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  1. Hopefully they have managed to make this one scary, as while the first part was pretty decent, it really wasn't scary at all. Though to be honest you can make that same complaint with almost all recent horror films.
  2. I got my Xbox One X at Easter and because of Game Pass I haven't had to buy a game for it. To be honest it's the main reason I chose the X over a Pro.
  3. I was a little scared to post my views on Bandanna due to how I thought everyone loved it, but I have to say I agree with the last few posts. Madlib's production is as dope as ever but while Freddie Gibbs is a decent rapper, the lyrical content gets tiresome after a few tracks and I struggle to listen to more than a few tracks at a time. Maybe at nearly 42, I am too old to listen to songs about coke, hoes and other illegal activities, I used to love that shit when I was 16 but now I would rather sit down and listen to someone like Phonte and his songs on health problems, getting old and heartbreak.
  4. I also gave up Prey for the same reasons as others have stated here. I really loved the beginning of it too, but then it started throwing far too many things at me in regards to what I could do, the controls became far too complicated and this combined with the re-spawning enemies and the overall difficulty of it all(even on easy), I just gave up on it and uninstalled it.
  5. If you love Morrison you should enjoy Final Crisis, it's fucking confusing but I have read the main event about 5 times and now I understand it a lot better, I personally really enjoy it. Maybe don't bother with the omni though, Grant only writes the main story and I have read all the various tie-ins don't really add much to it.
  6. I would be very wary of the 52 omnibus as the binding on the omnibus is often so bad the book falls apart. It might be better getting the complete collections trades instead.
  7. The Infinite Crisis period was the high point of DC for me. During this time they had the greatest modern day comic writers of all time working for them including Morrison, Rucka, Brubaker, Simone, Waid and Geoff John's, and they were all writing some of their finest work of their careers. If you haven't already, read 52 after you finish the frankly astounding Green Lantern run by John's.
  8. Since getting my Xbox One X at Easter, thanks to Game Pass I have already completed 13 games in this time. But just like yourself, if a game isn't doing anything for me, after a few hours of play, I am quite happy to stop playing and go on to something else. So far Prey and Vampyr have both both binned as I just wasn't enjoying them.
  9. I agree, I mean he did okay at Derby but nothing more. At least some of the millions of young players Chelsea have had out on loan over the last few years may finally get a chance to play for the team that pays their wages,
  10. Robert Kirkman has to be the luckiest guy in comics, Invincible was pretty good but anything else he has ever written is average at best, Whatever you do, never read the comics he wrote for Marvel, his Ant Man run in particular is one of the worst things I have had the misfortune to read.
  11. Reading have more or less a transfer ban due to FFP, which to be honest after all the shite we have wasted money on over the last few seasons, I think it could be a blessing in disguise.
  12. Charliemouse

    The Spurs Thread

    I have heard Sess and his twin bro is as good as done, I personally think we need someone who can play on both flanks as wide forward as we don't really have any cover in that position at all. Maybe Sessignon will be that player but I have a feeling his long term future will be as an attacking left back, and there is no better coach in world football than Poch for that position.
  13. Charliemouse

    The Spurs Thread

    And most importantly Poch finally gets a player he wanted more than any other. A midfield of Sissoko and Ndombele is going to so hard to play against.
  14. Wan Bissaka while very good defensively, isn't really good enough yet going forward to get into the Spurs or Liverpool team at this present time. I am sure he will get better at this facet of his game but when the top six play teams that park the bus for about 90 percent of the season, teams at the top of the table need their full-backs to be far more than just good defenders.
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