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  1. cassidy

    Mystery Film

    Another good shout but its immortally a VHS in my head, so can't imagine what it looks like on Bluray In the mouth of Madness or The orphanage
  2. So many mixed feelings on this. The good. Taika sure can direct and loves and knows the source material. It's two films and that is probably enough to cover the story. The bad. They are Americanising it and thats just not on. New Manhattan alone just screams Nooooo at me. I could be wrong and would happily eat crow if that's the case. I'll risk it.
  3. cassidy

    Mystery Film

    That is a cracking shout. No one listens when I rave it.
  4. cassidy

    PlayStation VR

    Well I loaded the demo Everybody's golf and the full game was bought in seconds. Just don't have the words for how good it is. I'm shit at it with the move though. I'm gonna really bloody have fun practising mind.
  5. I can understand those who haven't seen a quality 3D bluray on a 4K TV with a stable and solid 1080p per screen not seeing the worth of 3D. If you don't have an issue with 3D and can see it, then come visit Casa Cassidy. Spidey into the Spiderverse in 3D is stunning to behold. So I can understand Thors anger. And I can also understand some people don't like it and some can't even see 3D properly. I ain't talking shit here. The day my current TV shuffles of to telly heaven. I will be devestated. I imagine it would pretty fucking awesome on a VR headset.
  6. cassidy

    Adverts that really f**k you off

    Any works for me tbh.
  7. cassidy

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Wanna see this version now as well. Not literally though
  8. cassidy

    Mystery Film

    They live or Day of the Dead
  9. cassidy

    Years and Years - BBC

    Ep2 had no face changers and was still really bloody good.
  10. Well make sure you say that next time.
  11. cassidy

    The Virtues - Shane Meadows Channel 4

    Good god that was some well filmed acting right fucking there.
  12. What a Hellboy movie is a bad idea?
  13. cassidy

    Blood and Truth

    So I got PS moves on Sat after owning Psvr since launch. I couldn't resist Beat Saber anymore. What a game. I love it and it's got me gaming again for first time this year. Blood and Truth is day 1 for me too.
  14. cassidy

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Ffs and there's me still trying to source and no doubt end up paying a load for the Hardcover. Goddamn my tactile need.
  15. cassidy

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    We saw Threads at that age and it didn't mess us up. Much

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