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  1. Really good episode imo. Good set of tasks, and maybe the best socially distanced team task. I wonder if the team tasks were actually filmed with any restrictions in place even they all involve the boxes. Because we see Alex and Lee up close in the toilet doorway so clearly no restrictions at that time but could have been at team time. But I wonder if it was just an unknown if there would be restrictions so they made tasks that could respect the rules.
  2. The TV app was probably used by a relatively small numbers of users but if you measure it by time they likely spent an inordinate amount of time using it compared to other features.
  3. I was worried about Jamali in the first episode of the series when he started to "answer back". There's a level of arguing that works and I think he slightly overstepped it in that first episode. Since then I think it has worked really well. I'm a fan when the contestants make Alex uncomfortable in every task. His greeting works to do that. Same as whoever it was who never, in the whole series, responded to the hello on arrival.
  4. I found Seaspiracy a bit frustrating to be honest and gave up quite quickly. The way it's told as him discovering this stuff as he goes, lurching from one issue to another just wound me up. "Oh did you know all this plastic on the beach is bad!!!!!!" Yes, I did. Why don't you tell me about it rather than discovering this for yourself. There's a naivety to him that just wound me up a little I guess. I probably prefer my docs to fall into serious educational (sound and act as an authority on the subject and educate me) or tell a story of personal self discovery often about doing some
  5. It feels like they're setting themselves up to fail. The classic old school business dabbling in the future whilst they're getting overtaken. They think having a streaming platform regardless of it's quality but it'll fail eventually unless they change. As it stands it works well enough because they still have enough money to compete and buy content people "need" (sport, movies, HBO stuff). But at some point a combination of things will kill their model: the successful streaming platforms will really flex their cash and compete for the things Sky buys, and the owners
  6. The maze was bad for the most part. It suffered from being both too complicated and too simple at the same time. The rules felt cumbersome when read out but in the end no one struggled with them. And there just wasn’t enough danger of failure. Even the two who respected the failures didn’t create any real event. It needed to be longer somehow and easier to fail such that people felt something and exclaimed when it went wrong. I think you can compare it to something like the series 2 exercise balls on the yoga mat at the top of the hill. A simple get things from a to b b
  7. Bullshit. It’s not smoke and mirrors at all. It’s different. It offers different benefits as well as some drawbacks (at least initially). Much bigger screens for much smaller space (or the need for a projector in most cases). Yes they were often inferior screens with worse picture for many uses but for most people it was worth it. Christ people have always used crazy fill modes to stretch 4:3 to widescreen displays or the stupid AutoMotion crap on modern TVs. Most people cannot or will not see the difference. Or they choose not to care. On here people spent
  8. No offense (I know there will be some) but it always amazes me how people don't get this. It's mentioned in basically every thread where frame rate comes up. I guess I'm technically minded so it seems really obvious.
  9. What the fuck. I'd read a lot of the comments in here and brushed them off as a sort of backlash against a fine but not great movie. Done in by not living up to the expectations set by the first film. And now I've seen it... My god. It's bad. Not a bit bad. Not really boring (imo). Not badly acted (generally). Not bad CGI. Just a complete fucking mess. The story is all over the place. It's literally the creation of the rambling inhabitants of the looney bin. The flying was the final tipping point to me. Clearly meant to be some emotional touchsto
  10. You’d presume it’s an indication of power usage. Heat means energy. Whether that matters to you is obviously subjective.
  11. Hit and miss for me this week. Very flat prize task but the others all had some good moments. Ive also started a slow rewatch from the beginning (having only seen it all last year) but listening to the podcast episode after each.
  12. Okay, watched it. And yeah, that’s all about games running at 120fps, not a machine outputting 120fps whilst the game itself still renders and runs at 60fps. A true 120fps game will absolutely reduce input lag (as the transition from 30 to 60 does - see recent Prey BC boost improvements). The output 120fps with a 60fps game will be the same level of lag. Anyway, sorry, belaboured all that too much, just interested if somehow I’d misunderstood something fundamental.
  13. Maybe I’m missing something (I admit I’ve not watched the video). But is there a specific game we’re talking about here that does run at 120fps? I thought the conversation was simply that the Xbox always outputs 120 regardless of game speed. Filling in the extras by just sending out the same frame until it gets a new one in its buffer. The machines extra frames aren’t changing the run rate of the game. That’s a developer decision (except for the crazy cool backwards compatibility idea). So it’s still just reading input ever 1/60th of a second.
  14. How does the Xbox duplicating frames so it’s always sending 120 per second halve input lag? If the game is running at 60fps output (and assuming its main loop is also bound to this) then the input lag is unchanged regardless of what the machine does.
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