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  1. No "The Girl With All the Gifts" on the list?! Bullshit!!!
  2. Microsoft and Nintendo showed a couple of good looking games each but nothing that set my excitement-o-meter to "holy shit" levels of hype. Pretty low-key all round this year.
  3. It was bad. But was it "Konami 2010" bad?
  4. "Let's recap what we all saw"...
  5. That 30 minutes could have been summed up in a couple of bullet points on a blog post
  6. Nah, she's auditioning for one of those awful teleshopping adverts for saucepans / mattresses.
  7. Everwild is going to be a while... https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1404527648756449280?s=19
  8. I will say that the Halo trailer when Chief was in space gave me Halo 2 trailer vibes. Reminded me of the whole "giving the Covenant back their bomb" scene Costa - "What if you miss?" Chief - "I won't!" https://youtu.be/WiwZY9B6EjM
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