europes top clubs (i.e. the biggest ones in spain, italy, england and PSG & Bayern)
  8. so Spurs have spent the international window trying to get Poch to resign, which he refused to, so Levy binned him and apparently will cost £12m in compensation (plus backroom staff too) hope they've hired the sour bitter joyless Jose and he hasn't managed to reinvent himself with his break.
  9. Emery outlasted Poch, funny old game
  10. is this why City are having a rest year and are letting Liverpool win the league this season - will cost them too much to pick up all the pots they entered into
  11. yeah, its really good. indirect heat, brine and spatchcock the bird to ensure even cooking. More recently moved to a big crown as we all prefer the white meat and even easier to cook evenly. cooks really fast too as no big cavity to heat thru.
  12. was one of the best eps of this in a long time, lots of scenery chewing going on I thought the big reveal was known already or at least strongly hinted at - I'd kind of assumed it for quite a while.
  13. Eurogamer recommended https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-11-15-bubble-bobble-4-friends-review-a-simple-satisfying-revival-of-an-all-time-great
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