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  1. Yeah, I noticed the level loading on PC is crazy long. Like "has this crashed" long. Also has difficulties with the mouse pointer disappearing - this is like some sort of Ur-bug for PC games though.
  2. Against the Inquisition was one years ago, it's a great book. But you are right, it's 99% dross. I usually don't even bother adding them.
  3. I hear you. Some games I can't even remember if I played them on PS4 or PS3.
  4. The first few years of firmware updates were wild. You'd get changelogs like "added trophy system" or "added support for 3D blu rays" or "added support for dualshock rumble" or "added support for Canon printers". Just a bonkers pace of development for every class of feature under the sun. I was hoping PS5 would be similar but it's all "system stability".
  5. It was probably to close down the PS Store (then open it again). I've been playing my PS3 again recently, funny enough. The sheer age of some of my save games makes me feel weirdly queasy for some reason.
  6. OK, I had thought Jim had said they were ok with the 'he' pronoun still, happy to accept your correction.
  7. Sterling addressed this in one of his earlier videos. He has the usual wacky getup, and was agonising on whether to change into a more sombre appearance for the heavy videos but then he just thought that would be ludicrous. He sticks to being himself and wears what he wears no matter what the content.
  8. I have a strong feeling you are just extemporising on the flimsiest of data, but so am I so hey, that's ok. It's like jazz!
  9. Nah, for me, the onus is on the card to protect itself from this. And you'll excuse me but 'so much fast' doesn't really sound like a thing. This all reminds me of a time when I was young and I asked my dad what would happen if he revved the car into the redzone, which he did to show me, then the car wouldn't start again and we had to walk home. Asked and answered!
  10. A fuck up on Nvidia's side surely? Drivers and hardware failsafes should prevent software causing any harm like this.
  11. My dualsense has pretty bad stick drift, already (only had it two months). This is such bullshit for what is such an expensive item, and what is stick drift just going to be on every bloody controller now? 'Luckily', GAME hooked me into a bundle with an extra controller and the second one seems ok, so what's the process for sending the broken one back to Sony for repair?
  12. Always fascinating to see when well regarded games his PS+ or whatever. The audience widens from the self-selecting 'pretty sure I'd love this and I do' crowd to 'I'd never buy this this in a million years and I hate it' people. Which is totally understandable I suppose. Be a boring world if we all liked the same stuff.
  13. That strategy that was mentioned up-topic (spoilering that even though I really don't think it is one but just in case)
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