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  1. even worse they get assessed on every game, if they don't apply the laws 'properly' as currently interpreted/written they get marked down and don't get the subsequent big games
  2. sat in their lounge today wearing this sort of shit.
  3. Ludicrous but hilarious pen. The new laws are making an utter mockery of the concept of handball
  4. Reyes looked so small compared to Blachowicz - think this is a start of an era of the belt changing hands a bit at LH after the Jones reign. So smart from Adesanya, really considered in the first picking apart Costa, he wasn't in his shell just being defensive but was choosing his best shots at will whilst not exposing himself to the power of Costa. By the end Costa was opened mouth looking gassed with a buggered leg and looked bereft of having a clue what to do. Nice to see a (likely) PED fuelled bully boy wrecking machine get schooled like that.
  5. Don't get the time added complaints ? Minimum of 5 mins of added time (people always forget that word minimum. Brighton scored and restarts always add 30s, ref blew for FT but everything after that was non playing time whilst VAR reviewed, pen taken then peep peep its FT. Nothing controversial, sure it sucks for Brighton and they deserved a lot more but it all played out how it should from the ref (I mean by the laws, not giving utd a late spawny pen)
  6. It ended until the ref was told about a VAR review and asked to take another look at the handball - VAR means the final whistle never went and game was still active.
  7. oh dear, they're going to get a pen after the final whistle aren't they
  8. you really think that was a pen, the brighton forward tugged at Pogba and cut across him again forcing unavoidable contact (unless Pogba stopped and let him have a free shot), Pogba is under no obligation to get out of his way, what merits a penalty in that ? can't believe I'm defending Utd here, if I start ever justifying a decision going Liverpool's way can somebody arrange a mercy ban for me please.
  9. totally agree, another cheating forward
  10. thats another soft one, VAR should get ref to take another look if its given he'll have to give Utd 3 now.
  11. https://www.football365.com/news/man-utd-22-penalties-totally-objective-analysis
  12. I think its one of my football old git tendencies but I have a pretty high bar for what should be necessary to get a free shot from 12y out - I know the rules are any direct free kick in the pen area is a penalty but in this case Lamptey was running in and went across Fernandes to force a contact and give the ref a call to make, that doesn't seem worthy of a goal, even if it is against Utd who will gladly take the 2 pens they are bound to get for less later in the match.
  13. somebodies O has got to go, but in this case meaning one of them may get a win eventually.
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