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  1. That's what I'm finding. As well as the book, I'd listen to the radio version and watch the film of first book. While I enjoyed reading the two sequels, it's all very fuzzy memories.
  2. Technically Miles could have caught up with Peter by 5 yrs, even if they don't do multiverse stuff. Not sure how well the young-young dynamic works. Or young-younger and Peter having to be the older mentor even though he's still a kid himself.
  3. Nice that they get to choose a conclusion. It'd quite happily have 10+ seasons though. And spin off mini series. And one off specials.
  4. The behind the scenes roundtables really suggested to me that Filoni's a compass of 'good Stars Wars' for the show (not to take anything away from anyone else, including Faveau).
  5. "Do you like elephants and trains?" Why, yes! Yes, I do like elephants and trains. But it's sold out.
  6. Is he defeated by the fluffy side of some giant velcro?
  7. I have all three Witcher titles. I like the first one for about 7 hrs before it became annoying. I played the 2nd for less that that and it became annoying. I didn't play much of 3 before it got on my tits. I like the setting and stories. The combat leaves me utterly cold. I'll probably revisit 3 when they do the next gen patch if there's an easy mode that makes enemies explode when I drink a potion.
  8. Really enjoyed this for the reasons others have stated. Also, I love watching people think on screen and this does that very well.
  9. Watching the scene where not Burnham chose to stay on the seed ship, I couldn't help think that there was a subtext of "thank Christ, I'm out of this contract". "I'm stuck being Burnham for at least another year. Heeelp meeee."
  10. It's worth pointing out that when he's collected at the end
  11. I thought she was fine. /Shrug The side quest characters do sound like the dev team doing their silliest voices. The crazy cat lady voice! I find it somehow quite charming. Videogames have a rich history of awful VO.
  12. I don't really have time for this atm but thought I'd have a poot around with it on the 12.99 Ubisoft+ thingy. Already feels moorish and I can feel my subconscious gnawing at me, conniving ways to make time to play.
  13. I'd check the order your account screen. They normally expect refunds returned within X days or they'll charge you.
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