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  1. Naysonymous

    Football Thread 2018/19

    To be fair he's only turned 21 last month, he looked superb at Euro 2016 and by all accounts he'd had a great season with Benfica before that. He clearly moved when he was too young to cope with it and should have stayed in Portugal for a couple more seasons. There's a player in there somewhere and it wouldn't surprise me to see him be a superstar in the not too distant future. He could have a Gareth Bale style career arc.
  2. Naysonymous

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Says a lot about the state of things if the best option is to find links on a forum. I do wonder what the long term effects of removing the visibility of the Champions League to Joe Public will be, I'm sure the next season or two will still be the same but those who like football but don't support a team in the big cup might stop being interested neutrals. If audiences drop too much then does ad money take a bit?
  3. Naysonymous

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Is it not just the difference between the screens? My computer screen is LCD and my phone is OLED so the same image will look different on both.
  4. Naysonymous

    Football Thread 2018/19

  5. Naysonymous

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    @Fox superb work sir, it's as moody as hell and I love it. Heading home by Nayson, on Flickr Took this on the way home tonight, I think I kinda like it as a wallpaper for my computer.
  6. Naysonymous

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    I quite like Sean Tucker's YouTube channel:
  7. Naysonymous

    Football Thread 2018/19

    In "tweets which will probably be deleted at some point" news, Burnley FC, fresh from £120m in Premier League revenue last season and a guaranteed similar amount this year even if they go down have decided that they can try to get matchday stewards to work for fuck all if they put the word "hero" in the job title:
  8. Naysonymous

    The Boxing Thread

    Tbh I don't think it hurts him much, politically at least. The narrowest of points decisions under those circumstances? Vegas belongs to Canelo, especially on Mexican independence weekend. I'd like to see GGG vs Billie Joe Saunders early next year and I can't really see why this result affects that fight.
  9. Naysonymous

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Digbeth, Birmingham. Went back to the work in progress (above) to see it completed. Was just dicking around here but kinda liked the shot. Its the Undercroft on the South Bank, took at about 10pm, handheld through a 200m lens in jpeg. Really impressed with how the camera handled it. Same lens, albeit on a tripod, a couple of miles away at 7:30am. jpeg again. Not sure what the deal with all the scaffolding is, but this is pretty much where the Westway ends at Paddington. I just liked how obvious it is which way the city centre is. More jpeg. Helios 44-2 lens, it's an old Soviet lens which always seems to be dead cheap on eBay. Mad bokeh at f2, this was stepped down to f11 (I think) in really harsh midday sun. I just like that this street still has cobbles, it's just round the corner from Edgware Road tube, probably a quarter of a mile from the Westway photo. Alleyway off of Portobello Road, the day after the carnival. Kensington Gardens. Took longer than I am willing to admit to get a shot with nobody in it. My son was with me and I think I was pissing him off. Some restaurant window back in Birmingham. Kinda liked all the stuff hiding in the shadows.
  10. Naysonymous

    EFL Championship 2018/19 - All aboard the rollercoaster

    Another result changing goal in second half injury time in a Villa game. Fourth time in seven matches now, three for and one against. Crap game today, neither us nor Blackburn looked particularly good and a draw was probably a fair result. Considering the players we've got and the number of times a bit of individual brilliance has saved us then serious questions have to be asked about Bruce. Problem is I don't know what we'd replace him with.
  11. Naysonymous

    Football Thread 2018/19

    @deerokus Super John McGinn is playing, that's all you need really.
  12. Naysonymous

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Couple of shots from the High Vis festival of street art in Birmingham this weekend:
  13. Naysonymous

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Caught the last few minutes of it on YouTube funnily enough. The difference in budget was there for all to see, it was amateurs against professionals, I suspect United will absolutely walk division 2 this season and be amongst the favourites for the title next year.
  14. Naysonymous


    That's a sweeping generalisation isn't it?
  15. Naysonymous

    Football Thread 2018/19

    If anything I think it will go the other way as the women's xi will just become part of whatever brand the established big clubs want to project.

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