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  1. DumbMagician

    Best New Music of 2018

    I’m pretty sure Yves Tumor is my AOTY. Wasn’t initially sure about the sort of 90s indie elements he brought in here but this is a record I keep coming back to. Kind of seems like something In the lineage of Maxinquaye despite not really sounding anything like that record.
  2. DumbMagician

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    The whole thing about the Skyrim/SR3 debate was its insane length. They couldn’t have played a clip to do it justice without adding two hours to the ‘cast. (actually maybe they could’ve had bits of it running all the way through the episode in little chunks) I would’ve liked the Yelp rant in there.
  3. DumbMagician

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    Weird to read some people comparing gamesTM to Arcade. I remember Arcade as having quite a zingy and humorous writing style, whereas TM was always a dull chore to read. Like, unpretentious in the worst way.
  4. DumbMagician

    Nintendo 3DS

    Thank you sir, ordering the 2ds right now
  5. DumbMagician

    Nintendo 3DS

    So tempted by the lime/Black 2ds. Lame eshop question that I shouldve been able to solve by google but couldn’t: are all games on eshop? I want Radiant Historia and Strange Journey but can’t get physical copies, are they on digital?
  6. DumbMagician

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    yeah, I get the complaints about the barely interactive looking prison scene earlier, but the gameplay stuff they just showed looks pretty special.
  7. DumbMagician

    Dark Souls Remastered

  8. DumbMagician

    vinyl lovers

    Pretty sure you guys are dying to know how my RSD 2018 went. I got: Piper mono Cure - Mixed Up Stones - Satanic Majesties Axelrod - Song Of Innocence Zep 7” And non -RSD: Slits - Cut Dr Octagon Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi V/A Uneven Paths Yo La Tengo - Riot DJ N-word Fox- Cranio And now I can’t afford to eat till July
  9. DumbMagician

    vinyl lovers

    Precisely this. I love RSD but mainly for the in store gigs and discounts on older stock. That said I’ll be pretty shitty if I don’t get that mono Piper At The Gates Of Dawn reissue. Edit: and the Eno/Kevin Shields
  10. DumbMagician

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Just listened, I'll give it another go but maybe they need a younger/less dusty person on there to expose Jeff to some Soundcloud Lil Whoever rappers that he'll really hate in an entertaining way. Or maybe be pleasantly surprised by. Not too interested in hearing anecdotes about NWA for the billionth time.
  11. DumbMagician

    Nintendo Switch

    Mine are absolutely fine, if that helps
  12. DumbMagician

    My Bloody Valentine's new album is out now

    Your avatar reminds me that we badly need some Boredoms vinyl pressings, although I guess a lot of those were CD only back in the 90s.
  13. DumbMagician

    My Bloody Valentine's new album is out now

    Yeah but this isn’t some ultra hi fi pristine/sterile recording. Back in 92 I bought this on cassette and for a time thought it was faulty as it seemed so woozy and varispeeded. I’ve had a few beers and am not totally clear on what I want to say but this is a blurred and sugary cloying slow wank of a record and it doesn’t need an ultra detailed analytical pressing. Save that shit for Steely Dan or something.
  14. DumbMagician

    My Bloody Valentine's new album is out now

    And Tremelo. FFS Kev
  15. DumbMagician

    My Bloody Valentine's new album is out now

    You don’t need a double 45 bruh. If this sounds as good as the OG Creation LP it will be glorious. We do, however, need represses of the EPs. You Made Me Realise and Glider are some of their best stuff.

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