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  1. teddymeow


    Should be a star.
  2. Time for a spot of MP before beddy-byes.
  3. Just came 6th in a round of a Blackout. That's really good for me in this type of game. Jumping in the chopper and gathering your team mates at the start is a cool feeling. Shake they were all micless and just ran around getting shot.
  4. I'm on now for a bit. PS4. teddymeowUK.
  5. teddymeow


    I've been watching Lucky⭐Star again. What a show that was.
  6. I really like Drew Goddard's work so I'm really looking forward to seeing this.
  7. teddymeow

    Pet Sematary 2019 remake

    We'll, that certainly gave me the heebie-jeebies! Read the book years ago and found it gripping stuff. This trailer looks great but casting rubbish John Connor worries me.
  8. Didn't people used to hate on Treyarch and the CoD games they out out?
  9. Yup. PS4 version is proper sunny all the time!
  10. teddymeow

    Edge #325 - Settle your scores here ;)

  11. Played a few games of Blackout. 6th was my best position. Not really my thing so put up for sale.
  12. I caved. Had a couple of old games and they covered the cost so I don't feel so bad. My local Game was totally dead too, I thought it would have been busier. Update file came down really quick which surprised me. I thought PSN would be cripplingly slow tonight. Just need to wait for the wife to go to bed and have a quick blast.
  13. teddymeow

    Perfect Films

    Ooh yes. Utterly wonderful film. As you wish.
  14. Reading that article it says the final final size is 55Gb. Does that mean that the game on the disc is being totally replaced with the update file?
  15. Okay, so this is taking the idea of the day one patch to ridiculous new levels... 50Gb?!!! https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-10-09-call-of-duty-black-ops-4-requires-a-50gb-day-one-update-to-work Game are going to be opening at 6pm on Thursday and selling so customers can start downloading the patch asap.

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