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  1. As someone who reads a lot of manga, I can safely say Japanese culture is just a little weird at times and so very unique, especially when compared to European and North America.
  2. The only good run there has ever been of Suicide Squad was his one.
  3. Abnett is also one of the guys responsible for the Guardians of the Galaxy we all know and love these days. Overall almost all of his work for Marvel and DC has been really good.
  4. That makes no fucking sense at all to equate Alan Moore being a bit miserable, to the sick things Saville and Jackson did. Face it, Watchmen was a pile of shit compared to the book.
  5. You are about ten years too late I am afraid, we had a awesome team back on the 360, it’s just about the only game I have ever been good at.
  6. That’s the one, it’s only one volume too which makes a nice change for manga.
  7. If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend reading the manga it’s based on as it’s probably even better.
  8. Just read the fucking book.
  9. Planetary is another must-read as well.
  10. Some of us simply can’t afford to waste 50 quid a pop on one game, when that same amount will get me access to over 100 games for 5 months. Yeah sure Sony may have better exclusives, but economics dictates I have to miss out on the handful of games I can’t play on my XBox, it’s the same reason I will sadly never own a switch, even though I would love to play Nintendo’s games.
  11. X for me too, Gamepass is just too much of a good deal, and quite frankly I can’t imagine paying £40 plus for one game ever again.
  12. I was there at the 87 Simod Cup when Reading beat Luton 4-1, it was a great day out and until our promotion to Premier League. It was probably the greatest day in the clubs history,
  13. I sold mine last Friday and then on the same day my partner won a new one in a raffle at work
  14. The Twitch stream is perfect so far.
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