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  1. I like Snecko eye for the chaos it creates and tend to have good runs when I get it.
  2. Man this game continually fucks me. Had a few shit runs as defect earlier yesterday night. Gave up and played some gears 4. Thought at 11.20 fuck it one last run. Had a amazing damage cast lightning mechanic going on. Something like 8-9 orbs and flew through act 3. It was 12.20 and that time twat turns up as act 3 boss and nukes me. I hate him more thanWoke bloke.
  3. Any xbox owners here encountered this issue which support have had to escalate for me. Just want to get my free EDF which is the 360 game and I just cannot get it. I keep getting told to change payment options. When my payment options are right and working fine thank you as otherwise how did I pay for ultimate pass! I even re add the same details and same problem occurs across all methods of the Microsoft/xbox store. Any ideas as Google did say oh support can just fix it?
  4. Need to be in the same state I was when I met him in 2007 steaming drunk and just did nothing but throw praise and compliments at him. Turned out alright for me I got mentioned in the writers tale. He is a giant of a man.
  5. That's what I mean. I have no clue how to beat that heart.
  6. All my success came through persistence tbh. Just keep trying. 4 wins for me in god knows how many runs. Gave up last night after an hour of unsuccessful defect runs.
  7. Fuck that's obvious but I never considered artifacts to negate the strength or focus removal. Great advice there thanks. Still no win with defect though.
  8. 3 wins in total now after god knows how many hours across Xbox and Switch. I can smash the first act now with minimal issue on Ironclad and Silent but something always goes wrong on act 2 or 3. Cant wait for the new character to come to Xbox/Switch but first a defect win is needed. its testament to the game that I’m still thoroughly hooked with such minimal success but I always feel like I’m learning. Last two wins as Silent were solely down to relics and a lovely exhaust damage block mechanic working in my favour.
  9. No issues with length bar my aching back. I tooook enjoyed this and felt it did a very good in particular with the end encounter with It. Which not that good an ending in book. I'm down for the directors cut too. Hader stole the movie though.
  10. cassidy

    Nintendo Switch

    Well that twitch prime was a lovely surprise so that's me set up with a free year of Nintendo online and the SNES games. First thing finally finish Super Metroid....
  11. I'm in. And I previously cared not a jot.
  12. Did you get stung by customs? Not that it matters currently as its sold out.
  13. The man who first wrote Capacious pocket, wheezing groaning and pleasant open face and an ever present part of my childhood. As said above RIP Uncle Terry.
  14. We watched both of those and Pulp fiction in August. All still brilliant. Avengers Endgame - 5/5 nuff said.
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