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  1. I realise that I've totally mixed up Spektre and Skyfall as the only bits I remember between the two films are some nice shots with a video wall backdrop and a moody Scottish house.
  2. The Bond producers are always angling for an Oscar by the sounds of it. They were going to use Radiohead's Man of War on Spectre until they realised it wasn't an original track so ineligible. They then rejected Spectre for reasons best know to themselves, because it's a cracking track. Probably because having more than one thing about the film that wasn't total bobbins was probably too much for them, and they already had Roger Deakins awesome cinematography.
  3. I fell asleep during episode 4. I didn't think I was that tired. My bordom threshold seems to lower with age.
  4. If they haven't found a way to avoid stupid eye makeup I'll be mildly annoyed.
  5. Finally got round to watching this. The first couple of episodes were interesting enough but didn't really grab me. After that it really picked up. It seems really happy to not take the easy option with character dilemmas, especially in the later episodes. Some properly gut wrenching stuff. Season 2 is a must watch for me. Hoping it doesn't lose too much charm as history deviates more.
  6. Can't decide if this deserved the VFX Oscar for the fantastic burning church or if the win is a disgrace because of the crappy bridge shot.
  7. It's a risible adaptation. Ursula Le Guin + Ghibli. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Still, it's awesome next to Syfy's cruddy effort.
  8. That's a fair point. Sony need to do PSNow+. And make it good.
  9. PS+ competes with Gold and they do ok their? It's PSNow where they need to pull their socks up.
  10. Excellent news on Rami. If Strange isn't flung backwards through a wood, attacked by his own hand or fluffs reading lines from an ancient book I'll be slightly disappointed.
  11. I'm still fond of this. Bet Gaius Helen Mohiam loves a bit of Rez.
  12. Have you seem how much they cost? That doesn't make sense. They could put the new generation of Samsung NVMe SSDs in a cartridge, add on console peripheral bitch tax and it will still be cheaper.
  13. The lyrics are bad in typical Adele fashion. Let the sky fall When it crumb baaaalls...
  14. The councillors position was really there to fix people's problems by fucking them happy. Troi's role was toned down a bit for TV, leaving her looking a bit pointless. Roddenbury, you old perv!
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