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  1. Yup watched that Sunday and enjoyed it as well.
  2. Well I really like donut county. It's just chill and has great music.
  3. Fair play on Microsoft that's a good turnaround from them.
  4. Just finished Batman the enemy within. Overstayed it's welcome slightly by the end. But overall enjoyed the story it told. 6 games in a month.
  5. Opinions isn't it, but appreciate the honesty in your reply. Even if we don't agree about his writing.
  6. Oh is it all on All4. That's tonights viewing sorted then.
  7. After watching this last night, it deserves its own thread. RTD's new 80's set drama as the Aids outbreak hits the LGBT community and it was fantastic TV and the usual standard we expect from him when writes from his heart. It was funny and moving and saw Neil Patrick Harris give one of his best performances I've seen. It will be on All4 if anyone missed it and it's already better than Years & Years IMO. I may be slightly biased cos in the main I love RTD's writing, even his worst Dr Who is light years away from where we are with Chibbn
  8. Next Christmas you must introduce the family to The Box of Delights as well. Just something about it and don't think it's just nostalgia as in the main it holds up well considering its from 1984.
  9. Seconded as you could probably tell by my reaction in the Horror movie thread. Thought the direction and editing was of a standard rarely seen, the story itself went places I really didn't expect and would probably watch the lead in anything he does in the future. In fact I think he be pretty damn good if Disney are looking for another Aussie to play Wolverine.
  10. Same for me with the Batman games though I think one of those was down to Games with gold. But the second tale really goes places I didn't expect.
  11. How's Demon Slayer. It can't be that shit if everyone in Japan is watching right?
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