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  1. I’m glad to see something different. Just as yet for me it’s not proved to actually be any good. They’ll get points when it is. It’s not bad so far for me, just erm, a bit dull. It’ll get the benefit of the doubt and i guess we’ll see how it goes. I definitely don’t want it to end up down the same path as most Marvel stuff.
  2. I’d call it passable. I t just about held my attention but it needs to move on quite quickly and turn into something more focused on the mystery or whatever. Depending on how the next episodes play out I wonder if a drop of more than 2 to start to get more meat of the story on show and hook people might have been better. As it is I guess I’ll watch next week but not really excited about it. I guess it doesn’t help that my rewatch of the Marvel films in the tail end of last year wasn’t great. It’s got good films and moments but it’s so so samey. I’ve soured on the universe a bit. Fe
  3. Well you’d shape your schedule based on what gets you the most viewers right? Discussion threads, or the water cooler when we went to work, drive viewers. Maybe all at once fails to generate as much discussion that pulls people in. Personally it depends on the show. For limited series stuff, say 3 to 6 episodes I want it all at once. I want to treat it like a long film consumed over one or two evenings. For longer series I don’t really mind either much, although your show has to be good enough to draw me back next week and something all at once needs to move fast enough and have en
  4. It’d be dirt cheap. Just use BOTW’s map and switch in Pokémon for the enemies. Little bit of tweaking to replace weapons with different types of camera whose shutters break after taking 3 photos.
  5. Excited for this. Would be such a perfect lockdown game right now. I'm hopeful it will look great in person but I think it looks hit and miss in the video. Some lovely pieces but lots of very plain textures and scenes with little detail. I'm sure it will be better in action but I think the Switch's grunt might leave this lacking slightly given it's purpose.
  6. I think it’s better generally over its first half or so seasons. The last few have got a bit too crazy for me personally and the characters get a bit confused to me. But when it’s good it’s great fun.
  7. thesnwmn


    "Four wheeled vehicle of transportation" is a fabulous reference
  8. Really? Isn't it normally three main tasks plus an intro prize task and the in studio one?
  9. I've enjoyed it so far. Not the. Wet best but enjoyable enough I think. In some ways I wonder if this group might suffer a little less from the lack of studio audience.
  10. This looks great and love all the other games mentioned but the trailer had bosses and that’s me out I think. Too gamey. The others were exploration. Almost (although not quiet) no fail games that you get immersed in. Running round dodging fire and hitting weak spots just seems so against what I want in this sort of thing, Maybe when I can get it really cheap.
  11. Yes! I was struck that this was the first time in years I’d thought I wanted something on the big screen. Not the whole film but just the conveyer and bits proceeding it.
  12. I enjoyed the settings. I liked the idea. But it feels a bit wasted. A lot of what happens, particularly on the ship, seems like someone felt they needed all the classic space travel tropes and incidents. None of them added anything. It was at its best for me when the film reflected the astronomers response to the event... quiet reflection and uselessness. It’s a film I think could do with less in it. Let the size of it all wash over the characters and the viewer rather than filling it with ‘events’.
  13. Loved it! Some lovely animation styles in the early scenes. Moved me to a few years at the end. Perfect Christmas viewing.
  14. I enjoyed the series immensely but I'm in a bit of different situation since I'd never watched it before this series started. After watching the first few of this series I then watched all 9 previous series over the course of watching series 10 (actually about 2/3 week). There were definitely low episodes in this series but it's the occasional highlight montages in the intro or elsewhere that remind me this series did have some great tasks (personal opinion applies. Attempts to get eggs into the frying pan some feet away with the aid of helium balloons. Getting drinks from the phon
  15. True. But Seb went mostly because he was getting his ass handed to him right. And that Ferrari thing I've never quite got. Daniel I feel is a bit different. Great man to have there but also not from their original stable of young drivers. They seem so set on showing the product of their investment at times over just getting the best results. I think over the years they've kept putting too many new guys in the RB instead of a good solid other whilst they test them properly in the sister team
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