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  1. FuntimeDave

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Small world Harrow Leisure Centre for me It had Rygar, Nemisis, King of Boxer - started to get a bit shit in later times Local newsagents had Mr Do Also Debhamnams or Preedy's in Harrow had a clellcovision where you could play Donkey Kong - looked amazing at the time Computer shop in Harrow I think was Adam's World Good times till.the nugget man used to turn up.trying to steal pound coins off kids
  2. FuntimeDave

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    Happy for Yates - after the Giro seeing him more composed and measured on the Vuelta has been great.
  3. FuntimeDave

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    Yep another great stage. Sky seem to have such a powerful team it is scary. Is it also set up for Tom Dumoulin it is that just postering?
  4. Loving track 2 on this - Atome de danse Thanks for the pointer on the album
  5. FuntimeDave

    Forza Motorsport 7

    @TommyG Looking at the website they have a code GAMINGACCESSORIES30 which takes off another 30%. Seems to be out of stock for delivery but my local store had stock. I couldn't see how you can apply the code for local pick up though. That said I did not complete the checkout process
  6. FuntimeDave

    Six Blind Leviathans

    Monday night from 9?
  7. So planned 9.30 start possibly 10pm tonight. Funtimedave - the greatest @tcharliel - Bovril (probably asleep by 10.30 or playing with a one big slipper on his feet) @Bleeders - you fackin' slaaaaaag @Theholyhogg - he looks a terribly nice chap from profile picture - definitely a sex pest - in fact is Aled Jones? Can't play Sundays presenting Songs of Praise @sjvinnie - saying nothing - don't fuck with someone with vinnie in their name - A big fat space because @Gerry Helmet can't be fucked to reply - @GrahamDunn was right - bloody Rangers fans Are we on for this? Who will fill that big space - it seems to have @Baring name written all over it. In the old days @RickyDVT would be filling the large spaces but I hear he is now some anorexic pretty boy. Whoever wants it I guess can have it. See you ladies at 9.30 probably 10 Kisses and happy faces
  8. So I am going to be bold and suggested we go for Monday Night at 9.30pm for a 10pm start In Funtimedave Bleeders HolyHogg Sjvinnie (Mardigan) (Baring) Just putting some names in brackets as stanndby - apologies but if the original crew are free then they should get first shout. If we don't hear from them by tomorrow afternoon then the slots are all yours. @MardiganX have you done the raid before - if not then you could get a spot before Gerry because he is Scottish
  9. Nice one Baring - i think the preference is to go in blind but we may shout you just to get the thing done
  10. Okay be good to keep a table in each reply Funtimedave - Sunday and most weeknights from 9.30 sjvinnie - Sunday and most weeknights from 9.30 Bleeders - Sundays and most weeknights from 8.30 Just three more to add to the list either for either tonight or a day during the week? Come on there must be more Dads out there who are allowed to use the TV at night - negotiate over your good lady being able to watch Strictly or Cold Feet or some such shit
  11. @sjvinnie @tcharliel @Bleeders @Theholyhogg @MardiganX @Jamin @Steely @Gerry Helmet So with Bleeders prostituting himself out to others (See dedicated destiny thread) - we need to get this back on track What days and times can people do. I can do most nights next week with a bit of warning - best from 9.30 ish What about you? Funtimedave - most week nights from 9.30 Bleeders - standing on the street corner under a streetlamp looking for business
  12. FuntimeDave

    Six Blind Leviathans

    Just to say I can support on this if logistics don't work out for others. Don't mind dipping in and out where needed. @Dave White and @Hoodedclaw can vouch for my professional gaming experience - I am probably pro level but the stringent drug testing ruled that out as a career choice - oh no wait - I am distinctly average with delusions of grandeur - I remember that now. Anyway if anyone let's you down just let me know - Ill be there to see you through (I haven't actually done the raid yet)
  13. FuntimeDave

    D2 Leviathan Team Watermelon

    @Bleeders WTF - get yourself back into the Fifa folder and finish the raid with us........wait till I tell all the others. I will tell them as soon as they turn up and play the bloody game.
  14. I am on battlefield 1 - just shout me if we play.

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