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  1. I sold my PS4 after barely turning it on for six months after getting the Switch.
  2. And on that note, here’s a ridiculous article asking the simple question: Airwolf vs Blue Thunder, which is more awesome? https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/01/forget-top-gun-maverick-lets-settle-blue-thunder-vs-airwolf-once-and-for-all/ It’s way too long to quote-post but if you were a fan of 80’s action shows then I can promise you it’s worth it.
  3. This is out on the Switch now and it still plays brilliantly. It’s the first time I’ve played it properly since the xbox original nearly a decade and a half ago. I did have it on the vita but the lack of buttons made it almost unplayable. The way it gradually escalates, upping the stakes in both the gameplay and the story is just so, so good.
  4. Cheers. Looks like I'm going to have to tether it to my phone on my (late) lunch break then.
  5. If I've pre-ordered (and downloaded) a game that launches on the eshop tomorrow, what time can I expect to be able to play it? And do I need to be connected to the internet?
  6. I think it’s more the way the references are actually witty rather than just ‘there’. They feel both incredibly obvious, to the point where you can’t believe nobody’s made the joke before, and take you completely by surprise.
  7. Rush Rally 3 is absolutely amazing. Just completed the Semi-Pro championship. The USA rally is . Is anyone else playing this? I’m not normally one for online stuff but I’d like to have something in the space that normally says “There are no friends in your network…” My friend code is SW-2631-4267-4130
  8. New Star Manager has a kind of football game in it. It doesn’t play like any other football game but it sure as hell feels like football.
  9. I checked the dates, I thought there could only be a few months between the two but it was actually six. It’s unlikely they rewrote the entire opening scene but technically possible. Either way, 4 Kids…is vastly superior.
  10. Another vote for 4 Kids… It started coming out at almost the same time as Stranger Things and it does the whole 80’s geek kids schtick so much better. Absolutely fantastic.
  11. The same kind of people who thought The Masked Singer was a good idea?
  12. The key difference between TV and the vast, vast majority of movies is there is a certain contract that exists between the audience and the latter that isn't present with the former. If I sit down to watch a film (or at least one that isn't explicitly part of a block buster movie franchise) there's an implied contract that I'm going to see a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. That ending may be an 'open-ended' or ambiguous ending, but will definitely be an ending. That contract simply doesn't exist on tv any more. If I sit down to watch S1 E01 of just about any tv show, I have, with very few exceptions, absolutely no way of knowing if I will ever get an ending. Obviously, at some point it'll stop, but that's not the same as an ending. And I can't stand that. I'm sick of watching a dozen hours of tv only to find that the series finished with a kind-of-an-ending but mostly a to-be-continued-please-don't-cancel-us-pretty-please. How many hours do I have to watch to get an ending? Am I even even going to get one before the show is cancelled. Or worse, will it just go on for so long that by the time the end comes it'll have fully jumped the shark? This didn't use to be the case. *Grandpa Simpson voice* Back when I was young tv drama could be put into two broad types: mini-series and syndicated shows. Mini-series were basically long, cheap films broken into tv sized chunks. And syndicated shows had a story, complete with a beginning, middle and end, in every show. That way that could show regular repeats on any given channel and not worry if the viewer hadn't seen every prior episode in order. I wasn't watching Quantum Leap to find out if Sam got home. I was watching to find out what amazing story would happen this week. It was nice to have that final episode but I'd still love the show if it didn't. Most people seem to think that modern tv is in some kind of 'golden age' but for me it just takes too much time. If I watch a series that gets stops without a proper ending I just feel like I've been cheated. That time feels wasted. Stories have endings. Otherwise it's just a soap opera that got cancelled.
  13. That looks surprisingly faithful. Colour me interested.
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