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  1. Installing to internal should work fine I think. Never transferred from internal to external myself. But no reason it shouldn’t work. As for card size - it depends on what you’re using it for. If it’s just for transport between pc and console. 32Gb should be fine. If you’re running emulators though you need to run them from the Sd card and that includes the roms. So Retroarch images like the one discussed above can require a lot of space. That said you can always cut them down. The 100Gb image can be cut down to about 60 just by removing all the pc engine cd games.
  2. Re-running haxchi every time is a bit of a pain. It’s not like the PSP where once it’s run it’s only negated by a hard restart. Every time you turn the machine on you will need to run it. it doesn’t take very long. But it’s most annoying when I just forget to do it and try and run something non-standard. I’m definitely going to do the permanent hack, just need to get round to it. The wii u supports external USB storage so you don’t need to do anything special there. Just plug it in so the wii u recognises it. It format’s it itself. I have got an externally powered caddy for
  3. Just to update on this. I’ve now tried it with a U3 class card. Takes 40 seconds now wi which is far more usable. I’m guessing the card I used originally may actually be a fake as it’s the same class and make as the one used by Filth.
  4. Sandisk Ultra U1 128Gb here. Takes 1 Minute and 27 seconds to launch from the Forwarder I have installed on the Wii U homescreen. Almost double!
  5. @jonnyalpha Here is the structure of my SD card. I've underlined the files which I copied onto it from the RETROARCH image. Note that the retroarch folder in the root is different to the one in wiiu/apps.
  6. Retroarch takes far longer to start than 30 seconds for me. More like 2 minutes. Lord knows what it’s doing. I’ve got a U1 class sd card for reference.
  7. I presume you formatted your SD card as FAT32? (Windows does not make this easy - particularly as I had to subsequently mount the SD card explicitly in Windows Disk Manager to even see it in Explorer.)
  8. Been playing with the retro arch build today. Lots of work clearly gone into it. And when it works it’s great. But my god loading anything is extremely slow. Even booting the front end - to the point where I thought it had crashed. Been trying arcade games mostly and several have crashed requiring a hard reset. Will persevere though and the bezels are a nice touch. Kirbys pinball land on Gameboy was worth the 80gig download on its own.
  9. I downloaded it using the torrent link on arcadepunks and there is no password required doing it that way by the looks of things.
  10. I’m sure others have said so previously. But I need to vent. Update files on this game take the biscuit. I’m now downloading the 1.13 patch for the 3rd time since its release. A patch file of 72GB for no apparent reason other than this game has a patch bug which forces it to redownload stuff you already have. So that’s 210GB total I’ve downloaded so far. Of which at least 140GB was unnecessary. No patch needs to be 72GB. How can that be justified? If only it was a mediocre experience I could bin it and move on. Bastards!
  11. Agreed. Life has been breathed back into this by PS+. Still a huge amount of fun and the best multiplayer I've experienced on PS4. Its not serious, I don't feel pressure to do well, it doesn't matter if I lose (KDR isnt a stat). Still have bags of fun stomping around and punching ant people in my massive robot. Titanfall 3 is one thing that would sell me next gen.
  12. Yes - and as @Jamie John says its a bit good in there. Also one of my favourite areas in the game.
  13. Useful map in spoiler above Go and buy the heater shield from the undead merchant . It gives 100% protection from physical attack.
  14. Yes it should. I run via multi man but on a BC ps3. But I believe there is a toggle not to use the native hardware and emulate in software instead.
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