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  1. Curse of the dead god's is rather good imo. Been playing all morning.
  2. Proper ending but defo leaves things set up for another one IMO
  3. Game 16 of the year is done, not 100% but seen the credits roll on Deaths Door another fantastic Xbox game. Now to mop up and go for that true ending.
  4. I just saw the credits roll and I loved it. Pretty sure there's a McCoy Who fan involved with the story because
  5. Well I guess I've not finished owt since June. I blame Darkest dungeon and I still ain't finished that. Anyway Game 15 of the year. Last Stop and I thoroughly enjoyed this, not that interactive on occasion buts it's a great tale, well told and very Dr Who on occasion. Well worth a play through imo.
  6. BBC1 initially I think then moved to BBC2. Didn't check relying on my memory.
  7. None of those are the 90's shit I was on about. Their all fantastic And @SaintAnselm is spot on as well.
  8. Lovely collection there @Flub. Wheres a Kroton though? I was gutted the tank museum in Bovington didn't have at least one special weapon dalek on display
  9. Nearly bought Curse of the dead god's yesterday. Nice one Gamepass.
  10. Don't worry he'll be back in a mo to tell us all comics are grimdark edgelord shit as well like it's still the 90's You are right though Pizza Dog for the win.
  11. Didn't even find this too long it flew by. Oh and it's fucking great. Loved it.
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