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  1. Can we please not bump the thread unless there's an update on the sex toy? I keep getting all excited and then it's just people talking about how good the game is.
  2. Isn't that the way of all awful right wing governments? I mean Cameron to May to Johnson just proves it's as much of a problem in the real world as in fiction; so it's not entirely unrealistic.
  3. The spoke about this during a Giant Bomb interview at E3. They're making a game that now has an audience of all Game Pass members, so many people who've never even thought to play a Gears game can just download it to try it out. It's why there's the Previously On and State of the Universe feature as well. You can also skip the tutorial and choose it from the menu later if you feel you're too pro for it.
  4. But it's a question that they'd already answered five seconds earlier right? That's the reason I hate Rorie because of all his performances on any live stream. Spends all his time with his head in a laptop just to occasionally ask them to do something in a game they've just done, or play a game they've just finished playing or anything else utterly useless. It's not just because he's checking chat either, he must be browsing porn or buying more alcohol online because other people manage to monitor chat and contribute just fine. Glad to hear he's good on this bombcast though. Such a rare treat after the millennial invasion of late.
  5. Yeah the topic needs updating with the disappointing news right in the description. Such a let down.
  6. They've been the bad facists since the first game
  7. Ugh, Rorie is a thousand times worse than Ben
  8. It is the only time I've ever regretted having an Atmos setup. I absolutely loved the tonal shift from that to the start of episode 3 which was so joyous in it's frivolity that I thought my face muscles were going to break from smiling.
  9. Nor does whoever negged this. Shocking news, awful people aren't particularly bright.
  10. I've not played any other version but the input lag and frame skips are absolutely noticeable.
  11. Picked it up off of this recommendation and I'm enjoying it too. Although I am so out of practice with picross type affairs that I get in a bit of a panic against the enemies.
  12. No he doesn't. He does maybe 5 seconds, if that. You know that meme with the little girl eating crackers? This thread feels like that a lot of the time.
  13. Good for a championship but sucks for Stroll. Stupid sexy Vettel.
  14. Shame the safety car will bring Vettel within a podium shout. Was really looking forward to seeing Max and a new set of faces.
  15. Has there ever been a case of someone calling themselves a "free thinker" and not turning out to be an absolute bellend?
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