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  1. Another birthday pressie decided on Power pack Omnibus. Sorry but I can’t help myself, loved this series in the 80’s, so had to get it. Would be getting the Wolverine and Uncanny Xmen vol 1 omnis but they are delayed.
  2. I knew he'd used photoshop in his pic in the rogues gallery the other day. This proves it.
  3. Massive announcement from square earlier this week or was it late last week? That they shipped early to make sure people got their copies in Europe.
  4. If you like Disney creativity and design and tech then try Imagineers If you like Quirky, whimsical, disarming humour then try World According to Goldblum.
  5. Shit balls. I was so tempted to order with shop to as well.
  6. I did the same thing this morning £50 PSN credit from cdkeys for £42.99 and existing psn credit for the remainder. I will regret this when people's physical copies start arriving.
  7. Only had the normal one on Amazon. I knew you'd approve. Never read it before either. So I'm excited.
  8. It's my birthday in 13 days and even though I have no more room in bookshelves. There's not much else I want for my birthday. So currently I have arriving From the better half the Invisibles omni From my son Peter David Hulk Omni Something to read on my 10days leave coming up, where we can't actually go bloody anywhere.
  9. No I have flick too and eggs. So many eggs and balloons.
  10. I have no clue and I paid attention? I have all 6 types and went back to talk and nowt happened.
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