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  1. Spyro remake PS4?

    Can we have Sheep Dog n Wolf now please?
  2. Arsenal

    Put the ball in the netty Aubameyang etc
  3. Arsenal

    I’d like to see Oblak from Athletico.
  4. Arsenal

    That was certainly an entertaining first half.
  5. Arsenal

    Oh ffs!
  6. Arsenal

    Giroud on the bench tonight. Hope he’s not leaving, would rather see Welbeck move on.
  7. Arsenal

    Agreed. Very mature performance from Jack especially.
  8. How can I download games to my psp go?

    You can either download via the PS3 and copy them over or go to your download list on the PSP itself and download them one at a time. You might need to downgrade your wifi or use your phone as a hotspot to do this.
  9. Arsenal

    I think this is a straight swap from the sound of things. I think that Baptista and Reyes was a straight loan swap yeah.
  10. Arsenal

    Player plus £5m. Lacazette looked so much better yesterday, nice to see the others looking for him too. Ozil and Wilshire have to sign new contracts, they were both fantastic yesterday.
  11. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One didn’t, I think the Star Wars Stories won’t have them.
  12. Arsenal

    This is so frustrating, when a player as good as Sanchez is leaves a club, he has to be replaced as soon as possible. Sure Arsenal don’t have Champions League football or a chance of winning the league but we should have deep pockets, we have London as a selling point, but we just won’t go out spend the big money needed to compete.
  13. Arsenal

    Hope that injury isn’t too serious, Wilshire has been in such great form that we’ll miss him and he was about to get a new contract. Thought Chambers and Holding were fantastic last night too.
  14. The Hyperkin Game Boy

    Hopefully it's hardware emulation and not software. Still the design is absolutely spot on, very interested, as long as it's hardware.
  15. Arsenal

    Hard to defend the team when you see that.

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