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  1. Game and Watch is up for preorder to if you type in "Mario 35th" - https://store.nintendo.co.uk/elysium.search?search=mario+35th
  2. Easy guys! A SSFIIX "Tournament of Legends 3" Qualifier was held at Versus Fighting 2018 at Millenium Point, Birmingham last week. I was lucky enough to help run and commentate da ting. http://www.strevival.com/tol3 48 players including Legends. OGs. Wastemen. Winner of the qualifiers get to fight it out at Canada Cup in Toronto in October 2018. Players included Ryan Hart, Justin Wong, Orf (Multi time UK champ), Golcar Jack, Fuzzy and others. Was a mad tournament, every bracket had it's fair share of killer ST players. It al
  3. Hey Guys Late notice, hope it's okay to post this here, myself and big man @Willei and a few other chaps are helping run a Tournament this weekend on Saturday 3rd June 2017 at the Nottingham Ice Arena\Motorpoint Arena! The event is being hosted by Nottingham's own FGC mandem, Robin Hoods! Would be nice to see some of the RLLMUK Krew here if they can! Guilty Gear Xrd Revalator 2! (PS4) Tekken 7 (PS4) Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - (CPSIII + Super Gun - Plug in any 360/PS3/PS4 Controller!) Super Street Fighter II Turbo X (CPSII + Super Gu
  4. Would anyone be interested in buying the JPN Volcanic Edition of SFV? My brother bought it for me as a surprise, but I was already a big enough fiend and ordred it myself. Just looking to cover my cost on it plus postage (paid for Fed Ex...) and postage out to one of you guys. £130.00. Comes with the Hot Ryu\Chun cover, 3 additional alternate covers for the game (in a sleeve) and the Vital Box. Vital Box contains a DVD, Art Book, DLC Codes. I will be sending out the unopened\sealed Playasia package to you.
  5. Cheers SeanR! Ah, at least it has the game bundled with it. Japanese version has some funky faceplates and a special outer sleeve and that's it. So are the new 1tb machines the ones to get or is there a reason to buy an older model\bundle? Just noting Stu's post above about the problems with some models having mechanical eject buttons? Anything else which is better\worse on newer and older models that I should think about before taking the plunge?
  6. Hi I'm going to be purchasing a PS4 soon for SFV. Is there a particular machine/model I should go out my way to get over the other? I can't remember which one I was told to avoid. Would like a white console if possible. Thanks Jassi
  7. My brother has a Venom stick which I'm just gonna borrow. My mate has lent me his Cronus Max so I can use my 360 stick with that. Works without the time out now apparently doesn't it? Something to do with connecting a controller via a USB hub? Ready to drop some Amazon credit on a PS4, but been holding out in case a SFV Edition of the console is released. Not sure why they have not announced one as of yet, Batman, MGS5, Destiny all got a special console and they are multiplatform. HMM! Been meaning to come on rllmuk to post FGC related tings since Rival Scenes in Leeds but argh! Bodied
  8. Same at the branch of HMV in Birmingham. But yknow the metal security pins they use...when removed do they damage the box?
  9. Anyone want to play campaign or team multiplayer? S1ngho Keep getting an error message at the moment trying to get into SWAT though.
  10. Characters are unlocked free in SFV. You could probably buy them on release with real cash if you can't wait or use your Fight Money to unlock them. Fight Money you would already be accumulating through playing the game so there's no reason why it would fragment the player base. The said there will be daily targets and tasks which can help people boost to get unlocks. The only thing they will probably charge for is costumes and not the characters themselves. Capcom are doing DLC right with this game. There will not be a Super or Ultra. Base game will just be constantly updated. Charact
  11. Oh man, Dhalsim looks so sick! I would have loved a 3rd Strike character to make their way into V...buy I guess they are saving Urien as an unplayable boss right!? Loving Dhalsim's aged and bearded look. So that is Bison, Ken, Birdie, Dhalsim and to an extent Charlie who have had a more then minor image change even as their default costume. Bearded Ryu should have been default, but you can't mess with the poster boy. Hopefully, other alts for Gief, Chun and Cammy depart a bit more from the classic look. Anyway, Dhalsim! Similar but heavier looking normals for his LK and MP. Some kind of dir
  12. Left it too late, registered things Pikmin 3, Mario Kart, DKC which went through fine. But Bayo 1, Bayo 2 and Hyrule warriors has expired? Any reason for the later games codes stopped working? Wanted to get a coin or CD. Can see I'm too late for coin anyway. Lost tons of points from GC era when they reset. Didnt link my Wii and DS stuff and missing the boat on the lot above. Nevermind.
  13. Hi I'm running low on GMP...is it advisable to sell off the processed materials? I've built my base up as far as i can...could do with getting better weapons!
  14. Random non spoilery stuff I did over the weekend, including shocking attempts at stealth.
  15. Cheers for heads up...ordered at lunchtime, was dispatched shortly after!!!!
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