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  1. mansizerooster

    Darkest Dungeon 2

    I could never manage to get enough guys levelled up enough to hit the final dungeon, however I put an unholy amount of hours into the first game. Loved the atmosphere. Was great for playing on Vita. There's an easy setting now, isn't there? I might start a new game on that. Also, anyone who enjoys the vibe of HP Lovecraft but can't bring themselves to actually read his stuff, watch the first games intro, its basically a Cliff's Notes on 90% of his stuff. One of the best game intros I've ever seen.
  2. mansizerooster

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    I bloody hate constant drip-feeding of tutorial messages that pause gameplay. Just have functionality explained in-game, or have a separate tutorial mode outwith the main game for explanation of stuff.
  3. 11. Avengers: Age of Ultron: A film so busy with subplots and running at such a speed that it borders on incoherence. A lot of half-baked and poorly concluded threads. I remember coming out of the cinema having watched it for the first time, and not being sure that I understood what I'd seen. Repeat viewings can alleviate these issues though. Regardless, excellent action and contains my personal favourite Stan Lee cameo. 7/10
  4. mansizerooster

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    The last scene of the last episode was 100% Punisher. Was a bit of a slog getting there but was a fantastic ending note.
  5. mansizerooster

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    Getting negged for liking a videogame on a videogames forum. Jesus wept.
  6. mansizerooster

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    Done understand why OP is getting negs. It's a legitimately good topic.
  7. Just bought tickets for opening night. £24 for two tickets. Odeon are a shower of price-gouging cunts.
  8. 10. Guardians of the Galaxy: I hadn't seen this in a good long while, and my god did it absolutely shine on this re-watch. With characterisation chops that are the envy of every other MCU director, James Gunn confidently puts forward a film that up until this point was rivalled only by Avengers Assemble in terms of fun and excitement. The MCU enters the cosmic realm in dazzling fashion. 9/10
  9. mansizerooster

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    So they're not done with post yet? Cutting it awfully close.
  10. mansizerooster

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    Jesus tap-dancing baby Christ, am I excited for this film. We all know that the end of Captain Marvel will hype the absolute fuck out of this film, yeah? The month's wait between the two will be unbearable. I don't think Stark will be in space for very long at all, I think he'll get back maybe 20 minutes in, by which time Ant Man will have arrived with his time machine van and the adventure proper will begin.
  11. I'm not denying that it wasn't down-played and moved away from in subsequent films, the point I was trying to make is that Winter Soldier set up the potential for a romance to blossom between Cap and Natasha. It ended up not happening but personally I thought it would have made more sense than Natasha suddenly being sweet on Banner out of nowhere in Ultron.
  12. mansizerooster

    Fight Club is 20 years old

    Watching this now. So far as I can see, the only thing that dates it is the characters using land-lines and smoking indoors. Does anyone else think it has dated at all?
  13. 9. Captain America: Winter Soldier: The Russo Brother's MCU debut, and what a drastic uptick in quality. One of the MCU's best. The action set-pieces are breathtaking, with a personal highlight being Fury's car chase. A hinted-at Cap/Natasha romantic sub-plot is regrettably trampled on by subsequent films. The tone and pacing of this film is absolutely spot-on. 9/10
  14. mansizerooster

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    At launch, PS3 was an absolute dog in terms of functionality and services. They put a stellar effort into turning that around, and in my opinion ended up with the better machine by the end of the generation.
  15. RE:Make. I absolutely fucking love OG RE1 and 2, so I know I should love the RE1 remake. I got a couple of hours into it and just didn't pick it up again. I know for sure I'm going to retry soon. I think the burning zombies/crimson-head mechanic is what puts me off, along with the differences to the layout Vs the original.

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