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  1. They’re releasing a new album next Friday (29/1). No, not Van Weezer finally coming out (they confirmed that’s still due on May the 7th), but have decided to sneak out OK Human prior to that.
  2. For me it was only the second film I’d seen at the cinema in nine months when I used to go almost every week, so would have been at least vaguely thrilled by almost anything.
  3. Could be that they were the only American shows allowed to be screened in her country or something. I remember Norman Wisdom was an absolute superstar in Albania because his films were the only Western movies allowed to be shown in the country until the fall of communism.
  4. Although, especially with the ten pointers, I can see an equally valid argument for saying that someone declaring it their album of the year is better than two people saying it’s their sixth best.
  5. Well, about 2/3 of the drivers already live there... just ship the cars in fully fuelled and rope the local garages in for the pit stops.
  6. Worked out that after next season kicks off there’ll then be six drivers who have raced against both Michael Schumacher and his son. Michael was 30 when Mick was born, and the latter is entering the sport at 21, so it’s not even down to a young parent and the kid getting a drive when barely out of nappies.
  7. Personally I’d prefer they be moved forward or back at least four or five hours. Anything early afternoon pretty much rules out being able to have any sort of day out as well as watching the race.
  8. Thanks! It’s the one vote 10 pointers that intrigue me most; 27 people (including myself) with a personal album of the year that no one else thought was worthy of a top ten placing.
  9. See also numerous concert venues all over the country (if not world), as what was built decades ago as a club in the middle of a warehouse/light industrial district now finds itself getting told “This is a residential ara and we’re getting complaints about the punters making too much noise as they leave. Any more of that and we’re closing you down”.
  10. There was the “they’re obviously going to find him and then he’s going to help and be awesome” film, then the “oh ok, but he’s obviously going to be convinced to help and be awesome at some point; this is a movie after all” film. Just then they added the “twist” where he melted for some reason.
  11. Yeah. It went “Finally! After two entire films of teasing us about it, Luke’s back! The next movie is going to be awes... oh, wait, he just died for no apparent reason?”.
  12. Yeah, I can see from last.fm that I listened to it three times in two days and then completely forgot about it. Didn’t even remember existed when considering my list!
  13. I think it was The Weakest Link where I once saw “In which World War blah blah blah?”, “Pass”
  14. I remember it being said they tried the latter with Carrie Fisher, but ageing changes the face shape so much that it doesn’t help at all in creating a 20 year old version of someone.
  15. I seem to remember it being very bass heavy at the cinema, so perhaps that actually worlds in favour of people watching at home in terms of audio clarity.
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