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  1. I've had the event as ironclad a few times
  2. To: Edge Re: Things wrong with Slay the Spire .......
  3. Just started this on gamepass and I'm loving it so far. The music makes it a fairly relaxed but atmospheric game... I think I'm enjoying the fact that i didn't have to spend a couple of hours just getting through a tutorial and it's a fairly short experience which is exactly what I'm looking for
  4. Muz

    Clash Royale

    yeah that did seem dramatic... Gospvg is right but I'm not able to be that mature! I'll try and see if i can be moderate with play time and see
  5. Muz

    Clash Royale

    My wife saw me playing this last night and literally said 'this game is awful for your mental health, you never get anything done as you get addicted'. I know she's right so am going to delete before i get sucked in! So much drama for a one day game session!
  6. Muz

    Clash Royale

    Would it be possible to rejoin the clan? I'm going through my re addiction phase!
  7. If anyone needs to level out wants to level up a different character feel free to message me when I'm on and I'll change my settings so you can fast level while i play. I think you can get a new character to level 50 this way within 2 or 3 hours
  8. Yeah i struggle to get matched as well. Add me on psn, I'd be happy to team up Muz__c
  9. I think i mailed you a nice gun for when you get to level 20. If you don't need good stuff mall it to your mates!
  10. We had absolutely awful bugs this evening (all playing ps4pro on performance mode). Sound going funny and then disappearing, missions glitching and not progressing, bosses not appearing. Ruined the evening given how rarely my group of mates can have together. I'm loving the game but I'm shocked it could be deemed good enough to be released with these issues
  11. I've never played a melee class. Is she super tanky? I keep thinking that if you get close up to enemies (particularly bosses), you'll just get melted
  12. Who's everyone playing as? I really fancied Zane but reading he's a bit weak until really late game and is very gear dependent so not sure...
  13. Interesting idea. I often either avoid or give up on games because of this reason. It's funny because I have an almost opposite pull on that if i was playing a story version of a game and only that then i wouldn't feel I'm getting as much value from the purchase so would be inclined to want to pay less, even though I'm the one choosing that mode. Dunno if that makes any sense
  14. Once you kill a certain boss in this dlc, you can farm him so easily for an almost guaranteed (sometimes up to 4) legendary per farm kill
  15. I've read that they have tried to reduce the scaling so if you find a decent weapon you can hold onto it for longer than bl2 (which was around 5 levels). Missions are also repeatable and there seems to be more ways to get endgame gear. Of course there are plenty that want the game to grind for elite gear (myself included) so i think there should be something for everyone. Hopefully the whole endgame isn't built around a bee shield and one or two weapons this time. As much as i love the series, grinding for exactly the same gear every couple of op levels got boring very quickly for me
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