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  1. Midway through this just finds its groove. It's confident, it looks good, you care about the characters. Fair play, as Imo they have really stepped it up from an S1 to a very entertaining S2.
  2. No it's really similar to the comic logo. I ain't talking modern runs either.
  3. Claw of shame is insanity. Then you have the realtor exorcism episode and that was madness as well.
  4. I’ve just got opinions and clearly different to yours is all. However I do think It did two things right Hammerstein being used as a model for one of the Robots and Mean machine. 2000ad and Dredd was a big part of my childhood and I still love the Dredd characters and world, so forgive me for not enjoying a shit version of it and never revisiting it.
  5. cassidy


    It's not gatekeeping to recommend the original rather well regarded source material over a movie that totally misses the point of the aforementioned source material.
  6. I'd rather he just fuck off from the character tbh.
  7. Urban as Dredd and Sly as Rico I guess is their plan there? There's one movie I will never defend nor find a single saving grace and that's the 90's dredd. Saw it once in cinema never watching it again.
  8. Just died laughing watching ep 5 of series with one line. Have you ever had a threesome?
  9. Just watching series 1. Holy fucking shit this is hilarious and painful to watch and yet it's still heartfelt and seems like it's not malicious. Turns out Americans can do sarcasm.
  10. Well it's not unrealistic tbh and the more upsetting thing is fuck all appears to have changed.
  11. Can we just have a late night tv thread. I wanna talk about Get stuffed and Cinematractions. Maybe a bit of Sledgehammer and Herman's Head.
  12. cassidy


    Or Snyder is a Randian loving hack who has no real understanding of the media he is consuming and converting into shit movies. Bar the opening 10 mins of the Dawn remake. I'll give him that and only that.
  13. Agree its a much more confident start. Ep2 is great as well. And I'm now in uncharted territory as I've only read the first series in floppies when they were first published.
  14. Pretty much the same as you but with dollops of moviedrome, loads of kaiju movies. Though I didn't have Sky so my Uncle would record the Halloween movie marathons for me. Though I was also quite lucky in that I had access to loads of banned horror movies on VHS due to a friend in my village using mailing lists and supplying me with many delights of 70's and 80's Italian and American horror movies. I had seen the entire video nasty list by the time I was 15.
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