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  1. tcharliel

    The Kickstarter Group Thread

    I've just backed this nice looking battle map book:
  2. tcharliel

    The random discussion thread

    I'll probably be getting BF5 when it comes out as I enjoyed the beta. I would get COD for blackout but then there's Red Dead coming up, and I've still got Spider-Man to finish and the Destiny expansions I'm working through. Fuck me there's just too many games these days.
  3. tcharliel

    The random discussion thread

    I've pre-ordered it.
  4. tcharliel

    Fifa official UK esports

    If it was ISSpro'98 I'd clean up. Give me Cameroon with Patrick Mboma upfront and I was unstoppable.
  5. tcharliel

    rllmuk FC

    It seems much the same as 18 to me just a tad slower. Still as frustrating when you tackle someone and the ball just knocks straight back to them but hey ho. At least it's nice to be playing with the old crowd again.
  6. tcharliel

    CHAS from Chas N Dave has passed away :(

    I'm not really a fan of Chas n Dave but this is probably their best:
  7. tcharliel

    FIFA 19

    How many people have we got signed up now then? How about a BAP league of 6 teams with around 5 players per team. Teams have to play with a AI controlled ANY so as to level the playing field somewhat. Does that work?
  8. tcharliel

    FIFA 19

    I'll get it on disk.
  9. Yeah I'm up for jumping back in.
  10. tcharliel

    FIFA 19

    See this is not my experience at all. The defending on pro clubs has not changed and the standing tackle is next to useless. Where's the fun in auto-defending? I used to actively enjoy challenging and tackling on previous versions but on this one it all feels so unresponsive and random. Maybe it's just me.
  11. tcharliel

    FIFA 19

    Disappointing. It doesn't look like 19 will address the defending issue so I'm probably out this year. I'll give the demo a try but don't hold much hope. I seriously don't understand how the defending hasn't been brought up as a major issue for players. You spend half a match defending and in this iteration it's so unintuitive and frustrating. Is the FIFA community generally satisfied with it?
  12. tcharliel

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    Anyone played Bolt Action? That's a fun system and would fit 40k perfectly.
  13. tcharliel

    Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread

    About 30 years of collecting figures and an infuriating hoarding mentality.

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