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  1. Spurs' plan here, which isn't daft, is let Arsenal have the ball the whole second half as they'll never score and wait for them to inevitably gift a soft goal to them for no effort.
  2. There is no big fixture in the PL that delivers as consistently as this one.
  3. Love Instant Hotel, it's more than just the bog standard homes/4 in a bed because of the settings and the characters. Don't mind Amanda Holden's mum as 1 judge but didn't like Lawrence Lewellin Bowen being added for season 2, he's always been a dick.
  4. i jump straight into the recording for the fights and ffwd thru all the bits in-between, but the whole area outside the octagon was pitch dark so it could have been the UFC institute just as easily as the much trumpeted 'fight island'
  5. thats why I posed it as a question @spork, I really don't know what to make of teams form in general in this restart. its a decent looking group of talent that I suspect is enjoying the restart pace and lack of atmosphere somewhat. it appears that creatively things are definitely moving in the right direction, but again that's hard to judge as the block/press you mention Utd struggling with previously is less prevalent with teams finding their fitness again after lockdown. still I'd be content right now as a Utd fan, first team ever to win 4 in a row in the PL by a margin of 3 of more and more money than most to reinforce in what is likely to be a depressed transfer market - couple of good robust signings and you could be back
  6. as a concept fight island sounds cool and looks good in the day, for the main event itself though it could be taking place anywhere - but suspect the point of being there is the big site being paid by the hosts. card was OK but no real fireworks delivered
  7. I can’t work out if Utd post lockdown are the real deal coming together (which based on results alone I’d suspect) or just flat track bullies beating up lesser teams in games played at testimonial pace with no nasty crowds shouting at them. Even Pogba is confused about it as fancies staying, though that could be his agents phone not exactly ringing off the hook with £250k a week offers.
  8. good idea, if the cringe inducing insincere ‘guard of honour’ is now a thing for the winners then the relegated should do a walk of shame with the opponents ringing bells and shouting ‘shame’ at them, Cersei from GoT style.
  9. not seen yet but he was on the Dan Carlin Hardcore History podcast talking about this - he was clearly into the source material and took a careful approach to making it. I wasn't that interested in it until I heard the interview.
  10. Ooh, a link on Eurogamer. We must be prepared for hundreds of new members signing up and try not to challenge them all as to whose alt they are and then try to test them with questions about saveloys and the history of the labour party
  11. I suspected they were off the list as you have to have players in the opponents penalty box to actually get pens (unless you are Man Utd)
  12. So what we can learn from this list is being Man Utd helps, having a rat diver helps (Vardy, Saha, Hazard, Sterling, Salah), being Wolves or Arsenal doesn't help. The exception to this flawless logic is Spurs, who are full of divers but seem to not get the pens in the league.
  13. Sage Pizzaiolo ovens now for sale in the UK - having watched every video going on the Breville US version I was quite sold but said I'd carefully consider it before buying. It came in stock today and I've ordered one. Man maths came into play promising myself I'd never order delivery again and it will pay for itself in no time. It's saving money not spending it really.
  14. there is far too much shit, its getting like the old xbox live indie store where games were sold for 80 points. there is the £2 at launch shit, then the sneaky £10 at launch so it can be sold for 90p a few weeks later with a big '90% off sale' banner.
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