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  1. Good spot. I was going to buy it at full price for the race but this just means I get more practice. Only on sale to Nov 2nd though.
  2. Not only is it a great original film but statistically it might be the most consistently good franchise.
  3. Alright, screw this 3080 flim flam, let's get some AMDetails up in this thread. The real future of gaming will be shown off at 1600 UK time today and they will announce that there will be no problems at all with availability, the stores will be packed to the rafters with cards. Not only that but it'll also make the 3080 look as effective as Jared Kushner. Here's the link for the stream when it goes live Let's do this! (In six hours)
  4. So are we going to be able to buy the 3070 FE from Nvidia in the UK? I thought they'd given up on us! I just want anything to replace my 970
  5. To be fair, when I viewed the pictures on my phone I too thought that the XSX was the better looking but viewing on a big screen it's really obvious what the PC is doing and looks much nicer.
  6. That's a shame they didn't talk about the length and who pushed for it to be so damn long. Maybe it's something they can't talk about without offending someone they currently work with on the publisher side. It just seems like the most obvious thing to talk about in a post mortem, considering it was the primary complaint from almost everybody.
  7. I look forward to watching that latee. Is there any sort of self reflection on the length of the game?
  8. I'll have whatever the person at MGM was smoking at the time they came up with that deal.
  9. I somehow feel that this most stupid of conversations is both more entertaining and on some level, more insightful than the new Spitting Image.
  10. The guys is a massive bellend but I am looking forward to putting a bullet in him as soon as he appears.
  11. My mouth was so dry after the race, I think I forgot to breathe for much of it. I was so engaged in a first stint battle with @mrben09 that I almost ran out of fuel. Even when I got ahead he was so much quicker than me and reeled me in straight away. Then we seemed to lose each other in the pits and I was about 20 seconds up after exiting. That fuel efficiency of the Ferrari really does save time during the stop. Checked the timing boards to see @Valver just over 2 seconds behind me, did some neck stretches and settled in for another half of racing. It was fascinating to see the
  12. I'll be there, just not had any time for practice this week. I'm disturbed at people finding enjoyment at Silverstone.
  13. Gears 5 is the worst entry in the franchise. Better off playing the Ultimate Edition of the original
  14. Nah, someone, anyone should be pushing the premier league to explain why we're getting arm pits as offside. Everyone should be happy as it'll make the game better for everyone. Thinking the Pickford thing should be investigated shows up the real nasty football fans who can only find pleasure in the misery of others. That was an awful attempt at a tackle.
  15. I don't think you need to worry about upsetting many Starmer fans here. It's a great video and shows what you can do from outside the establishment.
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