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  1. Yes, and yes, that isn't great. And even once you've rearranged things yourself the extra stuff almost but doesn't quite fit in the main game box (unless maybe one removes the insert).
  2. I got a "shipment dispatched" email yesterday, quoting 2-4 working days for delivery. Now I'm unreasonably hoping for it to arrive today!* *And immediately go on the Shelf of Shame...
  3. Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal, bitte!
  4. That is some pleasingly dense gaming material!
  5. PMed re: Tiny Towns
  6. Feeling triumphant, just got to the Dragun for the very first time, and completely destroyed it! Also delivered the Planar Lead. Think I was quite lucky with pickups, got Scattergun which when combined with the right gun (and explosive bullets!) lets you fill a room with death quite nicely, and increases overall damage if all the shots hit (which is quite easy against bosses). Bit disappointed with the Raiden Beam, easy to hit things but they take a long time to die! Right, now that I know it's possible, got a few more bits and bobs to hand over to that nice blacksmith...
  7. Not good. Standard Will Smith "uh-huh uh-huh" doesn't help.
  8. You're probably already doing this, but I find it very hard to force myself to actually use the better guns I've got! I can't shake the mindset that the starting gun (I'm usually playing Marine, one day I'll git gud...) is good enough, and that using anything else is a waste of ammo... Same reason I end up carrying around tons of healing potions and explosives in RPGs! Re: what taking the armour to the altar does
  9. +1, very stylish. Won't last for ever, but you'll feel cool while it does. Strange (but not bad...) how it ends up being more about manoeuvring and managing stamina/ammo than the actual "fighting"!
  10. I almost managed all that the other day, and then on the level with altar came up against an unavoidable mini-boss I'd never seen before (some guy flying about in a cauldron?) that inevitably took my valuable special armour off me... Just in case skittles might be confused by it, that last two times I've done Oubliette the armour was somewhere else in the level, not dropped by the boss. So probably don't pick it up until the boss is dead!
  11. I really like the game, and enjoy discovering ridiculous new guns, but whenever I have to do a boss unfortunately it turns out I'm just not that great at dodging bullets...
  12. Never heard of that, looks pretty good. All that fuss for $8M though? I wouldn't get out of bed for 10.
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