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  1. taurusnipple

    Marvel's Black Widow solo movie

    I'm not sure a Black Widow movie has anything interesting to tell though, don't we know all we need to at this point? Her antics over Rub and Tug don't leave me wanting more ScarJo either, showed her true colors there. I'm sure there's plenty of female driven movies Marvel can pump out that are more worthy Give me a Tessa Thompson solo movie any day though.
  2. taurusnipple

    Ant-Man and The Wasp - July 2018

    I saw it last night and thought it fell well below Marvel standards. It's the script and how poor everything interconnects scene to scene, it's so forced and ill thought out. Oh, this guy just happens to get here conveniently far too many times for the story to progress without an explanation as to how this could possibly (and realistically as you can a Marvel movie) happen. Theres cute moments and a likable cast but it its ultimately frustrating because if these guys simply took the time to have a civil conversation then 3/4 of this movie doesn't need to exist. Fishburn is always likeable and Ghost you sympathize with. Just work together you dummy's! Its another Dark World for me. Anyway, pay careful attention to what Pfeiffer says at the end credits, this surely has meaning for Infinity War.
  3. taurusnipple

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Awesome and rare post race interview with Maurizio of Ferrari
  4. taurusnipple

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Great race that, much needed.
  5. taurusnipple

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind, is it a worthy 4k upgrade? Anybody know?
  6. taurusnipple

    Monthly Release Dates - July 2018

    Captain Toad and Code Princess for me.
  7. taurusnipple

    Top Gun: Maverick

    Health issues aside, it sounds like Val Kilmer has a part in this!
  8. taurusnipple

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Dont worry, I'm sure that's Star Wars story to tell in a few years.
  9. taurusnipple

    Xbox One X

    I got my X a few weeks ago and it's loud on Gears 4, can't say I can hear it during 4k Bladerunner. I did get an extended warranty though.
  10. Enjoyed it myself and was pleasantly surprised to see it was filmed in parts of Boston too.
  11. taurusnipple

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Guy is lost
  12. taurusnipple

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I don't like the Sky Broadcasting team, sorry. The grid walk is really low energy, guess I was spoiled with NBC Sports. And the live video/sound is out of sync.
  13. taurusnipple

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I'll never get the Renner hate. SWAT, Angel and Wind River are just some of his good stuff. I think he's great and Hawkeye is pretty cool for a grounded superhero. Don't know anything about this Ronin persona though.
  14. taurusnipple

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Maybe they can do one for the villains.
  15. taurusnipple

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Just saw the full trailer, still of the same opinion. The little I saw showed a charisma void Solo. But I'm obviously biased here. I'm curious about the Falcons shape and the role of Woody, that's it.

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