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  1. Pokemon Go

    9 down for me. No shiny. One 93% out of the 6 caught.
  2. Pokemon Go

    Glad to see som solder ones returning for those who have missed out. The only annoying thing is that Lugia needs good group sizes, 7-8 minimum, and 10 before you don’t worry about the level or quality of the teams from other players.
  3. The Walking Dead!

    I basically watch this as a 20 minute show now. Skip half the talking. Skip half the action as its all just another zombie fight. Basically watch if people from each side are on screen as it might progress the plot.
  4. Pokemon Go

    Or really, unless short manning raids, how little an individual players contribution maters. Once you can get Pokémon to level 30 there’s not that much to be gained depending on breakpoints. Obviously a bit of bulk, and higher is better but the effectiveness difference between most players is what they know, not their level or the IVs of their Pokémon.
  5. Pokemon Go

    Unown is around but it's stupidly rare. Without a scanner you will not see one outside of an event (i.e. the Europe one). We have a large area scanner and we see, maybe 1-2 a month max over the 10km square or so I look at. And most have been in untrafficed areas.
  6. Pokemon Go

    Congrats. I got my first the day before gen 2 was released to complete my gen 1 Dex. Perfectly timed. Anytime you've waited a long time is satisfying. After all the Ex raid crap for months I now have two passes for tomorrow. One at 1pm, and another at 4:30pm. Crazy.
  7. Pokemon Go

    We have a good active group who get multiple legendary raids done daily. 200 people in a WhatsApp group with probably 30 odd very active. We had 50 or so out in the local park on the Dratini community day. Personally I play daily. Mostly raiding. It keeps me out of the house most of the weekend. But I don't think I'd do it without a group to play with. It's the meeting up and chatting I like more than the game really.
  8. Pokemon Go

    Random boast... I did level 39 to 40 in one week during the November double XP event. Spent most of the week in the local park. 2 hours before work. Then 5 hours after work. Lucky eggs, insense and lures all the time. Evolve everything possible (not just usual evolve fodder). Cost me a small fortune, and was slightly lonely but massive sense of "achievement" doing it.
  9. Pokemon Go

    Double XP had fallen perfectly for my groups next London raid day on Sunday. Admittedly not as much use to me at 40 but great for those not at 40k XP per raid. Hope to get the 20 odd raids we got done last time again. Always good fun with a group outing.
  10. Pokemon Go

    It's not a 20km for a candy. You "just" have to walk it 20km to be allowed to evolve it. Think it's a 5km one. Admittedly you do have to find 100 candy.
  11. Pokemon Go

    Surely you miss more candy and rewards sitting on those than just using them up. Who needs double scarmory or porygon candy anyway Got a snowy castform yesterday. Drove 35 mins or so to get to an area with snowy weather but felt worth it to get it done. In the end I did get another today a bit closer but I was much more relaxed than everyone else in my group who hadn’t got one yet. They were desperately hoping every hour that we’d get snowy weather. We got real snow. We got snow graphics in game. But it took until 3pm to get actual snowy weather.
  12. Pokemon Go

    And party hat pikachu, again, oh yay
  13. Pokemon Go

    I think all gen 1 starters the same day would be fun. Lots of shinys to get.
  14. Pokemon Go

    I love these community events. We must have had 50 odd in our local park. Managed 115 catches, 5 shinys, and 2 100%s So that's now all 100% and shiny Dratini evolutions.
  15. Pokemon Go

    If it’s antthing like the pikachu event anyone who catches more than 40 odd of the thing willl have at least one shiny. The suggested rate on that day was something like 1:28.

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