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  1. Chesterfield, Solihull and Notts County will be strong, so I'd imagine 100 points plus will be the expectation for Parkinson to try and ensure Wrexham get that top spot this season. There was a drop off in squad quality beyond the core players last season so we've ditched half a dozen so far and it looks like we want better in two or three starting positions and will look to strengthen bench options too. We don't need to sign loads though really. Rumours of targeting league one players are out there, but it looks like our first new addition will be centre back Jordan Tunicliffe, who has rejected a new contract at Crawley and appears to be good. Pressure is going to be on, everyone expects us to win the league this year. We'll do well again I'm sure, but I'll let you know exactly how confident I am once I see our final squad. Over 6,800 season tickets have been sold!
  2. I must have finished it 4 times including the HD version and I'm pretty sure I'll still think it's magnificent if I played it again today. My main criticism remains that its not quite bold enough. Too often reverting to Ocarina fan pleasing safe ground. To be fair, it does do almost everything better than Ocarina, but I wished they'd run with the wolf thing even more and maintained the focus on that rather than it getting a little sidelined later on in the game. They definitely should have built up Zant's part, possibly making him the only big baddie. The world was familiar but fleshed out which was great, but it was better when it went beyond that. More expanded or hidden hyrule would have been ace. But those dungeons. And Midna and her Lament. Pure magic.
  3. I'm not 100% convinced about this yet. I don't think it feels quite enough like a full football game. Dodging a tackle to get a shot and goal away are probably the most satisfying moments you get which is more like a fighting game. The pitch is a bit too compact I think with less room to breath than the previous game. Charged had a bigger emphasis on passing too and to me felt a bit more like football with power ups and special abilities and little less like a scrap. I don't think I like this way of doing things quite as much. And I'm still losing sight of the ball far too frequently. That just isn't going away. I'm still enjoying it to a degree and the animations of all the characters are superb, it's got loads of character, but yeah not completely convinced I'm going to stick with it yet.
  4. Strikers Charged wasn't particularly strong in single player either though was it? I played a bit of the demo and wasn't immediately convinced the changes they've made will make for a better game than the Wii one which I loved online. Stripping back the individual main player moves and variation in arenas, it seems less over the top, which instinctively I see as a bad thing. Although tricky to judge its success being throw into the chaotic deep end of 2 vs 2. Working out who I was controlling and sometimes where the ball was not as immediate as my old brain allowed for. Team colour choices that were being made for me weren't as distinguishable as they could be. Black shirts a particularly tricky one to pick out. It seemed slick as fuck though. Looking forward to getting stuck in with a couple of beers tonight.
  5. I promise you that Notts County will reach the play off final next time.
  6. Neutrals watching that might disagree, but the playoffs are indeed a load of shit. At least there was so much happening today that I barely had time to be nervous during the game. Twice I had people by me asking me the score. "is it 3-3 or 4-4?" A fittingly crazy game of football to finish the season off. And of all clubs, at least it was Grimsby who I like. I thought their fans were great and their players battled like fuck. Although we did finish four places above them in the league. Yep the playoffs are still shit. So yeah gutted. At least this feels different to other playoff defeats. Where it either felt like we'd blown our big chance or thoughts of we'll come back stronger next year were predominantly based on hope. And it's just been great to be at the football this season hasn't it? Who cares about that winning or losing shit, it's not important, it just serves to complicate the enjoyment. I had a fantastic day today. Honestly.
  7. Ultimately not the best end to the season losing against Dagenham, but thankfully it was irrelevant with Stockport enjoying a comfortable afternoon at home to Halifax. They've served their time outside the football league. Not been down quite as long as us, but fell a division further. Good look to them, they'll do well next year in League Two I'd imagine. Already got my ticket for the playoff semi a week on Saturday. Notts County or Grimsby won't be easy, but we've been fantastic at home since January, so I am mildly confident we can come through that game. I think Solihull have the easier semi at home to Halifax, who are nothing like as good away from home, or Chesterfield who have been in mid table form at best since Christmas. Everyone is expecting them to get to the final. A final that was announced a couple of weeks ago to be played at West Ham's ground. The obvious choice given all the southern based teams that dominate the playoff positions. They're great the National League.
  8. Your mate was probably born fairly close to the football ground too then! I have been giving all the Everton fans at work a hands off our championship level players warning. Reclaiming third best team in Wales status and avenging playoff final defeat would be something we'd quite like to do I think. There would be a bit extra in that fixture. Looking at potential league 2 fixtures is something I'm trying not to let my mind do at this point, but yeah thanks for that!
  9. It was watching Sunderland Til I Die that was the catalyst for Rob McElhenney deciding he fancied buying a British football club. It all snowballed from there when Reynolds jumped aboard. Our recent good fortune oddly linked to Sunderland's misfortune. You could add in Phil Parkinson's failure there working out okay for us too. My only experience of Sunderland fans was when a load of them turned up to one of our games once. Denis Smith was our manager at the time who had won promotions for them so I think they came to cheer him on. Their game in the North West somewhere must have been called off late I think. Anyway, they were great that day, so I'm fully behind a Sunderland promotion for all sorts of reasons. Stockport's 1-0 win against Torquay last night means they only need a draw against Halifax on Sunday even if we beat Dagenham and Redbridge, but you never know! At least I can relax a bit because it's a bonus free hit see what happens kind of game for us. I'd be shitting myself now had Torquay won. Postpones the nerves a bit until the playoff semi a week on Saturday.
  10. What a fucking game Stockport all over us for 20 minutes, but then we gradually took charge and an immense Palmer and classy Mullin made our chances count. We were pretty great all over the pitch, but that was a big difference. We had the better front two by a mile and Paddy Madden who has scored loads for them had a stinker. 3-0 tips the goal difference in our favour too and for the first time this season we've gone top of the fucking league!!! Which will be why I'm now posting the league table. Incredibly Stockport have lost 4 of their last 6 games now, which I'm not sure anyone anticipated. They've shit themselves a fair bit, but will obviously still win the league with 4 points from their remaining two games even if we win our game. Whatever happens between them and Torquay on Wednesday, the title race is going to the last game of the season and I'm not sure I will be able to cope.
  11. Yeah, astonishing. Scunthorpe are clearly diabolical so there would always be a chance, but forget anything in the premier league or the champions league, that's the game of the season to be at by a fucking mile. First, second, or third is pretty irrelevant. Congratulations El Pibe!
  12. We just got dominated by the opposition in football, but my team mate golden balled an equalising lob on a rare break that crossed the line just as the clock was hitting zero. The momentum now with us we went all out attack and I ended up heading in a winner in extra time. I initially imagined our opponents faces resembling those of the Man City players last night, but it's such a jovial game they probably stood up and applauded our amazing comeback from their sofas. In contrast to Tennis which now has me tense and shouting profanities at the screen every match.
  13. I think this is brilliant. Straight in no fuss fun. Exactly what I want from online gaming. I've had some mismatches in Tennis and Badminton, but then along come a couple of close ones and it's tense and magnificent Football is basically on the ground Rocket League with a Skyward Sword stamina gauge slapped on so naturally it's ace. Actually it feels more Skyward Sword than that. It's Link football with you running around twatting the ball with the master sword. It feels about as inclusive as competitive online gaming can get, managing to strike a great balance between being involved in the action and that feeling of playing with others and being part of a team. Then that golden ball drops in sometimes so a trailing team can feel like they can get back into the match. All very perfectly Nintendo. My arm is aching this morning. In a good way.
  14. Not a loss, but it feels like one giving away a penalty in the 89th minute against 10 men. 1-1. More minor disappointment serving as perfect preparation for coping with playoff catastrophe. Stockport now have the opportunity to win the league if they beat us next Sunday.
  15. Nice 1-0 win today against an organised and decent looking Southend team to go 1 point behind Stockport. Although we have played a game more. That's 3 losses out of 4 for Stockport now! Amazing what a bit of pressure can do to team that were previously untouchable since Challinor took over. I put the second half of their Boreham Wood game on when I got back and there were some glum worried faces around. Sarcevic's suspension will have been a factor and he's back on Monday so I can certainly see them getting a result against Chesterfield who are fairly crap at the moment. Should we manage to beat a rejuvenated Boreham Wood on Monday ourselves, then Wrexham vs Stockport next Sunday could be a biggie.
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