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  1. The console itself is even weenier! Gave out a manly squeal when I opened it and saw how small it is.
  2. What kind of discount are we talking about?
  3. Just cancelled my order due to the lack of new games but totally up for reordering when they get the new shit moving in a few months.
  4. So hyped for Gears Tactics. I don’t like Gears but I love tactics games. I’ve gotta preorder for the series s and I’m worried it was the wrong move
  5. Yeah I persevered a bit and got into the taxi stuff. This is such a step up from 4 (although the Essence of Face Grating finisher is a bit much).
  6. Just started 5, am beginning to regret marathoning these as Yak fatigue is fast approaching. This one does seem better than 4 so far though, the opening scenes setting out Kiryu’s new life are quite intriguing. I don’t think I can be arsed with the taxi stuff though, is it important?
  7. Caved in and preordered an S through my mobile phone company for $33 Aussie dollars a month. I end up paying $792 after the contract ends but it includes Ultimate Gamepass so I think that’s an ok deal. Pretty psyched, need to finish the Yakuza series so I can play 7 day one :)
  8. I used to dislike Ben but I appreciate him now, same as with Patrick back in the day, hated him initially but he grew on me. Don’t miss Dan that much.
  9. Thank you but Forza is the only tempting title on that list.
  10. So tempted by this as I think it looks awesome and the lower resolution doesn’t bother me. But the lack of launch games is a problem. I’ve been a PS4 player this gen and I don’t see many Xbox One exclusives I could play to make up for that. Maybe Forza but I dunno.
  11. I’m on to Y4 in my lockdown play through of the full series. 3 & 4 are notably inferior games to Zero and K2. I do appreciate that 4 seems pretty easy so I can just do the minimum to get through to 5. Love these games though
  12. DumbMagician


    I love big swathes of Graffiti Bridge and I don’t care who knows it. I find Rainbow Children a bit creepy though. I just put down an outrageous 650 Aussie dollars on the SOTT deluxe cos it’s my birthday and fuck it.
  13. Played Zero and Kiwami 1 & 2 earlier this year and kinda burnt myself out on the series, but just started 3. It seems a little basic at first but it picks up around chapter four. The orphanage stuff I find quite affecting. I’m in Kamorucho now and had to do a police chase bit which I found quite tiresome. I’m hoping there aren’t any more running bits.
  14. God i would pay beaucoup £££s to play Card Fighters Clash again.
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