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  1. God i would pay beaucoup £££s to play Card Fighters Clash again.
  2. Not close to Mobb Deep but Gang Starr haven't aged that well. I dunno, I find it hard to lo listen to GURU these days
  3. I'd also quite like to play Card Fighters Clash on my Neo Geo Color again.
  4. Im genuinely tempted. The GBA Micro was amazing. I might have to put me readers on nowadays but i think i can do it.
  5. My small but perfectly-formed US Snes RPG collection: FF 6 Earthbound (with the scratch and sniff booklet) Chrono Trigger Terranigma Super Mario RPG Secret of Mana
  6. For Switch owners who’ve not played either: this or Astral Chain first?
  7. Tru dis. The main story stuff is great but the side quests are thin and boring. I’m still doing them though
  8. Only played this for a couple of hours but I’m enjoying it. Wasn’t really expecting a beat for beat remake, how could that work? I didn’t play the demo though; what was in it that led to people having different expectations for the main game?
  9. Finally took the plunge on Civ VI on my Lite despite worries the screen might be too small etc. I fucking love it! I think if you’ve never played Civ before this might not be the version to go for, but if you know the ropes they’ve done a good job. Flying to England next week (23 hours total) and this will eat up the time
  10. So jealous of @RastanSaga and his dub records
  11. Started TOCS 3, only a little way in but love it like the others. This is comfort gaming to me. They tweak things like the combat menus slightly, and overall it’s a little slicker, but it’s the same old Trails and I love that. But have I become the equivalent of a change-fearing old twat who watches Heartbeat?
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