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  1. suzzopher


    He could have been some player
  2. suzzopher


    It’s become so dull to watch us now, it was nice to see us fight back so often at the start of the season, but we’ve been utterly toothless since November. I thought the coach had instilled a grit to fight that was missing from late Wenger years. But alas here we are. Also saying Arsenal are a point off the top four doesn’t say much. The rest of the league is so poor that we’re the best outside the top five by default. With no head of recruitment I dread to think of how badly that £40m budget will be spent in the summer. There are some genuinely good players in our squad but Emery has yet to work out how to them on the pitch.
  3. suzzopher


    Off to a great start.
  4. suzzopher


    What is going on? Despite results I felt that we had some good people in place that would help rebuild the club, but it’s all going tits up.
  5. suzzopher


    Obviously we need a centre back this window, with Holding out the rest of the season, but I’d like us to take a look at Doucoure from Watford, I think he’d work in an Emery team alongside Terriera and Xhaka.
  6. suzzopher

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    The only arcade near me was the one at the local laser quest. Had some great machines, played so much Sega Rally and Rave Racer there. As for shops there was one called Gametron that I spent a lot of time in. This was in Cambridge.
  7. suzzopher

    Brand loyalty

    I didn’t used to be, I would normally buy every console released including Nuon, but, now I don’t have much time and money is spent more on the kids than myself I’ve gone single format with PlayStation. I bought a Switch for Zelda and Mario but I’ve given that to my six year old (who now wants an Xbox One) I went for PS4 as I am a fan of Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch as well WipEout, Yakuza, God of War etc. So for me going forward it’ll be the PS5 when that comes out just because I’ve spent so much money on PSN it feels like I’m tied into that ecosystem. So, I wouldn’t say I’m a fanboy or have brand loyalty to PlayStation but that’s just what I’ve decided to be the platform(s) for me going forward. Luckily my two boys love games so if they want the next Xbox or Nintendo I’ll buy those for them and get to play on each.
  8. suzzopher


    We are so bad at the back.
  9. suzzopher


    Yeah I’m not getting carried away, it’s Mourinho and United, we’ll have the possession and chances but they’ll win 2-0 with only two shots on target.
  10. Since finishing Zelda and Mario I’ve not really touched mine, I’ve pretty much given it to my son now. He doesn’t really play it much since he finished Mario either to be fair. I used to be big on portable systems but I have more time to be in front of the TV these days and there are just so many games coming out on PS4 that I just can’t keep up with. Also having a hacked Vita means I can play a huge library of classics if I’m travelling, which is bad news for my Switch. Switch sadly just doesn’t have the games to be the system I play on a regular basis. If the Switch got games like the other platforms did I’m sure it would be different.
  11. suzzopher

    Crash Team Racing Remake (rumour)

    Yes please! The original was bloody brilliant fun. Loved playing it in four player but the single player game was excellently done.
  12. suzzopher

    Retro Game Podcast Recommendations

    Have you listened to Maximum Power Up?
  13. suzzopher


    We’ve got some good players coming through. Willock in particular looks a hell of a player. Smith Rowe is not bad either.
  14. suzzopher

    PlayStation Classic

    This is not what the PlayStation deserves to celebrate it. It’s like they learned nothing from the awful Atgames efforts. Nintendo set the gold standard. You can’t come out after and be shit.
  15. suzzopher


    Yeah, it’s hard to see what’s going on really. The big difference is that we’re gettinf points in games we otherwise would have dropped the last couple of years. Spuds Sunday though

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