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  1. another strong ep but they are definitely hampered by the gaps in filming with Covid - understandable but thats both now where we go from barely finished structure to having moved in and finished. have to admire both of them this week for the graft and effort they put in, especially in the circumstances - they really deserve that lovely place to live for the effort alone. the conservation laws do seem mad in this case, at a push I understand keeping the exterior looking the same in this case (not that it was exactly attractive to start with) but making them spend a for
  2. watched first ep last night and this is pitch black dark, I love it. I can see certain tone comparisons to Back To Life, the bleakness of the off season British seaside is perfect setting for a black comedy. I love the 'space' in all the characters, like Back To Life (and Fleabag) they are quite lightly written in dialogue but you somehow form a view of them very quickly, even the side people like the 2nd coach driver (what a piece of shit) or the old lady on the trip to Dunkirk.
  3. I've seen potatoes pulled out of better looking fields on Inside the Factory than the pitch at Elland Road today.
  4. Rooney is an odd one as you look at his credentials and he's as good as anybody - but if you were offered the choice of him in his pomp or Shearer, Henry even Drogba or Zola and I'd wager most people wouldn't choose him. I suspect the issue is him, when you hear his name you think of unsavoury goings on with elderly ladies of the night, hair transplants, his vile attitude towards referees, Coleen in the tabloids or Wagatha Christie - his name is more synonymous with being almost a reality star than one of the finest to play the game. Definitely shinned it.
  5. Gotters


    in the end good riddance, hopefully we didn't fully pay up his contract and 'loyalty' bonus
  6. My recollection was he made more of a meal of Luis' arm in the judo sweep leg initial move, whilst not a game worthy of any repeat viewing looking at the replay he doesn't really. Based on the power of your arguments and that replay alone I have now totally changed my mind and do not consider Zaha one of the most prolific divers in top flight history and a bad egg. I shall not utter his name again in relation to flinging himself to the ground without being touched or exaggerating falling over to cheat other teams, as he clearly isn't that sort of lad and I've clearly got him wrong.
  7. Tyson Fury has many crimes but giving people the now massively overused 'living in your head rent free' tired old line is one to add to the list. I often talk about diving as I hate it, he therefor gets a mention as no conversation about that is complete without mentioning him as he's the most complete diver the game has seen.
  8. he seems to start the game with the hump from what I can tell. there was one moment of lovely karmic justice where he went down faking being hit in the face and whilst falling really did get a mild clout to the mouth.
  9. I don't think the premier league has seen such a persistent diver that has taken such personal affront at anybody dare breathing in their direction since the young Christiano Ronaldo at Man Utd as Zaha - it's quite hateful to watch and you know why he's doing it, to build a case in the eyes of the official at the 'battering' he's taken all game so when he then chucks himself to the floor in the box he's built a case to get the pen. Dire match, neither side deserved nil.
  10. think I started a thread for Back To Life, it was an excellent downbeat lowkey show. will give this a go too, nabbed all 6 episodes as iplayer on sky box has a habit of dropping stuff quite quickly
  11. Gotters


    I've not seen enough of Balogun to have much of a view, if he was 'that good' he'd have got ahead of Nketiah I'd have thought - so my suspicion is that there is a lot of the usual Arsenal fan panic going on assuming we always give the shit ones long contracts and the good ones leave for free
  12. I'd say their attitude is what makes them the only company now I'd buy a new console from. To expand on that it's their attitude to quality, investment in doing new hardware/software that others don't, releasing finished polished games, finding new gameplay nuance, doing their own thing in general at their own pace. Their attitude to IP is fine by me and its every companies choice how they choose to manage this, sure some could say emulation of old games should be allowed in the public domain but legally it isn't and why should Nintendo, if they don't want to, allow peo
  13. that aint the badge of honour it used to be in the Adams/Bould/Keown/Dixon/Winterburn era.
  14. but you still knew it was you !
  15. in main football thread 'I predict we'll lose, we're so bad, woe is us' 'phew, narrow win by only 3 goals but we were still lousy, well played to your lot though they were better than us' goes to team thread 'wow Bobby is on fire, just so good, we're the bestest ever, it matters more'
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