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  1. There aren’t many phrases you can say that are both completely sincere and dripping with sarcasm at the same time. Quality goalkeeping.
  2. Just starting to get into this. Biggest problem so far is trying to keep track of everything that’s going on. I’m concentrating on the ranged weapons as the close combat ones make it too confusing. Auto-aim. On or off? What do people play with? I’ve been using it on as it it’s nice having attacks snap to a target without too much thought. But when things get busy, especially boss fights, I sometimes end up smashing lesser foes when I really want to concentrate on the big bad. Is it worth switching it off and gitting gud?
  3. Definitely week-by-week for me. It’s not a hard and fast rule, I can see how some shows will benefit from binge watching. But I prefer spacing it out at regular intervals. I like the anticipation, the post-coital cool-down after a good episode, the way that your thoughts and feelings have a whole week to slosh around in your head. I like the gradual discussion of each individual episode rather than the race to watch and report on the whole thing. The way that discussion gradually changes as the plot progresses and people adjust to the show. It just gives time for stuff
  4. Conversely, I think that’s it’s strong point and I hope it has the guts to stick with it and lean into it as the show goes on.
  5. Really enjoyed the first two episodes of this. It trod a really fine line, managing to stay faithful to the tv shows they were inspired by whilst still being interesting and modern enough for the 21st century. I could have done without the ridiculously heavy handed THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING bits, especially at the end of the episodes. Thanks, but I’m smart enough to work this stuff out for myself and I’d prefer it they credited me with that intelligence. But thankfully that didn’t impact the show too much.
  6. Had a quick scroll through the iPlayer comedy section, aside from what’s already been mentioned (Mandy): What We Do In The Shadows (everyone’s already seen this, right?), Harry Hill’s World of TV (lockdown TV Burp and every bit as good as that sounds), What We Did On Our Holidays (movie version of Outnumbered but with a better cast and an even better Billy Connelly) and Love & Friendship (one of the best costume dramas ever made, like Clueless only even better).
  7. The complete Gimme, Gimme, Gimme is on iPlayer at the moment and has aged brilliantly and awfully in equal measure. Some incredible performances and some shockingly awful ‘edgy’ humour. But watching Kathy Burke enjoying herself way too much and trying not corpse never, ever gets old.
  8. Ghosts is by the same team as Horrible Histories, so it’s very family friendly. Although the trouserless Simon Farnaby never stops being disconcerting/funny. Also: Mandy. Good god, Mandy, a million times Mandy.
  9. God knows how that got through the review process. It’s as blatant as you like. Pretty decent emulator as well.
  10. The use of Frankie’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome in Wonder Woman 1984 is really well done. Great song, fits the scene perfectly and smartly edited to fit with the story.
  11. Well done he’s thirteen sixteen.
  12. We’re half way through For All Mankind and it’s terrific so far. Really well thought through. Manages to be respectful to the real people involved in the space race whilst still creating conflict and drama.
  13. I’m not saying that it didn’t have knock on effects, just that the argument against playing the new guys in that game is an obvious one. Philips, in particular, would have been hopelessly out of his depth. And playing Thiago, the guy we’ve all been drooling over for the last few months, in Henderson’s role is hardly some massive risk. He’s one of the best midfielders in the world. He should be equal to the task. I’m not saying the gamble worked, it clearly didn’t, but taking the decision the other way could easily have resulted in us having a conversation that Williams
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