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  1. Football Kits 2017/18

    Unlikely they'll be in PES, but my first thought was Airdrie - you literally wouldn't have to change a thing!
  2. Twin Peaks

  3. Football Kits 2017/18

    As an Ipswich fan, that one in particular has a special place in my heart...
  4. Clash Royale

    Thank you - join request sent in game.
  5. Clash Royale

    Thank you! In game name is same as here: SomethingWitty
  6. Clash Royale

    OK - no sweat. If a space does come up, I'd love to join, but can happily pootle along in ugvm until that happens. Cheers.
  7. Clash Royale

    No, not me - never properly played WoW and am a relative (i.e. about 8 years) newcomer to rllmuk. Have been around on usenet in the ugv* groups for decades, though so you may have seen me around from there. That, or my perennial nemesis who gets the SomethingWitty tag before me in about half of everything I sign up for was here first!
  8. Clash Royale

    There goes about my only reason for remaining in ugvm (apart from sentimental attachment based on the usenet group) Pretty much dead in terms of donations now, with most of my cards received recently having come from you. If another spare slot becomes available in the rllmuk clan, I'd be interested in coming across too. Still playing daily and am pretty active in terms of card requests/donations.
  9. Football Kits 2017/18

    Bog-standard adidas. An improvement on last year's mess, but nothing to get too excited about.
  10. Hearthstone

    57 packs, all from freebies or bought with saved up gold. Two legendaries - both the Mage ones, so I guess I know what I'll mostly be playing to start with. Had one game this morning and managed to complete the quest, but had lethal in doing so, so didn't get to play the reward. Got about 8000 dust to spend, so I'm going to be going on a crafting spree over the weekend. Haven't followed the reveals that closely so don't know yet what I should be aiming for. All suggestions welcome...
  11. Hearthstone

    I'm afraid I'm still struggling. Say I currently have non-gold Rag. I craft golden Rag which costs 3200 dust. Do I receive 3200 'free' dust back for the golden *and* have the option to dust one or both of the cards for further dust? Or will scrapping them after the nerf net NO dust, as they've already paid out the 'free' 3200? Just trying to work out if I can get something for nothing. I definitely want to end up left with one copy still at the end of it (don't care whether golden or not).
  12. Games with Gold - March 2017

    Yup. From about a week or so ago. Annoying.
  13. Oh, please, let this happen. Please.
  14. Hearthstone

    All of you sick with the current meta: have you tried playing Wild? There's still a fair number of Pirate Warriors and Jade Golem decks, but nowhere near the epidemic that there is in Standard. I've been having a blast, reviving a couple of old favourites (Secret Mage and Reincarnate Shaman) tweaked with some of the newer cards, and I'm appreciating the greater variety of decks I'm facing, and cards I'd forgotten about. I don't think I've played Standard since early November, in fact. Worth a try if you're feeling a bit jaded, I'd suggest.
  15. Twin Peaks

    I think there's recently been a second issue of it with slightly less plush packaging, which may account for the price differences on Amazon. The original had a two layer cardboard sleeve with the ripped effect whereas the newer release has a straight plastic sleeve. In fact, according to this: http://dugpa.com/faq/ ...the reissue is missing one disc of extras.

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