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  1. Myself and @Mr Majestyk in the Aston like the idea of a longer race too
  2. i would like unexpected rain during a race - like how it can be at Spa
  3. I didnt notice any issues during either race last night - and my rig is pants! Had maybe 1 freeze up when someone joined during practice, but thats all.
  4. Im up for a race, but my SA rating is only 60
  5. Is the server offline? Never mind, being daft
  6. Was having a read through the ACC Server Admin Handbook- Would it be a idea to use the "/ballast" option - give the faster drivers more ballast, to maybe give us slow folk more of a chance
  7. Nah, this is a one off week, as im doing an SFA course on Zoom until about half 8. Once things are back to normal, would be football coaching till 8pm on Thursdays, but im crap at Quali anyways
  8. wont make the race this week if it starts at 20:15 - could just about make it if it were 20:30
  9. Nabbed the steam version as well
  10. myself and @Mr Majestyk both now own the DLC
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