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  1. Definitely. I use a 3600 cpu with an old ass GTX970 and have just had my first go of ACC in VR and it all worked perfectly. I had a go in 2D earlier and had some micro stutters. First stint was fine and ran perfectly fine. Came into the pits to change tyres and when I left the pits it was almost unplayable. Nothing else had changed. It's very annoying when it does it going into a corner making you miss the apex/down shift. No stutters in VR though. You could also save about €200-300 by doing a self build.
  2. Deadpool or Mafia (2)? Or maybe both. I'm sure in Deadpool the character played by North or Baker calls up the VA to have a chat mid game. So it was an overplayed joke all the way back then and it still continues.
  3. Wow this is bad. I can't believe they've spent this long making a 360 era superhero game. Everything about it feels misjudged. From the terrible menus, to the bad loot implementation and the wave after wave of cannon fodder enemies for you to grind against in a bland environment featuring some uninspired art design. Ultimate Alliance 3 probably had a tenth of the budget but is a much better love letter to the comics. If you want a darker take on comics than UA3 then go play Raven's Wolverine game instead. Way better than this trash. Or Spider-Man I guess. Better to replay that then play as him in this.
  4. I can't tell if this is a "hey, I'm the one you hit" or the forum equivalent of the Luigi death stare as you casually drive past somebody you just murdered on the track.
  5. My worry is that this is part of the PlayStation blitz that was promised and it'll be exclusive to them. All this console war stuff is bullshit but I'm really starting to genuinely hate Sony with this shit. If this is exclusive to the shittiest VR solution then I'll be so annoyed.
  6. The 360 version is so good that I don't even know why it's a debate as to which game is better. It has a fantastic online mode which makes those 80 lap races the most intense racing experience ever, allowing for some actual tactics. It's amazing seeing people stay out for longer without pitting, really pushing those tyres until it's like driving on ice whilst the people who pitted 5 laps earlier are starting to gain time. It was crazy because it was the most arcadey racing game yet felt more like actual racing than all the sims on a console. I still play it on my Xbox One using backwards compatibility with my Logitech G920 and the FF works fine. I wish they'd release Daytona Championship USA on the current gen. It already works on PCs just fine. I find it sad that NAMCO have abandoned Ridge Racer. Was genuinely expecting a remake of sorts for the next gen reveals.
  7. I've not done any practice because of the heat but if it's cool enough I'll jump on later for the race, just to get some race experience.
  8. I was going to comment that I'm sure some nice people will be there to offer very reasonable loams with 2000% apr so that people can still get that shiny new console and keep up with their mates. Which is super gross that it's the world we live in. Then I remembered that Microsoft themselves offer All Access and have said that the sex will be on that program too. I've not looked at it for a while but when it launched you didn't end up paying any extra whatsoever than if you'd bought it outright. Maybe MS had been planning for the world to go to shit all along.
  9. Yeah, I get that but isn't that age over? Grounded was released into early access last month and was a huge success for Obsidian; even on Steam where people had to pay for it. So you have these more varied smaller titles published by Microsoft instead of yet another open world game. It's a bit sad that to be considered a tent pole you have to fit into a very small category of what games can offer. They should be applauded for offering variety. I'm very critical of MS fucking up what's ahead because the Series X launch looks like a big why bother but in terms of games it's been quite fun recently.
  10. Working their employees to death in a toxic environment? That's probably the worst example you could have chosen because it's well documented how that disgusting sausage was made. I don't see the difference between Ori and those two anyway. Unless you're saying because they're big open world 3D games then they count more as video games.
  11. Bad analogy. The author of the book often has no decision over the cover, with an artist chosen by the publisher. There's quite a few people involved. YouTube videos are often a solo affair so this is the content creator themselves deciding that the best image to represent them is a gurning mug with off kilter text and maybe an arrow highlighting something you just won't believe!
  12. Do you not count Ori because it was 2D? I'd class that as a gorgeous big AAA game. Gears Tactics came out this year and if Gears of Bore 5 counts as AAA then the far superior game should too. Also don't forget Battletoads is out in a week! Battletoads everybody! You want Battletoads right? BATTLETOADS!
  13. But Tetris is on ye olde xbox one which just leaves I Can't Believe It's Not Aliens and NOT Silent Hill: A XXX Porn Parody. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence or make me want to open my wallet. This console has no wow factor at launch and that's a huge issue with regards to public perception.
  14. Yeah and that's a real shame but if more people genuinely click on clickbaity thumbnails then aren't we the ones who are wrong? I know I instantly add those channels to "don't show me this shit" filter. Probably missing out on some great content.
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