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  1. suzzopher

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    15 games I’d want are: Metal Gear Solid Castlevania Symphony of the Night Kula World WipEout 2097 Destruction Derby 2 Suikoden Suikoden 2 Alundra Overboard Incredible Crisis Gran Turismo 2 Vib Ribbon Um Jamma Lammy Parappa Chrono Cross
  2. suzzopher

    Nintendo Switch

    He speaks the truth.
  3. suzzopher

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah right I see. Bugger.
  4. suzzopher

    Nintendo Switch

    They didn’t have server side management then, now they have a way to get around this by validating the save. But that would be at cost to them and of course we know Nintendo is not going to cough up for that.
  5. suzzopher

    Nintendo Switch

    Surely just giving an option to back up saves locally is all that’s needed? We’ve been able to do this on all platforms since the PlayStation with a second memory card. On 360 I am sure I was able to backup my saves to a memory card too, Vita allowed you put your saves onto PC/Mac or PS3 as well as cloud saves. Yes I get some people could cheat the system on games like Pokémon or Animal Crossing but then you need to implement file management on the server side, a lot games won’t let you start a saved game on PS4 if you saved at friend’s that has DLC you don’t own, then try to load that file on your own machine. There are ways round it, Nintendo are just cheap and would rather all suffer than offer a solution to a problem that would only really affect a small percentage of users.
  6. Could be known as Out of This World?
  7. I’ve been reading reviews of both DOS2 and this over and over....still can’t decide, may have to coin toss before I complete my order at Amazon.
  8. So undecided between this and Divinity Original Sin 2 on PS4. I love Dragon Quest but the first DOS was incredible. I can only afford one but I just can’t decide.
  9. suzzopher

    Do/did your parents game?

    My dad liked games from the Speccy but stopped gaming after the Mega Drive, once things went 3D he didn’t care much for games, but we’d play loads on the Mega Drive mostly.
  10. suzzopher

    Forgotten bangers

    Sheep Dog and Wolf - Banger Kula World - Banger Incredible Crisis - Banger Spider-Man - Banger
  11. suzzopher

    Nintendo Switch

    End of the day, everybody should buy Iconoclasts.
  12. suzzopher


    That was some first half, absolutely awful for large parts but had a few really good moments.
  13. suzzopher


    Not confident with the starting eleven today.
  14. suzzopher


    Aubameyang happy to play on the left Starting to love this guy
  15. I think that’s why I like it so much. The game despite being different layouts for everybody it’s so comfortable and doesn’t do anything wrong, by the same token it doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary either, it’s just really solid. I’m about four hours in and really enjoying the game, I’ve been stuck a couple of times but having played so many games like this I was able to figure things out myself. Honestly all I really wanted was an HD DS Castlevania game and that’s what this is essentially.

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