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  1. I can’t get on with anything not written in “standard English”, which means I abandoned both A Clockwork Orange and Trainspotting after a few pages. I’m alright if just the speech is highly stylised, but seem to remember they’re both first person narrated with every single single word in that Clockwork Orange style/phonetic Scottish accent respectively. There was also one Chuck Palahniuk book I swiftly abandoned too, because it was done as an oral history, mimicking annoying speech patterns in what are apparently straight transcripts of recorded interviews, something like “Yeah so like
  2. Could well be. The only way he’s going to win a title is to keep that seat until Hamilton retires and hope Mercedes deliver another unbeatable car that year, so it makes no sense to not play the team game unless he knows he’s already out.
  3. They didn’t really show it, but I assumed Mazepin held Hamilton up to the extent Mercedes were no longer confident of coming out in front.
  4. Just have to hope Bottas hasn’t flipped and refuses to let him past.
  5. One of those tracks where pole seems to be on the wrong side; if they’d been the other way round Hamilton would have kept first, as the car on the left needs to be about one and a half car lengths clear to come out of the corner in first place.
  6. Take my previous statement back then!
  7. Bad move by Mercedes. That just transferred the point from Perez to Verstappen, which is far more likely to be of importance in the drivers championship.
  8. Qualy should be tight. There’d only be a 20th of a second between Max and Lewis in P3 if they’d both strung all their best sectors together in the same lap (with Bottas and Perez both about .400 behind them on the same basis).
  9. MrPogo

    Lykke Li

    I’ll check it out later. Haven’t heard anything since the debut and basically forgot she existed!
  10. Because I choose to believe it’s not all the car and I do stand a chance
  11. It’s exhausting keeping up with all the various outrages Hamilton apparently manages to commit with everything he does. He posted an Instagram video of his first time playing a guitar David Bowie gave him. His crimes are that he’s waited so long to play it rather than immediately, that he’s playing it at all rather than just preserving it, that’s he’s “showing off” about it, that he didn’t publically acknowledge it sooner, that he hasn’t given it to someone more deserving and that’s he’s insulting the sport by playing the guitar instead of “concentrating on his job”, although he’s also ac
  12. More or less my thoughts. I’d pay it (begrudgingly) for the next Elder Scrolls or Fallout game as unless they totally fuck them up somehow I’m going to be putting 100 hours plus into them, but I wouldn’t go that high with anything else. I might have included Forza Horizon in that list before 4, but I didn’t really click with that one (don’t like that continuous removal of structure in the series; the “you can do any race in any car at any time” of the latest one made it boring for me) so it’s a no at that price for future purchases!
  13. I don’t have a good enough memory about films to have ever noticed a difference between a normal and directors cut, so am going to watch this just because I’m bound to finally spot something which I’m absolutely sure wasn’t in the original version.
  14. My take was Russel moved to avoid where Bottas would have been if he’d stayed on the same trajectory for another half a second instead of moving back to the left (a trajectory he was still on when Russel drew alongside), so you can’t blame Russel for the evasive action he took, but as Bottas didn’t actually stay on that trajectory you can’t blame him either.
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