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  1. SozzlyJoe

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    Bit utopian, no? Who is the original 'creator' of Zool for example (to pick a random game on the service). Like, you could pick the designer, then the lead programmer or musician says "Where's my cut?" And what if you can't contact the creator, even if it is obvious who that is (thinking of Matthew Smith disappearing for decades). Seems like it isn't reasonably possible, nice as it would be. Certainly not feasible if you want a large library of games.
  2. Yes, it is! (On PS4 at least). Thanks for the heads up.
  3. SozzlyJoe

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    I wonder if someone has a long held grudge.. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-08-24-yakuza-unlikely-on-xbox-360
  4. SozzlyJoe

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    Wow, the C64 version only had only enemy at a time? Surely that makes a farce of it! I love the sheer lack of effort put into the biographies on the attract screen. Yeah, motivation is, killed a family member, will that do? For them all?
  5. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Shit, it really does look great!
  6. SozzlyJoe

    Retro Game Club - April ‘19: Golden Axe

    Had a go on the PS3 MD classics version, it's a real totemic game of the era this. I had the Spectrum version at the time, not sure I got on with it back then, but I can appreciate it more now. I remember getting enraged by the little potion guys, I was like a cat following a laser pointer, always going to where they were instead of where they would be! Stun-locking was a frustration too. Love the feeling of unleashing the full power magic, you feel like shit is really going down.
  7. SozzlyJoe

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Dude. This is wrong. Can you not just take my word for it? 3D Audio is a thing. https://www.soundguys.com/sony-ps4-platinum-wireless-headset-10699/ I mean, if you have information to the contrary, fess it up, but both your contentions that it is just VSS and that Gold headsets support it are wrong! (Just a pity it's not actually that impressive, IMHO)
  8. SozzlyJoe

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    No, I mean 3D Audio, it's some Sony thing. Needs specific in-game support. There's not a lot of details out there as to the actual difference. I tried it on Uncharted 4 and couldn't really tell the difference, TBH.
  9. SozzlyJoe

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Build quality is the difference. Platinum has a metal headband, seems a lot more durable. I had both and like you my Gold headset fell apart, but the platinum is still going strong. The platinum also has some kind of special '3D sound' but very few games support it.
  10. I dunno if I'd recommend online games to fill this brief. When you have limited gaming time, sitting round in a lobby, or getting thrown into a match with an unbalanced team is rage inducing!
  11. It's just going to be their "Megadrive Classics" list all over again I bet. Cool strategy as well to release a shit mini-console so you can get people to double dip on the second actually good one. Looking forward to Sony's next iteration of the Classic!
  12. Me too, but only because they aren't making episodes available for individual purchase. And the geological eras between episodes doesn't help either, They (or more likely the publishers) have really dropped the ball on this game.
  13. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo Switch

    So after me cravenly giving in and just going for the overpriced family sub (we only have 1 Switch FFS), Nintendo manage to subtly shaft me again by making this freebie individual account only. Geez, thanks Nintendo.
  14. SozzlyJoe

    Nintendo Switch

    I read that consoles use a modified form of Bluetooth as the standard one has too much latency. That has the handy side-effect for them of locking out third-party peripherals.
  15. SozzlyJoe

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

    Best Offer, eh? And Free Postage! Make him an offer of 1p for each disk.

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