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  1. Just started playing this with my two boys. We are all loving it! Been a nice way to talk to them about teamwork, asking for help politely and sharing all whilst having a good time
  2. Done. Going to order tomorrow
  3. Appreciate the prompt reply... We are deep in chat about this as i type! She's sold on it so the debate is currently what the correct pronunciation is! I'm going with Thermo-mix and my wife calls it thermom-ix. I'm wondering whether to wait and see if they offer any package deals with the tm6 and friend. I couldn't find an official release date for the friend so not sure if that means waiting for weeks (which i can do) or months (probably won't bother and just go ahead and purchase)
  4. Just had a demo on zoom and now my wife is dying to get one and I'm stalling! Main concern is that as the tech/machine is 18 months old that I'll fall foul of an update sooner rather than later. I'm not looking for it to do even more things so it's my own tech anxiety! The quoted price by the rep was £1149 or £1198 with an extra 3 years guarantee
  5. I've just been looking at food processors now that we've moved and settled in. Our old one broke a few years ago and we'd not bothered to replace it. I had never heard of thermomix until this thread and spent today looking at the tm6 and watched a few YouTube videos which raved about it. I showed a video to my wife and she said that we can't have it because it can't slice/grate /chop veg and cheese (as opposed to grate finely). There doesn't seem to be those kind of attachments as per 'normal' food processors... Is she right or can it also do everything a decent food processor can
  6. Rocket League. I've really tried but after hours and hours I've come to despise the game because I'm so shit at it
  7. I pretty much had exactly the same experience. I played coop with my brother which made things easier (but still fairly frustrating) and we eventually decided to hop into crucible. Dunno if that's your thing but we levelled up super quickly whilst just casually playing, having a laugh (and getting destroyed)...and then went back to the story which was a lot more tolerable at the recommended light levels. It is very smooth and still amazing to play but, having not played it for a couple of years (possibly longer) and time being so precious now, the traversal between objectives drive
  8. Mine is 'upgrading' on the series x and I haven't had to do anything to initiate that which is nice. Looking forward to this a lot - been a good couple of years since I've played it
  9. Cheers. I'll now spend an hour trying to decide where to put the trait points! I'm enjoying the pace of the game, much more chilled yet its got the rpg tropes i like. Perhaps coop is making it easier (or that we are still early game) but I'm finding it pretty relaxing to play which is exactly what i want at the moment after a long day at work
  10. started this with my bro and although the first world was very drab, we are really enjoying it so far. My risk averse nature is hogging all materials/trait upgrades whilst he's rocking an smg etc. I should just start levelling I guess
  11. Hoping to jump into this on the weekend - I had no idea what it was and that it is on gamepass! Looking forward to it
  12. Muz

    Secretlab Chairs.

    They just responded and agreed to refund the difference which is good of them. Seems like i had two different people corresponding with me, a few minutes earlier i got an email saying they can't help as the order had been processed and i should refuse delivery... Now back to being excited about my batman chair!
  13. Muz

    Secretlab Chairs.

    I don't have any social media and my wife doesn't have twitter. Hopefully customer service will respond tomorrow with a solution
  14. Muz

    Secretlab Chairs.

    Their customer service got in touch early afternoon to ask if they should cancel my order. I replied within 15 minutes saying I'd prefer to be refunded the difference but if that isn't possible then please cancel and I'll reorder. No reply for the rest of the afternoon and of course I've just had shipping confirmation stating that once items are shipped, the buyer is responsible for return costs. Does anyone know if i can refuse the delivery and it will get sent back to them so i don't have to endure the cost of return?
  15. Muz

    Secretlab Chairs.

    I'm hoping they are decent enough to agree to taking the difference off my order (i ordered yesterday afternoon) rather than me having to either cancel or return this chair and order one at the sale price. One thing that has frustrated me is that there seems to be no contact number and the contact forms don't seem to have a heading for cancelling an order
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