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  1. I don't know what Serkis is like as a director. The effects in Mowgli were so uncanny and awful we turned it off almost immediately.
  2. So I'm curious, but not curious enough to sub to NowTV and watch this, does the show actually feature any intergalactic travel?
  3. That's like the ACII's example isn't it? That sequence is aimed at the the player character, not the actual player.
  4. The film suffered from some of the worst effects in a Marvel film. The big fight in a field and the monorail fight are just crap. A real shame when the two fights for the crown fights are good. And the bar fight. The next one hopefully won't suffer from being sandwiched between two Avengers films.
  5. Really enjoyed this. The o ring problem was annoying But it isn't our timeline so who knows what happened in its development.
  6. It's a new podcast, they're doing the seasons again.
  7. Shrink your browser window. Better res won't come in until they move from Xbone to XSX chips. The One can only do 720p streaming. It was due around now, but chip shortages and all that, wouldn't be surprised if it happens later.
  8. Jesus. Isn't trolling Snyder threads doing it for you these days?
  9. Starfield's probably out this year, so pretty much a given they'll show it off. ES6 is too far out unless they go with another teaser.
  10. It's something else that's causing that. It's usually fine on my 75Mb connection, even with the kids streaming other stuff.
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