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  1. robotattack

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    I'm 95.6% sure it was
  2. robotattack

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Stolen from Reddit.
  3. robotattack


    'He was just broken, tired' - Keith Flint's mate speaks of his torment https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=12209571 Russian gig in 97 Can be downloaded from https://cloud.mail.ru/public/3aeC/GQwWgqrfk
  4. robotattack

    Sonic The Hedgehog (Live Action) Nov 2019

    Why is he so fucking hairy? Even his face and hands! Edit: And the insides of his ears!
  5. robotattack

    PlayStation Classic

    Possibly £20 with a 1 month SIM. More likely to be at least £40. Probably not worth the hassle. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/ee-sim-deal-with-4gb-data-unlimited-mins-texts-free-playstation-classic-20-for-1-month-contract-fonehouse-3176517
  6. It would be a guaranteed hit if Bob Hoskins were alive to play Slimer.
  7. robotattack

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

  8. Well, I wasn't trying to insinuate that someone who hated it for the idea of it was the same as someone that had watched it and didn't like it.
  9. Of course, but some people (men) were disgusted by the idea of it when it was first announced that it was going to have a female-led cast, and that was before any names other than Paul Freig's were attached to it. It could have been the best film committed to celluloid (or digital storage, I suppose) but they'd already decided they were going to hate it.
  10. The one with the wimmin in that made some men as furious as they are about a Gillette advert.
  11. robotattack

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    PC Zone. He started off drawing cartoons for CEX (who he was working for) to use in their adverts, PC Zone asked him if he wanted to draw some cartoons for them and he ended up writing reviews for them. Edit: These types of adverts.
  12. robotattack

    Say what you see - a videogame picture quiz

    Metal Gear Solid
  13. PJ's moves look a bit Frank Sidebottom there

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