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  1. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Just listened, I'll give it another go but maybe they need a younger/less dusty person on there to expose Jeff to some Soundcloud Lil Whoever rappers that he'll really hate in an entertaining way. Or maybe be pleasantly surprised by. Not too interested in hearing anecdotes about NWA for the billionth time.
  2. Nintendo Switch

    Mine are absolutely fine, if that helps
  3. My Bloody Valentine's new album is out now

    Your avatar reminds me that we badly need some Boredoms vinyl pressings, although I guess a lot of those were CD only back in the 90s.
  4. My Bloody Valentine's new album is out now

    Yeah but this isn’t some ultra hi fi pristine/sterile recording. Back in 92 I bought this on cassette and for a time thought it was faulty as it seemed so woozy and varispeeded. I’ve had a few beers and am not totally clear on what I want to say but this is a blurred and sugary cloying slow wank of a record and it doesn’t need an ultra detailed analytical pressing. Save that shit for Steely Dan or something.
  5. My Bloody Valentine's new album is out now

    And Tremelo. FFS Kev
  6. My Bloody Valentine's new album is out now

    You don’t need a double 45 bruh. If this sounds as good as the OG Creation LP it will be glorious. We do, however, need represses of the EPs. You Made Me Realise and Glider are some of their best stuff.
  7. The National

    He seems to have upped the vocal fry effect, especially on the first track. Not sure it's the way forward. Otherwise this is a pleasant record.
  8. The iOS gaming thread

    Scintillating update: the loading times are fine now. Darkest Dungeon is alchemically suited to the iPad - go cop dat.
  9. The iOS gaming thread

    Just got this but the loading times seem OTT to me. Running it on an Air 2.
  10. Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    Was toying with buying a Switch this week as I've exhausted my GBA and need some sofa gaming outlet while my wife's watching Netflix dreck every night. Then I remembered I still had my old black DS Lite in the drawer. Ordered Front Mission off eBay. Excitement levels: feverish.
  11. So, is the remaster insultingly easy then? I think they did some rebalancing for this version.
  12. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    All over this unless there's no degree of challenge to it.
  13. Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Been playing Shining Force Resurrection of the Dark Dragon since I got the Micro. Was slightly phased by the titchiness of the screen at first (even though I had one of these back in the day) but the old eyes are still functioning and I love the sharpness. The headphone socket does emit too much buzz for it to be useable, sadly. Re: Shining Force @Wiper and whoever else has played it - does it ever get tougher? It's all a bit of a breeze so far.
  14. Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    It's arrived! It's real pretty.

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