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  1. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    So they launch with the best looking car on the grid, then a few days later decide to have a complete redesign into something boring?
  2. MrPogo

    First film seen at the cinema

    I'm sure it was the original Transformers cartoon movie, but having just wondered how it did at the box office I now can't find any trace of it getting a cinema release outside the US (and it was definitely the UK where I saw it. Or possibly something else ).
  3. MrPogo

    NBCUniversal to enter streaming wars

    I was under the impression (from somewhere) that steaming revenue more than made up for the resulting decline in sales - so the big labels are doing fine out of it - but the cash is getting spread much more thinly amongst many more artists because the average punter is listening to 200 acts a year on Spotify instead of buying five albums (or whatever the vague figures I probably dreamt are ).
  4. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Day 34: Still no sighting. Does the beast really exist? I’m starting to doubt it. But I yearn to believe the rumours.
  5. MrPogo

    Do you cheat on games?

    I never really used them much apart from “extra money” or equivalent cheats, mainly on games with some sort of world building element (like I find it much more enjoyable to build a massive mansion on the Sims and play as a millionaire than I do starting at the bottom). I think the last one I used was the clone items exploit in Oblivion though, and restricted that solely to making more of the best type of arrows. That’s unless you’re going to count looking up solutions to puzzles or using guides etc, which some people are, in which case I do quite often.
  6. MrPogo

    Do people still use DVDs?

    I tend to find there’s always plenty worth watching on Netflix, but they’ve never got anything I specifically want to see if I search for it. As such I’m reluctant to get rid of any DVD I may ever want to watch again, and still find the quality of them more than acceptable.
  7. MrPogo

    Measuring and defining "value for money"

    I do sometimes work out the cost per hour if the save file makes it obvious (mainly wondering if I got better value out of 110 hours from Fallout 4 or 26 hours on the much cheaper Stardew Valley etc), and suppose I consider “I spent more time playing it than working to buy it” to be the break even point, but it’s not something I consider the potential of when making a purchase.
  8. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah. I just need a Cubone to get onto the final stage, but getting past that any time soon looks to be a no-goer. I was stuck on the "Battle In Ten Raids" bit for about three weeks because I see them so rarely out in the sticks, and that put me way behind schedule!
  9. MrPogo

    Doctor Who

    I’d probably say it was brilliant as long as you don’t think about it, as everyone’s actions then rapidly stop making any sense
  10. MrPogo

    Smashing Pumpkins

    Chart wise it’s continued the downward trend (54 in the US. The previous album was 33, the first time they’d charted outside the top 10 since the debut), but with streams and sales and whatnot I don’t know what that really means. They still seem to be selling loads of concert tickets at high prices, which is where the money is these days.
  11. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    With Kimi out It’s now on between Max and Bottas for 3rd in the drivers championship. Bottas needs to be 3rd or higher and Max needs 2nd with Bottas in 4th or or lower.
  12. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Oh joy, another “catch a Ditto” task. That took about three months last time
  13. MrPogo

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Might get to go to the Chinese GP next year! Will be my first actual race (only been to testing at Silverstone before!).
  14. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Nice! I keep meaning to ask if they’re ever at times people with jobs can go along. I think I’ve had three invites now, but they’ve all been in the middle of a week day.

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