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  1. Naysonymous

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    It's nice to see that the club isn't going to the wall after all but I remain skeptical. Our American billionaire owner ran us into the ground and delivered relegation from the top flight in one of the worst performing seasons in the history of English football (17 points!) while our Chinese "billionaire" owner wrote a load of cheques we couldn't cash and left us days from administration. The new guys seem to be attached to a hedge fund which doesn't thrill me, though as far as I can tell Nassef Sawiris lives in London so we don't have to deal with absentee owners for the first time in a decade.
  2. Naysonymous

    What are you reading at the moment?

    It's been a while (World Cup ) but I've been on a Cold War kick of late so I decided to finally tick off some Tom Clancy and went for his most famous book, The Hunt for Red October. I was about ten when the film was released and I'm almost certain I saw it on VHS with my parents in the early 90s but other than it being about Soviets, Americans and Submarines I couldn't remember a thing that happens. Turns out it was really good. I do like some of the nerdier aspects of things like this so long explanations about the pros and cons of active and passive sonar are perfectly forgivable and I love the sense of tension and claustrophobia Clancy paints here. Would recommend to a friend.
  3. Naysonymous

    Football Kits 2018/19

    Agreed about rather having a car manufacturer than a bookie as a main sponsor, but that Chevy logo is hideously ugly.
  4. Naysonymous

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I'll be interested in seeing where Jack Grealish is by Euro 2020. It's looking increasingly likely he will be a Spurs player before the month is out and I genuinely think he's got the talent to be that creative central midfielder the England squad is currently lacking. Next season could be a huge breakthrough for him, and at 22 years of age it's probably about time.
  5. Naysonymous

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Had some properly awesome light over London earlier, went for a walk through Regents Park at about 8pm, really happy with this one: It's an old Nikon 100mm prime lens I got from eBay, manual focus. It's great fun to use, I really like using a manual lens.
  6. Naysonymous

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Dunno about that, I think in Mbappe and Griezmann they've got a very potent attack with ridiculous mobility. Kante is a monster in central midfield, on his day Pogba is as good as anybody and when your central defence is first choice at Barcelona & Real Madrid then you've not got much to worry about at the back either. Maybe they can be got at down the flanks but Croatia are strongest though the middle. Like I said, anything can happen in a one off game but it's 70/30 for a French win imo.
  7. Naysonymous

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Yep. I know anything can happen in a one off game but I don't see how Croatia beat that French team.
  8. Naysonymous

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    It's just 12 miles long, so Bosnia has second shortest coastline in the world after Monaco. Dunno why I know that, but I do.
  9. Naysonymous

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Lots of hot takes going on right now, here's mine: Gutted to lose, obviously, but this really does feel like the start of something bigger. The squad is young and was really thrown together at the last minute and they gelled perfectly, Southgate knows what he wants and while he's had to put a few square pegs in round holes (Walker at centre back being the obvious example) you'd think given time then we will find players who can slot in where needed. The lack of strength in depth was there to see, I strongly suspect Kane was carrying an injury in the last couple of games and we had nobody able to come in to replace him and we don't really have that central midfielder who can pick the clever passes like Paul Scholes or Gazza could in years gone by. We do have a load of great young players coming through though, it will be really interesting to see whether guys like Ryan Sessegnon, Jaydon Sancho and Ademola Lookman get integrated into the senior squad in the run up to Euro 2020. I genuinely believe this team will get better given another couple of years, onwards and upwards. The Modric comments are weird too. I'm pretty sure Croatia would have still wanted to win the World Cup Semi Final had the English media been coy and meek about our chances against them. I get he's probably just had a mic thrust into his face after running around for two hours and is therefore knackered, but the story seems like it's being spun to generate clicks and "engagement" on social media.
  10. Naysonymous

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Brazil had an "easy" route too, they were in a group with Turkey, Costa Rica and China beating all three, then Belgium in the RO16 (and Belgium were fucking gash back then), England in the quarters, Turkey again in the semi (Turkey having the same "easy" group then going on to beat the might of Japan and Senegal in the knockout rounds) before meeting Germany in the final. It seems looking at historical data that a lot of teams who win things tend to have an element of fortune with how things fall into place for them. France have had to work for their run to the semis though, I wonder if on paper that might be one of the most difficult routes in history?
  11. Naysonymous

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    @feltmonkey I don't want to spoil anything for you, but turn it off after David Platt scores his penalty. It gets pretty boring after that. England go on to win the semi final and then they beat Argentina 8-0 in the final, Gazza's yellow card got rescinded and he scored a hat trick. Live TV didn't always get recorded back then so sadly the tape has been lost to the mists of time.
  12. Naysonymous

    Football Kits 2018/19

    @dr_manhattan^ Yeah, we did have a nice shirt last season. I like the occasional home shirt which breaks the formula of claret body with blue sleeves though and we are overdue that. This design is basically a nod to the shirts of 1983-87, and I guess towards the end of that period is when I was discovering football as a kid so nostalgia is part of the appeal for me . My first real memories are the 1986 FA Cup final and the World Cup in Mexico. a wild Alan Curbishley appears! I'm always a bit meh about the white away shirt. I liked the one we had with the blue pinstripe in 2009-10, but probably 75% of the away shirts we have had since I've been born have been predominantly white and I think I much prefer yellow.
  13. Naysonymous

    Football Kits 2018/19

    New Villa. Gone from Under Armour to LUKE which I'd always considered to be a brand of polo shirts that chavs buy from TK Maxx to drink and fight in. I kinda like them, home is a retro 80s affair, away is the classic Villa white. I'd buy it if it weren't for the gambling sponsor. I'll probably buy one for my son as kids sizes won't have that on the front.
  14. Naysonymous

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I was 11 during Italia 90 and can't really remember how I felt after watching the semi but If it's worse than losing in a playoff final and finding out two days later that your club is facing a winding up order for unpaid tax bills before they then go on to release/sell half the squad and sack everybody on the board who isn't Chinese then count me out. Until then I'll enjoy the very pleasant distraction from supporting an awful football club.
  15. Naysonymous

    The Boxing Thread

    Yeah. I was with my son so it really was a quick hello, he lives somewhere up near Lichfield and was on his way to work in London.

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