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  1. Jamin

    Alien: Isolation

    @Keiths_Dad stick with it. The game opens up very soon. It is a single-player masterpiece in my opinion, I really enjoyed it on standard difficulty, then replayed and fell in love with it on Nightmare difficulty.
  2. Jamin

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Y'all should have your winnings, cheers for taking part and see yas all in a couple of years for the Euros
  3. Jamin

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Congrats to Joffy! Commiserations to Steely. First post all updated, will send PMs out to the last few folks tonight.
  4. Jamin

    Where to buy blue drink?

    What about Blue WKD? Every supermarket sells it.
  5. Jamin

    Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    This weekend I picked up Phantom Hourglass, Elite Beat Agents, Professor Layton: Spectre's Call and Sonic Rush. Not played any of 'em before. All set for holibobs. P.S. Has anyone played Phantom Hourglass with the d-pad control hack? Is it easy to do/worth it? I popped in PH last night to check it worked and have a strong feeling the stylus controls might do my head in.
  6. ^ 100% this. My gf who usually doesn't dig documentary style things is absolutely obsessed with it, we binged 4 episodes in between World Cup matches yesterday.
  7. Jamin

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Winners! It's The Taking Part That Counts Biggest Loss in the Group Stages: £10 (£5 each to Saudi Arabia - @carlospie, Panama - @Rocafella) Definitely Not England First team to win a penalty shoot-out: £10 (Russia, @Theholyhogg) That's all the bonus prizes claimed, just awards for 1st / 2nd / 3rd and the golden boot winner left! Will send out all prizes after the Final, for ease of adminness.
  8. Jamin

    Rocket League

    Ahh the epicness! Watching that back makes me realise how much I have improved in those 2 years. Wholly comfortable aerially (whereas in this vid I was still finding my feet) as well as general all-round amateur/naive play for many of their goals.
  9. Jamin

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Cheers, missed the full games yesterday was going to do an intel sweep but no need. Indeed there was a filthy Spurs player who got a booking for a dive (video shows it was mighty harsh though!). Still... Winner! Shefellover! First player booked for simulation: £10 (Son, South Korea, Rsdio)
  10. Jamin

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Winner! We booked time off work for this, ffs First match to finish 0-0: £10 to each team (France - @Joffy, Denmark - @Adrock)
  11. Jamin

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Winner! Suuuperb. 75th goal scored: £10 (Kane, England, @pompey88) Both equally a loss by 5 goals; prize money would be shared.
  12. Jamin

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Winner! Wtf is up with my change player button? First match to involve 7 or more goals: £10 to each team (Belgium - @GrahamDunn, Tunisia - @Baring)
  13. Jamin

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Winner! I did a goal! Now look at my chest! First player to completely remove his shirt after scoring: £10 (Shaqiri, Switzerland, @Bleeders)
  14. This sounds promising, I might jump back on to give it a try. TBH one of the main reasons I stopped playing Fortnite aside from the fact none of us could build anything quick enough, but because it was absorbing entire evenings away, quite literally a time sink . Can't argue with your complaints about H1Z1 either smith, it was just a bit too rough and ready in the end for my liking - agreed about the car combat at the end, also the complete absence of rifles on the floor was also a killer, far few too weapon types to keep the combat fresh.
  15. Jamin

    World Cup 2018 Sweepstake!

    Winner! Greeeat. 50th goal scored: £10 (Modric, Croatia, @Steely)

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