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  1. cassidy

    Doctor Who

    Me too.
  2. cassidy

    Good new horror films

    It just proved that what works so well on stage really doesnt translate to screen at all. Some of the jump scares in the Theatre and the final reveals are utterly terrifying. One because of the stage design and how in effect the tricks and what you are seeing a few foot in front of you seem impossible. Two because the atmosphere literally puts you there with them on occasion. Smell is used a lot and it's just intense from start to end. Seriously my recommendation would be to never see the movie and just hope it returns to the Theatre at some point so you can experience it the right way.
  3. Seinfeld leaving cinema gif.
  4. cassidy

    Tales from the Loop

    Really intrigued by this as the art and concept. Really appealed to me.
  5. cassidy

    Rogue Trooper

    It's alright. It's nowhere near as good as Moon or Source Code.
  6. cassidy

    Good new horror films

    Every boring ass season of Walking dead plodding?
  7. cassidy

    Rogue Trooper

    Most I reckon and I've watched many a movie, far worse than Mute. So I'll continue to give him a chance.
  8. cassidy

    Rogue Trooper

    Well I for one am excited by this news.
  9. This is £42 at Argos btw.
  10. cassidy

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    Blomkamp being brought on as Mega City One Showrunner, would have excited me more tbh.
  11. cassidy

    Nanette (Hannah Gadsby’s amazing comedy set)

    It’s not a Comedy set or the last 20mins either. It just utterly depressed me.
  12. cassidy

    ReCore : The Mack Daddy £12.45 on US Store BUYBUY

    Starting this thanks to Game pass for a month and being home ill. God it looks rough. God I love the moment and combat so far.
  13. cassidy

    A movie watchers blog

    I watched Resolution from my sick bed today. Decent movie.
  14. cassidy

    A movie watchers blog

    Frank Grillo makes the second movie. As for Calibre, I found it utterly meh sorry. Just didn't have the bite or depth of character it needed.

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