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  1. I’m about three hours in on the Switch version and it’s terrific so far. The survival/resource management aspect is really well balanced. Not tight enough so that you’re constantly dying, but just enough that you have to keep one eye on your oxygen levels and always think about a route back. Lovely stuff.
  2. It’s out today for Switch. Really like the look of this. Anybody else played it?
  3. You have to enter your age to access the game's website. If your kids are over 18 and your wife is very relaxed about "this kind of thing" then yeah, why not?
  4. For anyone not playing Animal Crossing, Super Crush K.O. is on sale and oh my It’s so refreshingly accessible, unfiddly and satisfying. An absolute joy so far. Also, Hard West is on sale for £1.79. A western themed X-Com alike with decent reviews.
  5. But they start at £45.
  6. This is exactly my situation. Played it to death on my Wii U, sold it when I sold that console but haven't re-bought it for my Switch. I want to buy it and play it all over again but I struggle to justify the cost for a game that I've already rinsed. Especially as the longer I wait, the cheaper it will get and the more I will have forgotten. If Lacuna Inc. really existed, I'd choose to forget this game so I could experience it all over again.
  7. He played BB8? Wow, that’s some range.
  8. Very positive preview at Eurogamer: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-03-09-hotshot-racing-looks-to-capture-the-spirit-of-londons-trocadero-in-the-90s
  9. This is how you play Burnout, none of that Takedown nonsense: The guy who made that probably didn't blink once. Best. Racer. Ever.
  10. At the risk of coming across like a dick, Burnout 2's boosts were not "few and far between". A skilled player could chain them together endlessly. It was the single biggest improvement over the first game. In the first game, Boost was a reward for driving like a nutter, but its use had to be considered conservatively. It wasn't wise to hit it when you had a corner or a junction coming up when you might need to brake. You kept it for a nice simple straight when you could gain the maximum advantage from it. Because you could build boost whilst using it in 2 it changes the dynamic completely. Instead of avoiding tricky sections for boosting, those were now the best bits because they'd fill the boost gauge faster. The gameplay went: Drive like a lunatic -> Boost -> Drive like your Nicholas Cage crossed with The Great Gonzo -> BOOST SOME MORE -> AAAAAAHHHHHH! -> BOOOOOOOST!!!! etc, etc. I once completed an entire lap of Big Surf Shores with one continuous boost and it's one of my greatest ever gaming moments. tl;dr, you suck at Burnout 2
  11. Graceful Explosion Machine? Great little game. The devs new game is a run-and-gun platformer called Super Crush KO which looks terrific. I’m just waiting for a sale before I get it.
  12. Dan Marshall was Keza MacDonald's guest on the most recent Spawnpoint* podcast. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/spawnpoint/id1471512530 It's a really good, fun listen. Enjoyably brief and to-the-point as well, which is refreshing in an age of rambling three hour long banter marathons. *Comfortably the best name for a gaming podcast ever.
  13. The graphics on Drive Club are absolutely amazing. Genuinely stunning. I couldn’t play it at all as, at higher speeds, I really struggled to see what was coming up ahead. If the race had weather effects I was doubly screwed.
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