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  1. I find it annoying after the first or second. Literally deep eye roll at the "do this again" (sometimes with minor additions/tweaks like in Psychonauts). With the vast majority of boss fights being a chore in the first place I simply want them to end. To be able to get that first hit and have to think, thank god one third down is so fucking predictable and dull at this point.
  2. Sausages and pizza are two foodstuffs where I think the category is too broad. I love cheap bready sausages. I also love premium meaty ones. I love Neapolitan style pizza with amazing dough, really simple but great quality flavourful toppings (where even a margarita can blow your mind). At the same time I’m also a fan of the greasy loaded more American style takeaway. And everything in between. I don’t even consider them comparable at some point, just very different.
  3. I had this once. In one case this week I hadn’t played the game before on my X. It synced data but it clearly grabbed an older one as it was a save from 2 days earlier. Which implies my S hadn’t synced since then. As I say, a lovely feature in general but missing that extra bit of sheen. Feels like the game data and management screen for games should include an indicator of when it was last synced, an ‘upload’ button to force it and maybe even details of whether there’s another inconsistent version in the cloud.
  4. Whether you want or need one really depends on the types of games you play and how you do so. My X is about half full with about 20 games installed. I don’t play anything that’s huge. Forza Horizon 4 is probably the largest at about 60gig I think. But many indie things are 10 or much less. So you might find your style of use means no need for any expansion.
  5. Question on cloud syncing... Is it part amazing and part really annoying. I've got an X and an S and find it's tricky to move from playing a game on one to the other because half the time the other console will end up syncing and earlier save state. Is there a way to force upload the save I'm missing? It seems like an obvious requirement. Basically playing in bed in the morning. Quit. Force upload. Then start up later in the lounge.
  6. There's details in the first post I believe
  7. Quick go on I Am Fish. Frustrating sums it up I think on the second level. Not too surprising from these devs I don't think. I think there's a cute idea here, and one which could create a challenging sort of puzzle/skill challenge with a nice setting. But instead it's probably a bit too random for me ("spoilers" for second level)... I guess the very start feels like there's almost something Monkey Ball-esque here. A game to challenge. You versus a somewhat often unsteady ball or trolly or whatever. Ah well, a fun 30 minutes or so.
  8. Yeah, true. I guess part of the problem is that as much as I'm keen to get a new next gen entry I've also struggled to get into a core Forza game properly since about 3 and similar with GT. I'd have said console sim racers were my favourite game type since the first GT but when they come out I dabble because whilst they look better, handle a little better, get very slightly better AI and all the other stuff they don't really feel "better" or much different. When they try to move the formula we end up with gimmicks basically. All the card shit. The purity of the game gets lost a little. So, I desperately want a new one but am happy to wait in the hope they can provide a proper compelling experience for those of us (like me) who aren't necessarily keen on the online side providing most of the fun.
  9. That's fair, and I for one don't think you need that many versions on a single generation (2 maybe with good constant support for a platform leading title/brand). But it's been 4 years! I'd probably think less of it if Halo had made it out last year. But for all the pisstaking of MS for constant Gears, Halo and Forza games wer are yet to see any on their new platform (although obviously Halo 5 and FH5 are about to change that to some extent).
  10. Yeah crazy good selection to try out today. All but Flynn downloading ready to try out in the next few days. Although I want to finish off the Carto achiements first. Oh, and complete The Artful Escape. Lucky my social calendar is bare for a week after tonight.
  11. True. Covid probably has played it's part. Both it and Halo missing Series release can be justified to some extent in that light but a shame for MS that basically their two tentpole series are basically missing in action at this time.
  12. It's weird. Big tent pole series for them but utterly neglected for so long in terms of a new release. I guess Horizon does better in sales terms. But my god 8 is gonna have to be pretty crazy to justify whatever Turn 10 have been up to for so long.
  13. This is an annoying one. Ignoring true online gaming where I get that everyone needs the same version of the game it's crazy that a game update can ever stop me playing right now. Even if the update was released moments before I start the game I don't care. Start my current version of the game (or at least prompt and ask if I want to play now or wait an hour for the update - with the default being to play now and being able to change my mind whilst the download is happening). Let me play. I had this with Psychonauts 2 which was quick resuming. I mean it's literally in memory, restore it. Yes, download in the background so it's ready to install but it shouldn't actually install at this point because I could lose progress (I did lose a room or two of progress). When I go to resume prompt if I want to install or keep playing.
  14. The longevity wouldn't be my concern. It's the occasional internet issues (very rare for me fortunately) that can make it frustrating. Pick up to play, internwt/router/homeplugs having issues.... Have to fiddle to sort if you can before being able to get on.
  15. Also, starting to prep tinned beans a day in advance is going the extra mile in terms of food you put effort into.
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