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  1. Charliemouse

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    If you can, watch the BBC coverage as it's so much better.
  2. Charliemouse

    Football Thread 2018/19

    It's okay, they have just started a new sub-forum with all the links on it again.
  3. Charliemouse

    What books did you read in 2019?

    I quite liked Pillars of the Earth, but then as historian of that period and also of monasticism, the subject matter was right up my street.
  4. Charliemouse

    Mary and the Witch's Flower (Studio Ponoc Anime)

    The Japanese dub has awful subtitles, they are far smaller than what I am used to on Crunchyroll and they often blend into the background making it impossible to read them.
  5. Charliemouse

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    To be honest, I pay no attention to all the multiverse bollocks do and just enjoy the stories for what they are. I can see why a lot of comic fans get pissed off with it all and the fact the continuity for the characters is all over the place, but I have only really been reading comics seriously for about 5 years so it doesn't bother me. I myself do prefer the Marvel universe as a whole. but overall DC have published the better books.
  6. Charliemouse


  7. Charliemouse

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    The score doesn't surprise me at all to be honest, now the Colts are able to protect Luck they are a really good team. I also feel Watson is very over-rated too.
  8. Charliemouse

    Football Thread 2018/19

    He was playing for Reading when I first started watching them back in 1986, it's a real shame he had to retire because of injury as he was doing really well for us.
  9. Charliemouse


    If its even half as good as the manga, it will be amazing.
  10. Charliemouse

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I read today that Son is being allowed to miss the group games, so this way he will only miss one or two games for Tottenham.
  11. Charliemouse

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I am not sure he is going as he has already been excused of his national service duties.
  12. Fuck yes I got to see the actual real Bagpuss and all the other characters in real life this year and I have to admit, a few tears did come to my eye.
  13. Charliemouse


    Death Note is great until the halfway point and then it just becomes tediously repetitive. Bleach I have heard starts off great but loses it way near the end, I have never read Dragon Ball but I have only ever head good things about it. Slam Dunk and Eyeshield 21 are two great sport titles. My other current favourite Shounen title is The Promised Neverland, the art is beautiful and the premise is quite unique for a Shounen manga as quite honestly, an awful lot of them are very similar in plot structure and theme.
  14. Charliemouse


    One Piece.
  15. Charliemouse

    Football Thread 2018/19

    The biggest miracle of them all is how Poch has somehow managed to turn Sissoko into a good player, he was fucking immense last night.

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