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  1. Enjoyed your new one GokouD. I've gone for Goomba and Propeller power ups in 3D Mario with some Thwomp action thrown in. It''s very much using similar ideas to other levels I've done, but with the new items. Goombas can't fly 884-XWK-MXF Going to try to make something completely different to anything I've made before next time. Probably when I'm off work in a couple of weeks time.
  2. Just spent 10 minutes fiddling. Putting a Goomba mask on and then strolling up to a Koopa dozing in his car and robbing it Plenty of potential there for a mask/box plus car level. Bullet Bill looks especially ace driving one.
  3. Certainly seems like they've abandoned the idea of an extra style or two on top of 3D World. There's fuck loads to play around with in this update though, so I'll forgive them. And they do also need to get cracking on reinventing 2D Mario for the next proper 2D Mario.
  4. Not bad. Albarn and Hook going well together.
  5. Ah didn't know that, I'll certainly now be keeping it away from windows in the future. It also fucks the tracking of the controllers up so I did wait for the sun to go away anyway.
  6. Beat Saber and Super Hot are your two essentials on Quest. Rez is half price on Steam at the moment, so that along with Alyx on PC for link.
  7. Sweated my tits off for a welcomed hour and a half of intense Beat Saber in the garden tonight. A completely perfect evening for it after the sun went down. Get out there tomorrow if you have one, the tracking requires very little light to function perfectly. Previously you might have looked a complete dick to your neighbours, but now you are viewed as remarkably well prepared for a pandemic lockdown scenario and look cool as fuck.
  8. My record against you is pretty even on Switch Donut. Don't be fooled by this ploy Rllmuk. Yes, I'd be well up for the return of some forum Mario Kart action.
  9. The outlook doesn't get any better outside the football league either. It's pretty inevitable we'll see a significant number of clubs going bankrupt. Plenty more will be utterly reliant on fans and new investors rallying to save their clubs. Wrexham have furloughed staff including all players today and with 5 home games left have estimated that we will be 250,000 down on what we budgeted for this season. We've only had 2 home games since January. Cancelled summer gigs at the Racecourse revenue gone too. We've been a well run club financially in recent years, but clearly cannot survive on no source of income whatsoever for very long.
  10. Fatsam

    Split Second

    Along with the underappreciated and completely awesome Modnation Racers. All released within two weeks of each other I think.
  11. Oh right I understand. Sorry, I hadn't really considered a pad may be a preference for those reasons. That is indeed ace that you got to enjoy them because of Dolphin. Nintendo will inevitably get the pro controller working as well as they possibly can. The games do need minimal polishing up though generally.
  12. Do you not have one of those awesome MayFlash Dolphin Bars? Seems completely wrong to me being lucky enough to have the ability to play the Galaxy games in 4K, looking amazing and everything, and then not using an actual Wii controller to play them. Making do with an Xbox pad.
  13. As recommended on these forums, I got a DeleyCON 5m Extension Cable to add to my 6 foot Anker I'd bought when Link was available. It works wonderfully. These ones both available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/deleyCON-Extension-Repeater-Active-Booster-USB-3-0-Black/dp/B073J92722 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Anker-PowerLine-Pull-up-Resistor-Including/dp/B01E9W8KYC Yeah, I had to do the same thing once as the game simply refused to update. At least the single player high scores are all uploaded online so you don't lose those. My love for Audica has grown in recent weeks. Been choosing to play that more than Beat Saber recently. Takes its time to get you, but it's a fantastically slick finely tuned rhythm game. with some really ace songs with ace shoot at and move to placement. I Feel Love, Gold Dust, Perfect, Titanium all fantastic. There's about 10 I've narrowed down and do over and over. Bought a couple of the DLC tracks too. The Duo Lipa one is great. One of my favourite VR games now on this and PSVR.
  14. Wrexham were the better side at the weekend, but we struggled to get many shots on goal against a piss poor Eastleigh so it ended 0-0. We also could have done without 3rd from bottom Ebbsfleet getting a decent win away at Hartlepool resulting in them being only 4 points behind us now. I think we'll just about pick up enough points to stay up, but who knows what can fucking happen when you get down to less than 10 games left. Scott Quigley sent off for Barrow will give us hope going into our game against them on Saturday at least.
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