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  1. What exactly is it? Says I need to sign up but I'd like to know what for before making an account.
  2. I was so up for this but after foolishly tapping on your underlined text, believing it to be a link to a poll, I now hate you and withdraw my support. I'm definitely up for doing some team based racing, sounds good. I'll unfortunately have to skip the next two weeks due to continuing issues with my arm but can't wait to get back to racing.
  3. I hope there's some sort of hypocrisy award this year as RLLMUK looks set to give Last of Us 2 a clean sweep, including (potentially) in a category lamenting awful work place conditions. Alan Stock can't belive how they squeezed the game onto a PS4? Do not underestimate the power of an unhealthy toxic environment to drain every last piece of essence out of your staff.
  4. It seems like he'd be of that generation to tell them to get fucked. It's a horrible relic of a bygone era. He should use it for a year just to wind everyone up and then give it back stating the reasons why. He'd get double the outrage! Fuck the empire.
  5. It's absolutely gorgeous. The lighting and time of day make those farms look incredible. Don't forget that for people living in other countries, this setting is exotic or at least different to what climate they are used to.
  6. I've been watching this through this morning, going in knowing that the audio mix wasn't optimal but I wasn't prepared. Everything @Moz detailed above is accurate, the LFE channel is unhinged and free to run rampant across all the other audio and the film really suffers. It was the exact opposite experience I had watching Soul, which is an audio design masterpiece. The intro sequence of that film is Atmos demo material. I couldn't be bothered to mess around with my settings to get through this so just sat with my finger on the remote. I was constantly in a state of readiness. For
  7. Plus it must have been hard as hell during the year we've had to get all that finished, even for a movie. I feel that it's something that might get quietly patched in the future to bring it inline with the quality we've seen in the MCU.
  8. Absolutely gutting to see you and @Speech come together like that. You managed to keep me exactly 2 seconds behind you for almost the entirety of the first 30 minutes, which was frustratingly awesome. Then, after I pitted first, it was a quiet few laps until I came along the start finish to see you 3.2 seconds ahead of me! Luckily those tyres had cooled enough during the pit that I could claim back some time and it was another solid 20 minutes of following the green beast. Super clean racing, with moments I must have been centimetres from your bumper and was looking forward to carrying on unti
  9. Feeling any enthusiasm creeping back in? I was wondering if we could do with a slightly longer gap between seasons. Maybe fill the void with exhibition races allowing those who want to race every week get their fix but allow others to recharge their batteries. We seem to be having an increasing amount of burnout, for various reasons.
  10. If the company came up with a term to easily distinguish between the 70mm format and the large screens you see licensed to the likes of Cineworld then it wouldn't be a problem. I've got no problem with fake IMAX, it's my preferred way to see a film locally. I just use the term so people know I'm not talking about the proper IMAX screens.
  11. Did it get better? Just switched it on and it is lovely and crisp with no issues.
  12. I want cinema to return as much as the next person but whenever I go to the cinema I'm always amazed how bad the picture looks compared to my OLED and the sound at home is much better because there's no cunt having to explain every aspect of the movie to their bored partner. The only time the picture is good is if you pay the extra for the fake IMAX screen. You're also more likely to have a crowd that's there to actually watch the movie.
  13. There should be a rule that when you mathematically win the championship, you have to sit the rest of the season out so that fun stuff might happen. If we get the 24 race season next year, it's going to be a slog. If Russell is in the car next year then we might get a bit more spicy racing towards the front. If it's still Bottas, then congratulations Hamilton on his record setting championship win. The problem if Hamilton retires, which he won't because he can easily set history next year, is that Russell will just become the new dominant driver and we'll be stuck in
  14. This one? I feel absolutely disgusted with myself that some of the most fun racing I've had was at Paul Ricard. Sickening.
  15. I'm in a Perfect Dark thread, a game which I've wanted a sequel to for ages and now all I can think about is how good Outrun 2 is. You're all monsters.
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