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  1. I finally did Simple Stomp Speedrun this morning. In almost 19 seconds About my limit in terms of the challenge I want from user created levels, but fun flowing stuff when you nail it.
  2. Bashed this one out pretty fast (for me). A short reach the goal as Buzzy Mario in low gravity level. H35-4W1-L1G Hard Hat Keepy Uppy
  3. Made one where you have to go through the level more than once and take different routes to collect red coins and finish. It's an autoscroller set to fast. Shell Ride the Jungle Tide 3FY-SHG-0YG
  4. Another great level Jamie John. Ace sense of being on that slave ship. I did automatically jump down the first pit following the arrow though. Then did it again to make sure. I think that is one of your best GokouD. A strong theme and nice atmosphere, like you tend to do, combined with some solid enjoyable straightforward platform jumping. I think you nailed the difficulty level too.
  5. Bloody hell. The game doesn't seem to notify you of such a monumental achievement so cheers for spotting it and taking a photo. Was this today? I'm sure I had more plays than that early this morning.
  6. Just uploaded a puzzle level where you have to switch between small, medium, and big Mario. A bit like the skinny mushroom (RIP) level I made in Mario Maker 1. It's not particularly hard. 3 Marios B3J-3SM-YVF EDIT Ooh that code has three super marios in the middle.
  7. Cheers, glad you enjoyed them. I did put a bit of extra effort in with the big coin placement on the Thwomp one. Just bunged that on the forum level list too. As jofffocakes said, one way to give people the additional challenge of finding and collecting something is to use red coins to unlock a bonus thing at the end of the level, but people can still reach the flagpole without them all.
  8. Our fans have reacted positively to our signings so far. JJ Hooper scored loads in the second half of last season for Bromley and creative midfielder Devante Redmond had a good one for Salford, plus he's the son of ex Wrexham promotion winner Paul Edwards. We've also got a Cardiff under 21 winger on a season loan who Newport fans seem to rate and a man who draws pictures of Mario. I've given up predicting how new signings get on, but they sound like an alright bunch and they're all over 6 foot which is always useful. Then we signed defensive midfielder Adam Barton yesterday on a two year deal who I'd not heard of before, but had a recent bad period up in Scotland and is apparently a massive dick according to Dundee United fans. So yeah, predictably, our forum erupted in a mass of negativity spew. He was Partick Thistle player of the season two years ago in the Scottish Premiership so surely he can't be that bad. And he's played quite a few games in the football league for Preston, Coventry, and Portsmouth, which suggests he must have some kind of ability. Is he alright wullie and Coltrane?
  9. Finished another one. A Mario 3D World level with some tree climbing, Thwomp riding, and plenty of Piranha Plant destruction. Killer Thwomps in Palm Land W48-YNF-SRG A comment tells me that you can easily get stuck and are unable to progress in my other level too which I didn't notice. Understandable that you can't edit them once uploaded, but I'd only have to remove two blocks to fix it. People will just have to stay stuck.
  10. Well obviously you can run out of time. The code I wrote before was wrong, but that one is right now.
  11. Just uploaded one. propel a fella 3 TKY-V1M-DTF Similar to two Propeller Mario levels I did in Mario Maker, but I tried to use elements new to this game for this one. There are no baddies, just helicoptering, and I tried not to make it too tricky. You cant actually die beyond the first section.
  12. Shit, that Fickle Stars of Stiletto Skies is ace and my favorite rllmuk one so far, but all of GokouD's are predictably excellent as they were in the first game. I've enjoyed all the rllmuk levels I've played to be honest, apart from a couple that were clearly deliberately made to not be enjoyable. Need to finish off a couple of mine and play more story mode. Too many enjoyable things to juggle. This is the first game in a long time that's made me wish I was unemployed.
  13. Jesus, I'd forgotten just how much this sucks you in and time passes so quickly. 4 hours seem like 1. Obviously it's fucking ace. Had a bash on story mode which seems good and started a couple of my own levels that might not come to anything. I used to have shit loads on the go at once in Mario Maker 1, playing around until some kind of alright thing happened and I'd finish that level while others got discarded. Probably do the same this time.
  14. Fatsam

    Beat Saber

    Nice to know I've scores that still elude you Bit hot for me to be playing at the moment and Mario Maker's coming through the post today, so I'm going to put off Beat Sabering until a more appropriate point in the near future. Try and win back the top slot on a couple then and have more of a bash on expert. Certainly try and master the easier ones. Also had to handwash the sponge visor thing yesterday as it was getting a bit stinky from the sweat accumulation. Lovely.
  15. That's the dream tie. Had that sponsorship happened in 2007 along with the conference team participation we would have had York City playing a Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Cup game at the KitKat Crescent.
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