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  1. Fatsam

    Football Thread 2018/19

    If Salford truly have the potential for 10 thousand crowds then surely they will have the ability to rise through the leagues in a bit more of an organic fashion like clubs have always done in football. Having said that, the presence of clubs like Salford City don't make that any easier to do. They may be people from the world of football, but I don't see hugely bankrolled clubs at any level as being healthy for football. That obvious impact it has on wages and the pressures on clubs who can't afford to compete try and compete at the top and the bottom of the various leagues is felt far more acutely in non league because there is no financial fair play at all and fewer promotion places on offer. And clearly clubs simple buying the league are no fun and not good for football. Nobody will be competing with them next season. I'd normally be worried by a club geographically close to Wrexham in our league with more money and the ability to poach our very best players, but Salford are looking way above our level in building their side. It's bonkers. Personally, I'm not anti Salford because it's Man U players running the club. I have come to dislike some ex Man U players a touch since their involvement with Salford City though.
  2. Fatsam

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Salford City have rapidly become the most hated non-league side in the history of football. And next season they'll be second only hated to Milton Keynes in the football league. The money they are paying means they'll surpass Fleetwood Town's budget when they won promotion and it's in another realm entirely to Forest Green. They are heading to the championship make no mistake about it. And Wrexham will have to endure losing to these cunts on Boxing day and New Years day this season. Be happy for us though, at least we'll never have to play them ever again. In even more positive news, we've just made 1.25 million on the Danny Ward to Leicester deal. Surpassing Bryan Hughes to Birmingham as our biggest transfer deal of all time. Second only to Mickey Thomas' printing machine as the most significant money generator in Wrexham Town's history. We'll spend it sensibly, because that's how we like to do shit these days, but it'll inevitably involve a nice budget boost for Sam Ricketts this season. We're coming for your players Scottish Premiership. All of them.
  3. Fatsam

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    10 million minus the money you will owe Wrexham AFC thank you very much Rumoured to be as much as 20% on our forum by a couple of people who could be talking shit. Whatever the sell on clause, this would be huge for us.
  4. Fatsam

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

  5. Wrexham are not ruling out anyone from Ivybridge. Sounds like he's got some potential. Could you forward his best bits video to Sam Ricketts? Ivybridge is my new favourite place I'd never heard of until a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Well that sounds rather promising @neoELITE. The career he's had did suggest a better player than Luke Young. Although Luke Young is pretty good on the ball for our level. Macclesfield and Grimsby fans are generally positive on Summerfield too from what I've read. Rather than the player our forum seemed to think they were getting, you make him sound a bit more like Darren Ferguson. A wonderful passer of a football for Wrexham and always calm in possession, but his zero pace will have hugely hampered his chances of establishing himself as a top class player higher up the football pyramid at Wolves. Summerfield played a deep lying quarterback style role for Grimsby last season and should fit into the 433 formation it looks like we're going for and doing something similar, where a lack of pace also becomes slightly less of an issue too. Ricketts has emphasised repeatedly that he wants us to move the ball around quickly and more intelligently than we did last season, so he could be a big part of this. Any other Lukes from Ivybridge who play professional football out there that we can sign?
  7. So Luke Young will be joined in central midfield next season by another ex Plymouth Argyle SHIT HOT youth product Luke Summerfield. I was completely unfamiliar with him, but he mostly sounds like a high energy workhorse type who might not be the most creative player in the world, but is ace at breaking up play and that kind of shit. A direct replacement for Sam Wedgbury then who buggered off to Chesterfield to be closer to home. Is that fair neoElite? How do you rate him? Had a decent season at Grimsby last year apparently. We've also appointed ex Chester player/manager legend and now judas scumbag Graham Barrow as our assistant manager. And, slightly bizarrely, Jussi Jaaskelainen has been down working as our goalkeeping coach pre-season. Some are claiming that he'll be staying with us too. Having someone of his stature and experience around the training ground wouldn't be bad. Our other new signing is a big Cameroon centre forward called Fondop Talom who got a 1st in Actuarial Sciences and went on to help keep Halifax up last season. Huge potential, but a bit raw is the prevailing opinion on him. Only 33 days until the first home game of the season
  8. Fatsam

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Hollow Knight has lots going for it, but I definitely think it could have gone with a little bit of the breezier player friendly approach of something like SteamWorld Dig 2 without losing a sense of exploration or accomplishment from beating bosses etc. I might have felt compelled to complete it had it done that. Although I'm thinking more of stuff like having shops selling everything or maybe having the shops in that first town selling everything and letting you warp there exactly like in SteamWorld Dig 2. You have to be careful adding RPG elements into Metroid style games. Travelling back and forth exploring and opening up new areas can obviously be fun. Travelling not insignificant distances to specific shops to upgrade is much less enjoyable. And feeling compelled to travel across the map to deposit money in a bank is certainly not something I ever asked for in a Metroid game. In any videogame. I also reckon that if you're going to have hard bosses you simply have to put save points closer to them.
  9. Fatsam

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Shit game, but Gary Neville riled as fuck at half time lifted my spirits.
  10. Fatsam

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    Jesus Christ this is wonderful online when you meet someone of a similar standard. Just had an epic match against a Boo player with me as Spike. Both of us employing different tactics and having to deal with each others strengths and me just scraping through. Obviously I won or I wouldn't be telling you about it. Good to see a variety of characters making up the very best on the leaderboards too, indicating that this is far more balanced in multiplayer than some are giving it credit for.
  11. Fatsam

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    It's a really decent multiplayer tennis game. One that's great fun offline and online. My nephew loves it too which is surprising because he's not normally into sports games. Had some great games with and against each other earlier. Admittedly online can be pretty brutal at times and, as I found out last night, it's not one of these games that you can play after a few beers and do well based on familiarity and instinct. No you get fucked.
  12. Fatsam

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    17 out of 18 points I think we've found the 2018 version of Mario Odyssey's skipping rope challenge. They are not impossible to return, it's all about correct position on the court and reacting to the colour of the ball coming off his racket. Mast shots are always flat shots. Or they certainly were against me. Try returning with a slice as often as possible to give yourself a bit more time to get into position so you can then reach his mast shots.
  13. Fatsam

    Mario Tennis Aces - Get Served

    What does normally mean? You have to change your game slightly I suppose and stay towards the back of the court and over to the side where he is, but once you've adapted court position and realised it's not THAT hard and you just play your regular shots. Took me quite a few attempts though obviously. There are one or two others that took a fair few attempts, but familiarity with the different types of challenge and what is required to win meant that adventure mode got a bit easier towards the end. Just on the last boss now. It's short, sometimes pleasantly tricky, and not mind blowingly brilliant, but then there's a limit how good mini games in a tennis game can be. I'm sure playing the game for a few hours in that weekend demo raised my skill levels a fair bit, but I found the computer AI way too predictable and easy in the straight tennis. Didn't lose one match against them in adventure or Star Cup when I did that.
  14. Fatsam

    Nintendo Switch

    Kind of alright yeah. Naughty Dog specialise in making technically very impressive for the time videogames that wow people on release, but are just okay to good rather than amazing in key areas like gameplay and controls, even at the time they come out. Inevitably they tend not to age particularly well. The quality of Tropical Freeze will still be celebrated in 100 years time.
  15. Fatsam

    The Puzzle Game Thread

    Bit of generic name and look, but Kula World rip off Puzzle Dimension is really excellent. 100% completed that. And this little gem

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