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  1. I have my doubts about how valuable PS2 games and older are. There’s just only so much you can do to them to unjank them. The most impressive older games on Gamepass aren’t the OG Xbox games, they’re the Xbone and 360 games that now run at spiffy resolution and 60fps. I think if nu-PS Plus (top tier subscription edition) launched in, say, April, with every Sony first party PS4 game (fully enhanced with all the PS5 patches that have come out in the past year) and all the PS5 first party games up to Returnal, that would be a pretty decent proposition even without day one releases. Otherwise it’s just a basic rebranding which probably is still valuable but which won’t make much difference to all of us.
  2. Playing Halo and Forza made it clear that Sony simply can’t put their games on a subscription service day one. Microsoft has more money than god and both those flagships are still stuffed full of monetisation and GAAS stuff. i can’t see how a Last of Us 2 that’s a straight single player game with no additional income flow and enormous production values can be profitable if someone can just play it for the tenner cost of a month’s sub.
  3. While agree with everyone who says the Banished are uninspiring story-wise, I think it should mix up the combat quite nicely if we’re fighting mixed groups of Elites and Brutes, which I don’t think we’ve seen in Halo before, it’s always one or the other. I maintain the Halo 3 Brutes are massively underrated enemies - people complained that you couldn’t fight Elites in that game for story reasons but I think Bungie went that direction with the Brutes to give a different spin to the loop - Brutes aren’t quite as formidable one on one as Elites but that means you can introduce more of them to a combat scenario and give them heavy weapons as well, which allows for larger scale engagements. For example, you could never do the Brute Corridor or the hill fight in Tsavo Highway with as many Elites because there’s no way the player could win against that many enemies with rechargeable shields. Against the Brutes you can have epic encounters - so if they can replicate that and add Elites into the mix it could be very special.
  4. I went through CE and 3 on the Master Chief Collection last year and actively loved the Library and surprisingly enjoyed Cortana. Sharper graphics and high framerate really helps with both of these levels! Playing on heroic or higher helps as well - the Library on normal is a monotonous and unchallenging shooting gallery, on Heroic it’s more like aaaarrrrgh noooo there’s fucking millions of them they’re coming out of the walls game over man.
  5. I’m shook, I’m triggered, I’m just very very upset.
  6. I tried to get a Series X for my dad to play Flight Simulator on but abandoned the attempt after three months of hopeless efforts! They’re most rare! And I do imagine that the Series X is more likely to provide that next-gen feeling - I think the end results from the technical deficiencies of the S relative to the X/PS5 might already be a bit more significant than originally thought. Stuff being at 4K for one, it’s not such an obvious leap like SD to HD but my PS5 games visibly pop compared to anything on the S. Like, I’ve heard loads of people say Forza is the best looking game they’ve ever played which must be coming from X owners because it’s sure as hell not that way on the S.
  7. I have the PS5 and the Series S. I thought the PS5 had an exceptional launch and first six months - new releases have slowed since then but I still have a big backlog to go through and it feels like a pleasingly powerful, properly next-generation experience as well. Ironically, even though the Xbox BC improvement programme to older games is much more comprehensive, the sporadic frame rate upgrades to the various first party PS4 titles have been the most impressive I’ve seen - those games were already graphical powerhouses but at 60fps the likes of Horizon and God of War look like next gen games. The £70 game price is a misstep - the only game I’ve bought at that level is Demon’s Souls because it was an absolute sure thing. Thing is, I think they can get away with that for their absolute biggest titles - Horizon Far West and God of War next year are going to have been enormously expensive games to make and will look every penny, and probably won’t have a single shred of GAAS nonsense attached, which I think is increasingly unique and probably worth a premium. But it’s nonsensical to apply that price to a smaller title like Returnal that needs a bit of help out the gate, or even Ratchet which has never been a series in the top sales echelon. I’m less enthusiastic about the Series S, which I got via the £99 game trade-in. Compared to the PS5 it doesn’t feel that next-gen and Game Pass has gone through one of those periods where the heavy volume of stuff on there has managed to miss anything I find interesting. Flight Simulator, the Ascent and Forza Horizon 5 all disappointed me in various ways and Halo’s multiplayer is fun enough but I don’t really see how it’s different from any of the previous Halo multiplayers - they’re all fun too and like them, I’m sure I’ll play it every so often without ever really getting into it because I’m not much of a multiplayer guy. Hopefully the campaign will be a bit of fun but otherwise I don’t see too much that’s likely to interest me on the Xbox until Starfield comes out.
  8. I watched the first two episodes of this series last night after hearing good things and found it shockingly enjoyable. Nice to see actual threatening villains all over the shop as well, Swarm is genuinely unsettling and they managed to maintain the ridiculousness of the Sontarans while also remembering that they’re horrible violent bastards at the same time. What’s frustrating is that this series makes it clear Jodie Whittaker was perfectly capable of being a great Doctor all along and that Chris Chibnall kneecapped her (and himself really) by going with such an overcrowded and boring main cast for so long.
  9. My problem is that if it’s meant to be a relaxing playground, the game should shut up, leave you alone and stop spewing numbers and icons and wheel spins at you. The game certainly does think all these systems are important because it tells you so, it just doesn’t bother explaining how they work or why you should care. A relaxing playground doesn’t bother with numerous progress bars and endless XP for anything you do. What does do that is a modern GAAS designed to hook people inside a Skinner box.
  10. Yeah, I kind of hate this game, moreso because the driving and the cars are great and everything else is horrible. It’s the Destiny 2 of racing games. It’s the ‘games that lose you at hello’ thread incarnate. Except you keep persevering because you can see there’s something worthwhile with this person but they won’t stop shouting your name while they shower you with vomit. ‘It’s time for another adventure!’, piss off dickheads I just want to race some cars.
  11. Ah man I don’t know. I’m still not really feeling it. Im wondering why both this trailer and the original one have led with Far Cry camp-clearing missions as the main attraction. Remember just how massive Halo 3 felt? This doesn’t feel massive.
  12. I think that looks way better than expected given how much sniffiness there’s been about this release.
  13. I mean, if you’re talking about gamification of gaming, you could be forgiven for thinking that the leading Xbox exclusive is ‘how to get three years of Game Pass for a quid!’, as opposed to say, a video game. Based on what gets the most chat in the Game Pass thread on this forum.
  14. So I was tickled that the main maguffin of the movie is a mashup of two Metal Gear Solid classics: And then I read a Reddit post that pointed out there’s even more Metal Gear in there:
  15. If anything it’s a weird date to move Elden Ring to, launching an open world action adventure one week after a higher profile open world action adventure title lands on your biggest user base is mad.
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