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  1. chamberlago

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Wasn't sure about this but watching the blocks drop to the beat of the music at the end of the trailer has made me day 1 baby
  2. chamberlago

    Team Sonic Racing

    Can only assume (hope) that gameplay footage is the equivalent of 50CC in MK because it sure does look slow
  3. chamberlago

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    Edit: beaten by SMD
  4. chamberlago

    Nintendo Switch

    Pretty sure it's just a "yay plugged into a power source and the battery is charging". I think it just shows the battery in the corner
  5. chamberlago

    Xbox Adaptive Controller and related peripherals

    This is fantastic, gaming (well society) has so much to do to make things more accessible and this looks like a really positive step. I've followed the work of the Special Effect charity for a while and the work they've been doing to try and help disabled people game is wonderful and stuff like this will hopefully make it easier (and cheaper). There is also the fact gamers are getting older and there is probably going to be an increasing number of people with issues like arthritis or who've had strokes and other things like that who'll not want it to stop them gaming. Good work Microsoft
  6. chamberlago

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Well... my life is over
  7. Although I finished the tutorial alright I can't claim I fully mastered manual landing immediately
  8. It's not even as if the rest of the tutorials take all that long. I'm really glad I had seen @Flub's advice to not go to war straight after the first few.
  9. chamberlago

    Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    An outrageous accusation! I merely tweeted about liking a game. The fact you are easily influenced and have no willpower is not my fault! More importantly, I was playing this last night and then I checked the time and it was suddenly 1am!? Not sure how that happened. It's a bit good isn't it?
  10. chamberlago

    Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    @deKay just bullied me into buying this on Twitter so I guess I'll be trawling the thread for tips for getting started
  11. chamberlago

    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

  12. chamberlago

    Nintendo Switch

    They retweeted it yesterday for maximum troll-age. Just announce it you scumbags!
  13. chamberlago

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nook goes mobile

    Phew! Been through and added everyone from the last couple of pages and added myself to the spreadsheet. My ID is 3069 5662 307
  14. chamberlago

    Everybody's Golf (PS4) Clubhouse

    Mario took over my life a bit and I completely forgot about this!. Got a score in for this round, much room for improvement.
  15. chamberlago

    Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    At the time you posted this I didn't really understand because that was my first and only real attempt and I got my moon so missing out on an arbitrary 100 which is only significant because of our base 10 number system... then not long later I realised. Oh the pain. Annoyingly I could then not even get close, not even 50 usually, I thought I'd never do it... BUT TODAY

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