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  1. Downloads for days these updates are taking the piss !!!
  2. Just read Alisson did that celebration to emulate Reina's against United that time
  3. Thought I was out , got this for Xmas off my wife now I'm staying up all hours grinding the living shit out of the game. It's as good as it gets for CoD for me
  4. Carcassonne is goto family game on the Switch now after getting it in this sale. Highly recommended for just under a £10
  5. I'm happy about our draw and good to see City finally getting a tough one for a change
  6. 01 - Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka 02 - Floating Points - Crush 03 - Tycho - Weather 04 - Seb Wildblood - Sketches of Transition 05 - Loyle Carner - Not Waving, But Drowning 06 - Crazy P - Age of the Ego 07 - Quantic - Atlantic Oscillations 08 - Dub Taylor - Detect 09 - Bibio - Ribbons 10 - Psychemagik - I Feel How this Night Should Look
  7. Thought id have a blast on TF2 multiplayer before all players jump on and cant get a game for love nor money
  8. its this but on the Switch and 89p
  9. another plus one here for Super Chariot its a rather charming game indeed looking forward to co-op with my daughter
  10. I've bought a couple of things this way from Amazon it certainly helps when you are skint
  11. Wasnt on my radar this game at all, somehow didn't noticed Respawn were involved will be picking it up for sure
  12. might depend on how long it takes for someone to hack em i guess
  13. These will be sub £100 in less then 6 months
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