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  1. DukeOfEarlsfield

    New Star Manager

    The difficulty curve was pitched very nicely up to that point. It could be argued it was too easy as I gained promotion every season but I rarely won the league I was in and it always felt like a struggle. The game is chock full of push-your-luck mechanics and doing well always feels like you’ve earned it by playing well. There were some tough times before I got to the premier league. One season where I only just scraped promotion with a late run when everything suddenly came together. Another season where I was well out in front, tried to develop the squad to quickly, completely ran out of steam and ended up promoting via the playoffs. I had a great time with it.
  2. DukeOfEarlsfield

    New Star Manager

    I think I’m done with this now. My second season in the prem and I won the quadruple. Didn’t lose a single game in all competitions and won the league by 38 points with a goal difference of 109. I’m a bit disappointed at the levelling off of the difficulty. The top European leagues should really be a massive step up from the second tiers and I would have enjoyed it a lot more if the game put you through the wringer before eventual victory after a few seasons. I’m going to play for just a few more games until the full stadium rebuild is complete and then leave it there. I could start again in a different country but I think I’ve seen everything the game has to offer. It’s been a blast though.
  3. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Fighting with my Family

    There was something I didn’t understand about the ending to the movie that I’m hoping somebody could clarify/explain for me…
  4. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Killing Eve - BBC Spy thriller, comedy, drama

    I’m up to episode 5 so far and it’s still brilliant. I mean really, really superb. There’s nothing else quite like it.
  5. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Great lines in videogaming.

    “That’s the ship. Move! We need to get aboard now!” First time I heard that the count down had about twenty seconds left. That line, combined with the music, was a massive shot of adrenaline. I ran full pelt up the ramp, lobbing grenades and firing wildly. I made it with just a couple of seconds left and almost no health. Amazing moment.
  6. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Mystery Film

    Grandma. Everyone will love it, nobody will have seen it and it’s reasonably brief so it won’t outstay it’s welcome.
  7. DukeOfEarlsfield

    The Batman - June 2021 - New Batman to be cast

    No, that’s A History of Violence.
  8. DukeOfEarlsfield

    New Star Manager

    Oh by crikey, playing in the Champions League is exhausting. My squad is permanently knackered.
  9. DukeOfEarlsfield

    New Star Manager

    I’ve managed to get promoted every single season so far but only won one of them (and only just, on goal difference). So I thought I was going to struggle in my first Premier League season as my team had significantly lower stats than everyone else and I was only getting about ten thousand attendance at home games. Won it at a canter by a gap of thirteen points and did the FA cup double. Currently playing through my second season in the top flight and have just annihilated Porto away in my first Champions League game.
  10. DukeOfEarlsfield

    New Star Soccer 5 (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Flash)

    Play players in the correct position and play them regularly. Pick a main formation and stick with it. Only keep players that fit in that formation and rotate them as much as you can. Keep your squad as small as you can so you don’t have loads of grumpy back-up players. I have a main formation that I play 95% of the time and a back-up formation that my players can switch too quite easily if the opposition flood the mid-field and I need to get a grip in the centre. Go into the squad info screen. Tap the drop down box at the top right and tap Concerns. You can then rank the players by a particular concern. Use training cards on the ones that have development concerns and renew contracts on players with less than 20 months left. Selling popular players and sacking members of staff also affects squad moral but you should do it regularly anyway to keep improving.
  11. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    God yes. It’s fantastic.
  12. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  13. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

  14. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Monkey Milner
  15. DukeOfEarlsfield

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I don't think I've ever lost my shit quite so spectacularly as when I saw that corner from Trent zipping towards Origi. Only just managed to calm down.

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