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  1. DukeOfEarlsfield

    A movie watchers blog

    Bad Boys II next?
  2. If this had Diablo Cody on writing duties I’d be incredibly excited about this.
  3. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas (No Man’s Starfox)

    The starter pack is fine on it’s own. However, part of the game is supposed to be mixing different weapon types and the base game only comes with Fire and Frost weapon models plus a digital only Kinetic weapon. If you buy the Crusher & Shredder weapons pack, that will get you a Gravity weapon and a better Kinetic weapon (with the model). You can then get the Neptune starship which comes with the only available Stasis weapon model available. That’ll mean you have a model for every weapon class in the game, two ships and three pilots.
  4. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Nintendo Switch

  5. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    That was an absolutely incredible pass and run.
  6. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Movies that need a remake

    Brewster’s Millions. Not because there’s any flaws with the original but because I think it’d work as a modern parable about how no matter how incompetent and useless you are, if you have money, it’ll always come back to you. I mean, it did that anyway to a certain extent but I think in this day and age, with a modern setting, it’d be even more apposite.
  7. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I’m really getting into Crypt of the Necrodancer. I had it on Vita and PS4 and whilst I enjoyed it, my usual lack of rhythm meant I could never get anywhere with it. But it just feels so right on the Switch, I can actually feel myself getting better at it and I’m beginning to build up some huge chains against the simpler enemies. I think it’s a combination of the spaced out directional buttons being easier to hit compared to a d-pad and the ability to completely relax by slumping on the sofa with your hands resting to either side.
  8. DukeOfEarlsfield

    A movie watchers blog

    No, it didn’t.
  9. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Has anyone got any impressions of Battlezone? I’m sorely tempted by the sale price.
  10. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Bird Box (Netflix Film) - Sandra Bullock

    The birds could also detect who were the crazy people.
  11. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Hot knife -> butter.
  12. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    It’s about £1.30ish IIRC. It’s dead cheap either way. I’ll be picking it later alongside Hypersentinal which is just £1.99.
  13. DukeOfEarlsfield

    The Best Game Trailers

    Superbly edited trailer. When this came out, huge crashes in racing games didn't really exist, so it's really shocking when they start, *ahem*, piling up in the second half.
  14. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Die Hard

    Other than the fact that he looks, sounds and acts exactly like Richard Pryor?

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