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  1. The cards integration with Astrobot is an absolute triumph. I used them to hint at where all the collectables were that I had missed. Truly seamless, fantastically efficient integration.
  2. Being able to launch right into a save game via the activity cards in seconds is astounding. One change I'd probably make is to make launching into your current save the default action, instead of launching to the game's title screen.
  3. Am I right in saying that the only way to put this in rest mode is to press the PS button, navigate to the power menu in that wee sub-menu at the bottom of the screen, then select rest mode? I miss the quick menu the PS4 had from a long press on the PS button. Although thinking about it, it's technically less button presses to get there with PS5. I suppose it's just a case of muscle memory making it seem easier by comparison.
  4. The cards system on the PS5 was amazing for helping to get misses pickups. My three favourite nods to PlayStation history:
  5. Deadpool 3 confirmed. R rated. Not sure if it'll be MCU, but if there's one character that could jump from the Fox universe to the MCU unchanged, and still make sense, it's Deadpool. https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/mavel-studios-r-rated-deadpool-3/
  6. During setup it didn't give me the option to transfer data from my PS4 :-( I had a network cable connected between the two before I turned the ps5 on.
  7. Cheers, I've hidden it. The post accomplished nothing apart from displaying how stupid I get when I'm excited.
  8. 3 stops away. The delivery man is in the next street over. Would it be weird to go run to him?
  9. My PS5 left the Amazon store 10 minutes away from me at 11:26 last night, spent the night in Edinburgh, and has now been checked into my local post office at 4:26 a.m! How are people seeing timeslots with Amazon? The website isn't giving any information like that out.
  10. Haven't had the mail yet, but Amazon is showing that my PS5 has dispatched!
  11. If you're my next door neighbour, shut your fucking garden fence, it's making a bloody racket in this wind.
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