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  1. Gotters

    Edit that Band name

    Depeche Mole Take Shat Nine Inch Snails Stone Noses
  2. if that BMF belt thing is real it devalues all the attempts they've made to make this a serious sport and starts a descent into WWE stupidity within a year they will be having 'loser leaves town' and table matches.
  3. Revisiting another recipe I made quite early on doing this, Serious Eats pressure cooker Texas chilli - the mix of dried chillis in this really gives it a potent and complex kick you can't get from powdered varieties, and I really like the chunky super soft meat which makes it more of a stew than the more conventional mince version I'm used to. I'm in the camp that likes some beans in a chilli too so added some in after it had cooked (they won't survive 30m in a pressure cooker if tinned variety I suspect). My tip on re-hydrating and using dried chillis is to not use the poaching liquid (have seen a couple of places mention this), I find the poaching liquor adds an unpleasant taste - so for this recipe I rehydrate the chillis in water then use them as indicated - I think you can skip this if you get very pliable good quality dried chillis, I'm just mentioning as find it benefits this type of thing a lot to take the extra step. UK online suppliers seem a touch variable in what comes thru, I use spices on the web via Amazon and the latest Anchos they sent me to restock after using my older ones for this are the best smelling and most flexible I've seen. Final tip on this one, the meat seems to act like a sponge on cooling and soaks up a lot of sauce, last time I made I wondered where it had gone. If you're going to batch it up like this I let the chilli cool totally overnight in the fridge before dishing up so I had a good idea how much sauce I had, avoiding future disappointment ! https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/01/print/pressure-cooker-chile-con-carne-texas-red-chili-recipe.html I made up a tomato rice to go with this (fancied some tomato as none in the chilli) - used my rice cooker and added in a tin of topped toms, some garlic and a bit of red onion with salt & pepper.
  4. There were 2 examples on the card of how that elite level wrestling just saps the will from a fighter, I think it's the grinding slower nature of being constricted and repeatedly taken down to the floor where the person being rag dolled has time to actually think about their powerlessness, and then add in that hand and leg control on top, it just messes with their heads after weeks of prep and planning - nobody wants to lose but a KO is somehow easier to take than a slow grinding inevitable defeat that takes several rounds to come. I honestly believe the only way Khabib gets beaten is somebody gets on their bike as @Kingpin said, then manages to starch him early on - which don't quite go together as not many people posses that power off the back foot.
  5. You knew how that was going when he went back to his corner and said ‘I can’t get the fucker off me’
  6. look at his league record in the second half of last season - he's on a long term run of relegation level points per game
  7. Gotters

    Nintendo Switch

    way purer, your turning in pots are perfect or messed up, and its much harder, if not impossible, to correct them without losing time
  8. I think picking Poirier is more a case of backing the outsider to buy a claim of great insight if the shocking comes off - 'well of course it was always obvious his footwork was kryptonite to a sambo style of Soviet wrestling' blah blah. Apart from Jon Jones they all lose eventually in the UFC.
  9. Gotters

    Nintendo Switch

    the power sliding in SNES Mario Kart is a bit of a head scratcher when you're so used to endlessly left/right powering round bends in MK8, it feels so restrictive in comparison to what we're now used to.
  10. the tracks are incredibly inventive in general, you've got the crossover jumpy ones and the then the super fast more out and out race/rallicross style tracks. the one with the big loop the loop in the 6 lap finale with realistic damage on doesn't see many cars finish.
  11. think its been mentioned a few pages back but I'm really enjoying Super Mega Baseball 2 - I had the original on xbox and recall it was a freebie (or that may have been the sequel on PSN) but just feels 'right' on the Switch. looks lovely and think there is quite bit of depth to the game to get to grips with - also was worried about getting bored with a full 9 innings game but can rattle thru them against the CPU.
  12. Gotters

    Nintendo Switch

    back in the old days of totally offline gaming everybody thought they were great at everything cos they could beat their cat and sister, the advent of online leaderboards made us all realise what our true level was, and it wasn't pretty for most.
  13. Gotters

    Nintendo Switch

    I could hardly return the ball in super tennis, I used to be good at it. Still bullseyed the first couple of Pilotwings parachute landings though - just playing it made me happy but sad, its crying out for nice bright 60fps HD new game on the switch.
  14. It took a while to adjust to the new school and coach but it really pays off, especially in the second season which is probably the most dramatic of the lot.
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