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  1. Football fans see dodgy decisions every week on tv and demand that Something Must Be Done. This is Something.
  2. Holy fucking shit. That was incredible. How in the name of Christ is this rated a PG? That final episode was more terrifying than any horror movie I’ve seen for at least five years.
  3. I don’t remember it being overly difficult but I do remember it being frankly terrifying. Hanging over a cliff edge without the metaphorical safety net that you’d grown accustomed to was an incredibly tense experience. I was gripping the controller like I was gripping the rock itself.
  4. The music in episode six was fantastic. The song they all sing together, gradually blending in to the swell of the soundtrack. Both epic and heartfelt at the same time. I had to wipe away the odd tear at that.
  5. It’s autumn now. *checks eshop* Curse you! Can’t wait for this. Lunchtime puzzling on the Switch seems perfect for this.
  6. Jump & Wheatley. Now I’m interested.
  7. Thomasin McKenzie! Yes! She’s fucking brilliant. Absolute tears of laughter from that trailer. “Burn down the house and blame Winston Churchill”
  8. The noise at the end of episode 2. Jesus fucking Christ that was horrible.
  9. At this point, VAR is like Brexit. Even though it’s demonstrably terrible, everybody who wants it still wants it because it’s not the fantasy version they have in their head. If only they did it that way it’d work. It’s not an impossible dream that can never square with reality, it’s stupid people not doing it right.
  10. I did that create a draw thing and Wolves ended up in a group with Wolfmother, Wolf Alice & Wolf from Gladiators. Which was a surprise as I didn’t think he made it through the qualifiers.
  11. Cool Ghosts made it sound ace. I'd definitely buy it but it sounds uncomfortably close to my actual job so I'm not really sure.
  12. Rise: Race the Future is fantastic on the Switch. I’ve talked about it in it’s own thread but hardly anybody seemed interested. A real shame as it’s exactly the kind of arcade racing on a budget that deserves to do well.
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