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  1. Love these games - but I've always wondered why they don't make the ship out of the same stuff that 'the force' is made out of. I mean come on - fools. That really has tainted my enjoyment a bit. Anyway if, after that, you can somehow manage to continue to suspend your disbelief I can thoroughly recommend R-Type Delta on the original PlayStation. For an early 3d game its aged surprisingly well visually. They don't mess with the R-Type formula and the weapon choice and enemies are varied and fun - best of the bunch I reckon*. *Full disclosure - I'm yet to properly attack the PS2 outing. Though it felt a little too slow for the brief period I did try it.
  2. MrMorgasaurus

    Currently playing...

    Just coming to the end of castlevania Circle of the moon on GBA. It’s definitely the worst of the 3 gba titles. But still very enjoyable - and better than I was expecting. Been playing via emulation on PSP and it’s mostly ok but some bosses and rooms have suffered badly from frame rate drops (the Zombie dragons were borderline unplayable). When I started out I thought it would be pretty much perfect emulation. It really isn’t. I’ll definitely be revisiting the other 2 after this but on native hardware.
  3. @Fireproofradiator if you decide you’d like a 19 blade fan I’m happy to post you my spare. May as well put it to good use. Let me know. Can’t guarantee what difference it will make though.
  4. Not sure it is the cheaper option. A new fan was a 12 Quid. Also not sure how prevalent the 60 gig back compat version is on the 2nd hand market. But I’ve not really looked. That said - maybe the emulation offered by cfw on a standard machine is good enough these days and all the effort required to look after the older model is unnecessary.
  5. I did this the other day. Stripped the PS3 60Gb down. Cleaned it. Changed the thermal paste. And intended to upgrade the fan to a new 19 blader in the interests of getting better temps and airflow Takes a wee while - and I've never applied thermal paste before - but its not too complicated. Note that I did not go the whole 9 yards and remove the integrated heat spreader from the chips and replace the paste under there because it looked far too dangerous - I just replaced the paste for the contact between the IHSs and the coolers. Thing is - its not really any less noisy now than it was before and the temps aren't massively improved. The only change has been that I feel better that the thermal paste has been changed because apparently that stuff has a shelf life. Turns out my fan already had 19 blades so my purchase of the part was unwarranted (you can even tell how many blades you have on your existing fan without opening the case if you shine a torch into one of the exhaust ports and count the visible fins). I can find a guide if you like. Should have checked first. My advice would be stick a custom firmware on it first (which is relatively easy) and get an idea of the temps on your CPU & GPU under load. It will tell you the fan speed (as %age) and temps - from there you can make a call on whether its worth cracking it open and doing the job based on the reported statistics and your tolerance for noise.
  6. MrMorgasaurus

    Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    This thread has resulted in a real Wiinascence for me. Bought a wii arcade stick in the trading folder and everything. Having both my GC games and Wii games on USB storage is great. Been dabbling with PC emulation and looking at all singing/dancing emulation boxes recently - but turns out modding the real hardware is just as convenient but a heck of a lot cheaper. Oh - and you don't stumble over the odd hiccup you get on emus either. Was also looking at getting the new PS1 mini - but thanks to my experience here I've gone and ordered a cheap 2nd hand PS3 to mod instead as that will do the job and more besides.
  7. MrMorgasaurus

    The Emulator Thread

    Thought I’d give an update on my experience with the nettop. Gave Lakka a spin last night. Results were patchy but encouraging. Rom compatibility and discovery was limited from the images I have already which is annoying as I’ve seen them work on other stand alone emulators. Figuring out why (naming convention, format, compression?) for each instance will be painful. Hence the pi image route is looking attractive right now. Though I presume that i can still use lakka if I can source and expand a pi image and simply pull the games out as they will be in the right format? Unable to test 32bit gen performance. PsOne, N64 and up didn’t even run. Turns out this may be due to running the 32 bit version of Lakka. Either that or the embedded video driver has some sort of issue with 3D rendering for my machine configuration So I’ll have to wipe and start again with the 64 bit version and see if that fixes things. On the plus side of things what did work was great (just neo geo + gba). Playing GBA Aria of Sorrow on a 360 Arcade stick felt great for example. And the positives have been enough to make me feel it’s worth persevering. So I’ll be reinstalling and trying again tonight. Recalbox also looks very similar so I can try that if I continue to have problems with the 3D console emulation.
  8. MrMorgasaurus

    The Emulator Thread

    Hmmmm.. food for thought. Thanks for the offer. Looks like I should give Lakka a spin first and see what its like. No harm in doing so really. Plus it looks like its got Dual Shock 3 support out of the box and I've got a spare one of those knocking about somewhere.
  9. MrMorgasaurus

    The Emulator Thread

    Alas its a nettop - so tiny case, no PCIE slot etc. - so it will be using the onboard graphics only. Still viable? One thing that is attractive from the Pi point of view is the availability of images which are just download/build and everything is right there. Is there anything similar/recommended on the x86 side of things?
  10. MrMorgasaurus

    The Emulator Thread

    Maybe I should post in ATF but I’ll try here first. Ive got a few spare Celeron based nettop PCs after migrating family XBMC solutions to nVidia Shield TVs. Specs are: celeron 1007u 1.5Ghz 2gb ram 500gb hdd One has a windows license. Is there any scope for repurposing it as a retro emulator machine? One that can be hooked up to a big tv? Or will I get better results/run into less bother selling and going down the raspberry pi route?
  11. Is this the MW2 back compact thread now? Joy and despair for me playing this over the last couple of days. Felt good getting back into the Attack helicopter after such a long hiatus. But 50% of the lobbies I hit have had some sort of hack going on. You would have thought that would have subsided after so many years. But I guess it’s nostalgia hacking now?
  12. MrMorgasaurus

    Nintendo Switch Homebrew Thread

    The switch is hacked - but that also means shared hardware like the nvidia shield tv is vulnerable in the same way Could this open the way to see switch games running on that ? They share the same/very similar guts after all. Pretty sure there's tonnes of switch owners who'd love access to the GeForce Now store too.....
  13. MrMorgasaurus

    SNES Mini

    Dracula X: Rondo of blood isn't it?
  14. MrMorgasaurus

    SNES Mini

    Anyone considering the Hori 6 button fight pad for this as sold by Argos may want to reconsider. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/7455407 This had serious issues establishing a connection for me (though my mini was set up next to my wireless router). Not only that - it was less than responsive on the diagonals. I found executing endless fireballs far more accurate on the stock pad. Not worth the £30 being asked in my opinion.
  15. MrMorgasaurus

    Titanfall 2

    There's a thread with one in the Bargains section. Ignore me false alarm.

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