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  1. Do you remember a while ago Currys started a lottery to win the chance to buy a PS5? Well today I got an email saying I'd been chosen to have the chance to buy one, but I've managed to get one in the meantime from Very. If anyone is still looking for themselves I'm happy to send you the link and the code. I have no idea if it's tied to my email so it might not work but it's probably worth a try? Code says it has to be used by 12 May, first to PM gets it. Edit: Gone to @Tempy
  2. When the S was announced I thought it was a genius idea, and the way it was sold by Microsoft as ‘doing everything the X can do but at 1440p’ made me very interested. I don’t have either an X or S yet, as PS5 was always going to be my first new-gen console, purely due to my library, but having the S as a second console was the intention. However, now that I’m a framerate whore it’s not so simple. Playing everything at 60fps on PS5 has been very refreshing and I hope that this stays the default or at least an option throughout the gen. From all the digital foundry vids I’ve seen, ther
  3. As 3 of the 4 European finalists are English clubs this year, maybe they should propose a break-away 'Primo' League where the big 6 compete against 14 invited English clubs to be the Champions of England, with the top 4 going into the following season's play-offs against other elite Euro clubs?
  4. I just thought about this for 30 seconds and it fits perfectly. I want it now, or at the very least a pastiche episode in the next series. Although in my head Dennis would be Reed Richards so it might make the romantic bits awkward.
  5. Demon’s has shortcuts to any of the worlds you’ve previously been in, but if you select one that you weren’t in when you last played it will warn you that going there will cause you to lose all your souls so you have to be careful. The first card is generally ‘resume’ so seems to work ok for me.
  6. Miles and Demon’s are the only true PS5 games I’ve played, and both of those have activity cards on the Home Screen to jump straight back into where you were without even seeing the title screen. It’s not Quick Resume but it’s still mighty impressive. Also the fast travel in Miles is legitimately amazing, like less than 2 seconds every time.
  7. Anna Maxwell-Martin is so good that it’s impossible to believe her performance as Carmichael is anything other than intentionally snide.
  8. I think it’s usually 48 hours from when you first start watching it.
  9. Just a point on this: I agree with you entirely, but I wonder whether the owners feel the same way. I would not be surprised in the slightest if post-pandemic, all the focus will be slowly shifted into filling all the seats which are visible on camera as a minimum, at the highest price possible, to corporate sponsors etc etc (a bit like how Wembley is always half-empty straight after half-time). It doesn't matter if they're not cheering and chanting, because for the TV viewers they've already proved that the ambience can be provided by artificial crowd noise. Again I wouldn't be surprised i
  10. I’m sure that if this does end up happening PSG will end up joining. Who knows about Bayern and Dortmund, but if UEFA buckle then where’s the downside for them? What happens in 10 years time when Tottenham and Arsenal are consistently finishing last and getting an ever tinier slice of the money, with their B teams languishing at the bottom of the Premier League or even in the Championship. When Real and Barcelona decide they only want 16 teams in the super league so they don’t have to play so many boring games, it won’t be so nice to be the smallest fish in the big pond.
  11. My gut feeling is that whichever way this goes the big clubs are going to win. If they do break away they will still be allowed to stay in their individual leagues as otherwise the money is gone and the leagues will die. If they are convinced to back down they’ll only end up getting more power in the Champions’ League and how long before this comes up again? The only way to stop this is for all the clubs to be banned immediately from all competitions for this and at least next season to show the organisations aren’t messing around. It would be amazing if Man City could be banned fr
  12. It's a bit weird that I'm excited for this coming for free, despite having bought (at full price no less) and completed it at launch on disc, owning a digital US copy, and it being available on PS Now to which I am subscribed. I've never done the DLC though so I might see if I can jump into that once I've cleared the rest of my backlog. A PS5 patch would be most welcome.
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