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  1. One thing I like about booking online for Vue is they tell you the exact time the film finishes on the payment confirmation screen, so you can then use the runtime to workout exactly when it’s going start - instead of being stuck with the usual “Listed as 8pm, which means it could be anything from 8:15 to 8:40 depending on how many advert they’ve managed to get” - and can plan the final pre-show wee accordingly.
  2. That’s an element I hate about a lot of genre movies in recent years (super hero ones are often bad for it). It’s really rare to just see a movie with the characters and their organisation fully established and just doing their thing against an enemy with a focussed goal. It usually seems to jump straight from Origin Story movie to some sort of crisis where either the characters are doubting themselves or their teammates, or they (either individually or an organisation) have been set up and had to go rogue because the bad guy has a personal vendetta of some kind instead of just being out to commit dastardly deeds for their own gain which the good guys are trying to stop.
  3. I think lewis is ending his career at Mercedes unless the 21 Merc is a real stinker whilst someone like McLaren manages to put together a top car and he jumps ship to them. Ferrari and Red Bull already have young guns who are there or thereabouts in relation to him, and both like to have a clear number one driver, so I don’t think Ferrari will actually want him unless Charles really goes off the boil. They’ll be wanting to replace Vettel with more of a Bottas figure.
  4. One of the times DRS seems a bit shit, as if it was all about skill in the corners the battle would still be going on.
  5. for me peak Bottas is better than peak Rosberg, but peak Bottas is a very rare beast and average day Bottas is way worse than average day Rosberg, who was still close enough to Hamilton to take advantage of his bad days. That might make some sort of sense to someone!
  6. They essentially had to decide which driver to fuck over, and it was fair enough to give the race to the one who grabbed first place at the start.
  7. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Has this started crashing constantly for anyone else on the iPhone? Does it all the bloody time since whatever updated last out of iOS or the Pokemon Go app had its latest update on my iPhone 7.
  8. I don’t think I remember anyone ever getting into trouble for keeping the lead by cutting a corner. Maybe it wasn’t discussed because it’s kind of an unspoken rule
  9. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    Finally seen a Whismur Except it turned into a Ditto
  10. MrPogo


    Yeah. I was all ready to rush out and buy a regular CD (which I’m sure I saw available to pre-order, but I guess that was the retailers making the same assumption as me). I suppose they think people fall into the categories of either “super hardcore fans who’ll pay £80” and “only interested in digital”, making the production of a £10 cd a waste of time :s
  11. MrPogo


    It’s got an rrp of $49.99 in the us and many places are selling it cheaper. No fucking way am I buying it then.
  12. MrPogo


    Is there a regular CD version of this? I’m only seeing the £80 version in most places :s I’m not sure if I can justify that, but don’t like spending more than a fiver on a download!
  13. I suppose if you can helicopter away from Silverstone to where your private jet is parked the commute is under two hours!
  14. MrPogo

    Pokemon Go

    I just came in to have a moan about how frustrating the game is when you get out of sync with how fast they think you should get the special research done. I was a day late getting to the Whismurs, and am expecting to next be stuck on something like “Catch three Totodiles” for six months when they return to their normal spawn rate in a few days.
  15. Plenty of stuff seems to get swiftly cancelled with that sort of return on a budget that big (like the last attempt at a Terminator franchise; $40m more at the box office than Alita off a $10m smaller budget - perhaps they’re more interested in return per dollar spent than the raw total?), so I guess we’re in “no news is good news” territory at the minute.
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