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  1. Football is notoriously poor historically at judging a player, and the rise of data helps somewhat but still makes it hard to judge potential. I don't think Smith-Rowe set trees alight out on loan but was solid enough and got good experience which when his chance came put him in good stead to take it. Willock appears worth a look but his freak run of scoring in 7 games in a row, often from the bench, doesn't make him automatically good enough. We've seen a lot more of Maitland-Niles and he's always looked a decent lower table player with utility value, but he's not particularly good at anything from what I can see and I'd happily move him on as not sure he'll be good enough for where we want to be. Doesn't he keep crashing his car and turn up late for training too ? Nketiah seems like a player 10y past when the game wanted what he offered, another I don't think fits into a team structure and will only get limited mins in cup games or when injury forces it.
  2. have we not learnt yet there is literally no depth almost any football club will not sink to in order to try and fleece their fans out of a few quid more. it's a rotten and dirty business to the core off the field dressed up in an almost Saville like cloak of charity work, community engagement and knee taking to hide the ugly side.
  3. we getting into a familiar process now in the evening when we see somewhere on a tv show and my other half requests we go for a flyby. last night it was Amsterdam and then the Vegas strip (which looked brilliant with all the hotels well modelled and even having big residency billboards legible).
  4. in the Villa offices this morning a distraught Dean Smith is going to be heard shouting 'no signings I said, signings, not sign Ings.'
  5. Sloppy joe chicken courtesy of chef john, delivers way over the minimal effort and stuff you dump into 1 pot and simmer for ages
  6. NG must surely stand for 'never get' as it will only be available for the first 2 years at double the price on eBay via scalpers.
  7. there was one Polish lady who seemed to have anti gravity boots on and I thought the rope must be heaving her up - her strength to weight ratio must be huge as she looks like she is floating up
  8. A summer international tournament that England went far in followed by the Olympics has helped fill that void where you are forced to watch golf or F1 in desperation and are delighted when Scottish football comes back a week or two early to just have something to put on the tv. I always judge my desperation for the season to start on if I'm willing to endure 10m of a scottish game and so far not been tempted this month.
  9. I have had this a couple of times when resuming a session in the game after closing down the console with it open - quitting and restarting the app from fresh fixed it.
  10. a man is tired of life when giving Granit Xhaka an improved terms long contract and lobbing £50m at Brighton for a defender doesn't excite him for a new season.
  11. Tim Renkow's awfully unPC comedy Jerk is back for a second run of 4 eps (first series is still up too). It's not a particularly easy watch but is quite often very funny and nails things in a way that others just couldn't - at the start of the second series Tim, who has cerebral palsy, is enrolling at uni and informing the other students that he identifies as able bodied. It's the kind of thing iPlayer and BBC3 are made for really. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/aug/02/jerk-series-two-review-still-the-most-outrageously-un-pc-comedy-on-tv
  12. Mourinho always claims he's so good with young players too - surprising that. Remember the scene in Die Hard when the crims can't get into the last lock of the vault and Gruber gives his speech along the lines of 'you asked for miracles, I give you the FBI' Seems La Liga are having that moment with a 10% sale which I'm sure will end up unequally distributed based on some formula to give the big 3 most of the cash, handily getting them out of their current financial pit. https://www.reuters.com/lifestyle/sports/spains-la-liga-agrees-sell-10-stake-cvc-nyt-2021-08-04/
  13. what I've realised with gamepass is how little time I actually spent playing games over the last few years - my 'hobby' had become buying new games and playing the first hour or so of them before moving on. I thought it mattered what those games were but I haven't bought anything on Switch or PS5 since my X series arrived a few months back - I get a constant stream of new things to have a look at and its a good combo of bigger budget flashy stuff and quirky indies. Every now and then something mega will stick like Flight Sim but its just so perfect as a concept for somebody like me who really just wants to see some new software and have a mess about with it.
  14. The normally well connected Fabrizio Romano claiming Chelsea upped their bid for Lukaku to €120m with a long term €12m net per season contract for him, some increase over the £28m the got on selling him to Everton. Not that it's harmed them that much in terms of winning things but has any team ever let such a set of talent as Salah, De Bruyne & Lukaku slip thru their fingers and leave like that.
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