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  1. I remember the enemies in this being bullet sponges - but that video really brought it home. I also remember expecting just about everything that wasn’t an enemy to explode when I shot it. Great game. The unskippable cutscenes were painful though.
  2. I look at this picture and all I can think is "Potential Energy". I hope you got one of these for display with your console *Edit: @Mr Do 71 beat me to it.
  3. Castlevania: Lords of shadow looks pretty great on the series x and, as with everything else I’ve tried, loads in frighteningly quickly. Which is great because I now don’t have to sit there and wait in anticipation of Patrick Stewart’s worst ever performance every time I load a level. At least he’s in fine company though as Robert Carlisle also delivers the nadir of his career. Gameplay is as janky as ever. Soundtrack is still utterly epic to the point where it makes me forgive everything. What a clusterfuck of a game it is. I love it. First serious let down - Bina
  4. The load times on Fallout New Vegas are terrific. I wasn’t expecting 2 generations previous to get the magic storage treatment too. After coming from a generation spent with a PS4, game pass seems, well, bottomless.
  5. It took ages for me just now. likely peak time for all the new recruits.
  6. The Series X packing is lovely and everything but - the accessories are, as far as I can tell, deliberately hidden in the box. Its like they commissioned David Copperfield to design the interior. So - in order to avoid the mild panic I endured I'd like to reassure everyone that the accessories definitely are in there. They are at the rear of the box inside a secret compartment painted with the same black paint they put on stealth aircraft.
  7. I’ve not had one either. Though it must be said I managed to bag one when there was a brief second wave of stock so I’d expect to be a little down the pecking order. They’ve charged me though.
  8. Back compat looks good in this. MGS: Revengence Ninja Gaiden: Black Hydro Thunder: Hurricane Anything with a colon in the title should be great.
  9. There were no checks that the codes I used corresponded to the email addresses used when pre-ordering. So they appear to be easily transferable if you’re not feeling it.
  10. Well despite all the strangeness both my orders have been completed thank goodness. I wonder if I will get the 5% from topcashback against the full £2449... *Edit its £449 isn't it.
  11. At best its a hack to get around the limitations of purchasing via their website without them having to change anything. But it screams scam and will surely generate a lot of confusion, distrust and trigger many inquiries to their customer service.
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