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  1. Heartbreaking for Torquay. Particularly as they were walking the league halfway through the season. Only stuck it on for the penalties, but I found myself sucked into it and starting to feel tense despite not particularly giving a shit who went up. Horrible things the playoffs. Torquay should be competing up there again next season with Gary Johnson still there. I'm expecting the competition to be quite high at the top end though. Stockport, Notts County, and us all have money and something to build on. Dagenham and Redbirdge too who finished the season in good form. Grimsby will
  2. Hugely enjoyable game in the playoffs on BT earlier as Notts County won it late 3-2 On top of playing the furlough system to ditch their unwanted players and then sign a load of new ones, Chesterfield's commentators were a massively irritating pair of dicks in our away game against them. So yeah, well done Notts County. I love how they just go all out attack in games and don't particularly give a shit about defending. This may be their downfall in the playoff games to come however.
  3. They've impressed me recently Notts County when I've seen them against us and in that late win against Sutton. Which were both big games that they delivered in. Vastly improved from the side I watched us play over Easter when they were in that new manager transition period, it looks like he's got them playing exactly as he wants them to now with some nice on the front foot attacking football. Home advantage is an even bigger factor this season with zero away fans. They and Hartlepool will rightly be favourites to progress. Danny Rowe potentially the big danger from Chesterfield, because he can
  4. I'm sure you noticed this, but fuck me Wrexham were awful. I mean, Dagenham are basically a playoff standard team who had a very poor start to the season and I think the crowd made a difference, but we were almost completely awful. Thanks to an equally awful offside decision it somehow ended 1-1. Bit pissed off that Chesterfield furloughed and then signed a load of new players to cheat their way in ahead of us, but we ended up where we deserved to end up. Yet another season in the conference. It beats narrowly escaping relegation like season though I suppose. Our new CE
  5. I'd add an extra tough on top of that. I mean, why the fuck don't we have 3 up 3 down exactly? What's the argument against that these days? Is there an actual argument against it? Look at the the top of that Conference table rammed with teams equipped to do well in the football league. And then look at the same places in League Two almost fully taken up with clubs who have been outside the football league. Where 4 go up. It's ridiculous really. Particularly as the football league are happy with the 7th best team in the Conference having a chance of promotion. An incredi
  6. Yeah, other results didn't really go for us yesterday. We looked a bit nervous conceding 3 in what should have been a straightforward win against King's Lynn. Still ended up scoring 5 against them because they are awful at the back, but we'll need to be more robust against Dagenham and Redbridge next Saturday. A win and we're in though. I certainly would have taken that before the start of the season.
  7. Completely outplayed by Notts County first half and they scored a single goal from distance. We created more second but lacked the quality to take our chances tonight. Disappointing. We'll beat Kings Lynn on Saturday, but will probably need something against in form Dagenham and Redbridge away last game of the season. Might make for a nice bit of drama for this though I'd watch that. And I'm from Wrexham. Two series have been ordered, to be made by Boardwalk pictures who make Last Chance U which is supposed to be good.
  8. Yeah they do well from that Arsenal relationship I think. Their pitch is always fantastic too. Also, Boreham Wood's owner is a massive Brexit loving Tory and apparently mates with their local constituency MP Oliver Dowden. Oliver Dowden the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Secretary. Coincidentally Boreham Wood were the biggest winners from the government grants that were handed out barely based on projected actual money lost from no crowds last year, receiving funding way above their usual gate receipts. They should have more cash than most.
  9. Conference table looking good for Rllmuk tonight. An amazing 3-2 comeback from Wrexham after being 2-0 down at half time. Loved it, particularly against horrible Boreham Wood with their possibly the biggest cunt in the league owner. We were terrible in the first half though. There's a massive game against Notts County on Tuesday for us next. A draw would be okay for both sides so that will probably happen. As you can see though, it's still close in the race for those last three places. Chesterfield play Halifax and Notts County play Bromley again last game of t
  10. I like Radio Song, but even if I didn't it was very much part of what makes Out of Time what it was. Commercial, and not commercial, a little weird, and quite a few people seemed to hate it. You can't possibly leave it off, it's arguably the most Out of Time song on there, and I think it sets the album up quite nicely. Also. KRS One! Should have made a song with Q-Tip at this point in time rather than waiting until they'd become a bit shit.
  11. Looks like it's just us missing out yep. Even in Wales it's just us missing out. It's been announced that Newport and Swansea will have fans for their playoff games as part of pilot events, but we've been ignored. Every other team in the land gets a boost from home fans at a critical time in the season apart from us. Seems fair.
  12. Southend's demise has passed me by a bit, but christ what a fucking embarrassment of man he is. I know he's desperate, but to even suggest the option of no promotion from the National League this season is such a cunty thing to do. He doesn't want to be there? If he'd run the football club a bit better he wouldn't be there. Sorry about your relegation by the way grounded_dreams. It's shit, I know. Hopefully things start to turn around soon for you.
  13. Welcome to the 4-0 away win club Cosmic Guru. That's two in a row for us. A nice turnaround following 3 losses including a 3-0 against an excellent Stockport. The key has been a new big fella called Gold Omotayo we've got up front now that brings back the balance in our side we had before Kwame Thomas got injured. Plus local lad with shit loads of potential Jordan Davies has been ludicrously good in midfield, scoring a hat trick and then another one today. We're all obviously quite excited by that. 3 points separate the 6 teams realistically going for the last 3 playoff places. We'
  14. I expected McElhenney to throw in a subtle Wrexham AFC reference or two into the new episodes, and he definitely delivered.
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