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  1. I worked today, but watched the game on the TV right after. A poor game of football to entertain the nation, but Sutton had the quality with a stronger defensive unit and a nice finish by Beutyman. Disappointing for you Cosmic_Guru, but I don't see that as you throwing away the three points. Pearson will sometimes get a goal like that against anyone, and it was just one of those days, although he indirectly got one this time. It's a performance you can build on I think. In contrast, that was the shittest display I've seen from us in some time, a backwards step from the last game with no positives. Morale will now be lower than ever, but we've got Aldershot, Fylde and Ebbsfleet next. All of them are below us in the table. Hughes needs decent results in those games or he's gone. Like Pearson said after the match, shit needs to change fucking fast, or words to that effect.
  2. At least a lifetime supply I like to think. It must be reiterated how great the Ayr fans were last game. A real shame we've not got a proper side this round. I can't bring myself to ever go and watch us in a competitive fixture against under 21 opponents, but twitter comments suggest a fair few St Mirren fans will come down. Weirdly, this is not the first time Wrexham have played St Mirren's youth team in a cup competition. We smashed them 6-1 in the pre-season Raydale Cup in Gretna 6 years ago. A game their fans will have never forgotten. Lured to Wrexham in their numbers for the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer with the promise of sweet revenge.
  3. Quite possibly the most glamorous cup tie in our history.
  4. Even more players than I expected were rested for Wrexham yesterday meaning plenty of youth getting a chance against an apparently also under strength Ayr in the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup. Young striker Bickerstaff twatted home nicely in the second half after a fluffed clearance from their defence before they equalised and it went to pens. Everyone scored until their sixth which was saved by our keeper. Jake Lawlor then put us through. A hugely impressive 421 Ayr United fans came down for the fun. Fourth round draw on Tuesday.
  5. Fatsam

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone fancy totting up how many of those top 200 games you can play on the Wii U? I got as far as 7 out of the top 10.
  6. Wrexham 2 Maidenhead 2 As Cosmic Guru noted, Maidenhead are really not particularly special and were fortunate to come away with a point last night. Benefiting from an odd own goal in the first half and a wonder goal in second that we had the better of. I think we looked a bit more solid after a couple of changes, but are short of confidence. An excellent Luke Young scoring the own goal, assist for the equaliser, and then lovely second half goal featuring some link up play with Tollitt, charge into the box and good finish. A moment where things came together and the football we are trying to play paid off. A glimpse of better performances ahead hopefully. Tunnocks Wafer on Saturday before a televised home game against Sutton United the following week.
  7. Yesterday turned into more of a beery trip to Wrexham where I happened to watch a bit of football. I was a bit pissed. Sadly we lost 2-1 and from what I watched and managed to take in we were too open and really poor at the back yet again. Calamitous goalkeeping for the first and poor stuff all round for their second. We had loads of possession, were unlucky to have efforts hit the woodwork, and the referee was shit to our disadvantage, but we were not good enough. I think it's basically down to a combination of introducing a new way of playing, a slight imbalance in the side, and the same couple of players not being good enough every game. We've got some decent players in our squad and should be doing much better. Early stage of the season, but the pressure is very much on Bryan Hughes at the moment. Ace vocal support from the Stockport fans.
  8. Wildly optimistic about tomorrow against Stockport despite a poor last game. I have no car this weekend and will be on the train so I thought I'd take advantage of the situation and go nice and early for some Wrexham and a JJ Hooper themed burger. Me.
  9. Chester started again at that level too. Top priority now must be to try and protect Gigg Lane from any development and bring it into community hands so they don't lose their ground too.
  10. Poor from Wrexham away at Hartlepool as we lost 4-2. The team sheet had me worried before kickoff with six changes, three players coming in who have hardly kicked a ball this season, our best midfielder and attacker retreating to the bench and a generally lightweight looking side to be playing away from home. Two from Saturday couldn't start because of injury, but Hughes clearly cocked up. Striker Hooper's early injury and substitution will have impacted the match a bit on top of that and central defender Lawlor getting sent off in his first game back after being sent off hardly helped. Sounds like we were fortunate to take the lead and then got smashed. Expecting better on Saturday against Stockport.
  11. Wrexham 1 Barnet 1 We did look like a work in progress today and the heat seemed to affect things a little, but generally it was more of the same fairly lively sometimes really good football. Sooner or later the scoreline will reflect how much more open our games are this season and we'll get a 5-5 or something. Barnet are clearly quite decent. They defended well and moved the ball about nicely. Playoff bound on the strength of that.
  12. It's very Breath of the Wild exploration aspects on a micro scale and it does that pretty well, but I didn't quite feel that as much as others sorry Avoiding overstaying your welcome is great, but there was simply not enough in there of substance for me to make much of an impact.
  13. Jazzy Barnum-Bobb Best name on our team sheet since Nortei Nortey.
  14. Here you go. Notts County with more of the chances, but Redmond with the game's moment of class. Diabolical goalkeeping from Dibble for the Notts County goal, but maybe that little injury he picked up contributed to that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26LtEX-8E-Q
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