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  1. Oh that's going to be amazing, she even mispronounces mispronunciation!
  2. SozzlyJoe

    Atelier Series

    This thread inspired me to dig up Atelier Rorona on the Vita for another playthrough and damn I forgot how insanely addictive these games are. Such a compelling gameplay loop, and always something else that needs done to keep you playing.
  3. Wait, why is he pronouncing Sega like that? I would get paranoid and think I was wrong except all the games helpfully shouted it at me.
  4. Assassin's Creed has already had a movie, the games are ridicuolusly overstuffed full of 'lore', and it seems to be going all out on the books and comics so it seems like a possibility. They seem to be rather more proud of their storyline than it warrants though, what started out geniunely fascinating has turned into a terrible mess. Like when they did an origin story only to realise they wanted to visit an earlier time period so did another one. But with the sheer hubris behind it I could see Ubi pushing this.
  5. Godfall, the very first game announced for the PS5 is a new IP, so that's a good start.
  6. Great! I loved this, despite the fact I could not in good faith dispute a single word of @Nespresso's rant. The atmosphere of the game was just amazing. Like Deus Ex on mushrooms. And those weird little conversations you would have through people's door viewers! RH totally was phoning it in, but even that kind of worked, intensified the whole disconnected feeling of the world.
  7. They want to show off how they can seamlessly track their special fx, that's about the height of it.
  8. What about Liam Neeson's character 'bantering' with his son and calling him a "motherless cur"? You do wonder what sort of personal interactions Richard Curtis has if he considers that authentic dialogue.
  9. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo Wii U

    Miiverse was so lovely, the worlds first and only non-toxic social platform. My son was only about 4 or something when we got the Wii U, and he would post ridiculous bad pictures and they would still get some thumbs ups.
  10. Johann Sebastian Joust is funny, as it is quite coy about how you are supposed to play it. 'Jostle' my arse, it's obviously intended to provoke all out assaults (but done ever so carefully).
  11. The COD games can be a lot of fun in local split screen, humans vs each other or a load of bots (or you can go online together). They all have 2 player, I think the last one to support 4-player split screen was BLOPS3, which was free with PS+ a while back. If you have that, it's a blast in local MP.
  12. Yes, it will always be triangle to start the action (the may be further QTE style prompts after that though). It appears fairly central in the screen, it should be hard to miss! Best to try it when holding a weapon and heat charged, it will definitely happen then once you get close enough to an enemy. EDIT: By jove, I checked it and am lying to you. It's top right, could see how you could miss it:
  13. Heat attacks you can do by building up your heat meter until it glows, then when you have an opportunity to perform one you will see a triangle prompt. Easiest way to trigger this is if you are holding a weapon, these all have their specific heat attacks. The environmental ones can be much more situational (standing beside a wall for example). That's the basics of it.
  14. SozzlyJoe

    Atelier Series

    I think if you get to the 'post-game' you can indeed do this. It's the type of game that invites two play throughs, the first to get a handle on it and the second to do it RIGHT. @Flub I guess it is too early to say, but how does it work with no time limits, are you given tasks and then graded on them but the game continues regardless? Or have they relaxed into more straightforward JRPG mechanics?
  15. SozzlyJoe

    Atelier Series

    It depends on the game, but it generally translates into getting the proverbial "bad ending", and/or the game ending without opening up new post-game areas. I think some of the earlier games have a succession of hard deadlines throughout, which would lead to game overs. Rather like the Persona games actually. Thinking back I had a lot of fun with the ones I played, gameplay is solid and aside from the pervyness they are pretty good natured, but totally agree with @deerokus, probably a couple of them is all you ever need to play as they are very samey.
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